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Chapter 2177: Yes, I Did That on Purpose

“Elder Mrs.

Yuan, youre wrong.

First, I have respect for the Yuan family.

Actually, in my eyes, everyone is equal.

I wont fawn over you just because your family has a high status.

Second, you jumped into my conversation by yourself.

Couldnt I retort after you snapped at me I bet you must be a self-centered person because you married the Yuan family,” said Gu Ning.

“You…” Elder Mrs.

Yuan was annoyed by Gu Ning and couldnt finish a sentence.

Although Gu Ning said everyone was equal in her eyes, it meant she didnt take Elder Mrs.

Yuan seriously.

Elder Mrs.

Yuan was furious that Gu Ning slighted her.

However, it was the truth that Gu Ning argued with her after she jumped into their conversation and snapped at her.

In that case, if Elder Mrs.

Yuan kept on making things difficult for Gu Ning, she would really be regarded as a self-centered person.

She was selfish, arrogant, and self-centered, but it didnt mean she was stupid and shameless.

If Gu Ning was an ordinary girl, it wasnt a big deal, but she was the future granddaughter-in-law of the Leng family.

If Elder Mrs.

Yuan didnt stop arguing with her, it could soon become a conflict between the Yuan family and the Leng family, which wouldnt do Elder Mrs.

Yuan any good.

“Very well, what a girl with the gift of gab! Great, I shouldnt argue with you any longer today, but kid, you better not be so naive.

People arent equal in todays society.

There are classes, and power means everything.

So, learn to keep a low profile,” said Elder Mrs.

Yuan to educate Gu Ning.

She wouldnt continue to argue with Gu Ning, but still refused to lose face.

Therefore, she made that speech in order to make other people believe she stopped arguing with Gu Ning because she was tolerant instead of lacking abilities to defeat Gu Ning.

Gu Ning couldnt deny Elder Mrs.

Yuans words, and she actually agreed with her on that, but it didnt matter.

She would be arrogant when it was necessary.

“Well, I also have advice for you, Elder Mrs.


Although power is influential, it cant do anything beyond the law.

If youre guilty, you will end up in jail sooner or later,” said Gu Ning meaningfully.

She stared straight at Elder Mrs.

Yuan as if she could see through her.

Elder Mrs.

Yuan also felt it, so she avoided Gu Nings eyes.

However, an idea dawned on Elder Mrs.


Gu Ning suddenly brought up Song Yang and Zhao Xiaoxi just now in front of her.

Could Gu Ning really know something about it

Thinking of that, Elder Mrs.

Yuan had a premonition.

Although she doubted whether Gu Ning really knew something, she didnt dare to ask about it.

If Gu Ning didnt know, her dirty secret would be exposed if she asked her about it.

Anyway, since both Zhao Xiaoxi and Song Yang were dead, no one would know what she had done.

As long as she kept the secret properly and refused to admit it, no one could do anything to her.

Thinking of that, Elder Mrs.

Yuan relaxed a little and stopped arguing with Gu Ning.

She turned to eat her food.

However, after what had happened just now, she already lost her appetite, but she forced herself to have some food in order to not let other people see her guilty conscience.

Unfortunately, no matter how Elder Mrs.

Yuan tried to compose herself, other people already learned what they should know.

Elder Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min were unwilling to cause more trouble, so they didnt add fuel to the flames.

Elder Mrs.

Yuan lost her appetite, but Gu Ning enjoyed the food very much.

She kept on complimenting the dishes, which made Elder Mrs.

Yuan even unhappier.

She really wanted to throw her chopsticks down and walk away, but she had to keep her manners.

Younger Mrs.

Yuan and Mrs.

Peng understood that Elder Mrs.

Yuan was in a very bad mood, so they finished eating as soon as possible, then left quickly.

Once they were gone, Elder Mrs.

Xu asked Gu Ning, “Gu Ning, did you deliberately talk about Song Yang and Zhao Xiaoxi”

Although she asked that question, she actually already had the answer.

Even if Gu Ning didnt do it on purpose, Elder Mrs.

Xu didnt feel it was wrong or inappropriate.

Although she didnt know much about Gu Ning, she could see that Gu Ning wasnt an unreasonable person.

So, Gu Ning must be causing Elder Mrs.

Yuan trouble for a reason.

“Yes, I did it on purpose.

In fact, I found out what had happened between Song Yang and Zhao Xiaoxi by accident.

I went to a bar for fun and saw Song Yang talking with a woman on the terrace.

I have a good hearing, so I heard their conversation.

The woman was Zhao Xiaoxis friend.

She asked Song Yang whether he killed Zhao Xiaoxi.

Song Yang didnt admit it, but his response proved Zhao Xiaoxis death has something to do with him.”

“Afterwards, I learned from their conversation that Zhao Xiaoxi is an illegitimate daughter of the Yuan familys eldest son.

Elder Mrs.

Yuan wanted to get rid of her, so she paid Song Yang to deal with Zhao Xiaoxi for her.

Shortly after Zhao Xiaoxi disappeared, Song Yang got together with the daughter of Elder Mrs.

Yuans relative.

They got married after graduation.

Song Yangs familys business developed rapidly after he married, so it obviously has something to do with Elder Mrs.

Yuan,” said Gu Ning.

Gu Ning said that to them in order to explain her behavior towards Elder Mrs.

Yuan earlier.

At the same time, she knew they wouldnt tell other people.

It was impossible for Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing to tell other people about that, and they could actually figure out what had happened even if Gu Ning didnt tell them.

After hearing Gu Nings explanation, both Elder Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min took a long breath in.

To their surprise, the truth was so scary.

Although they were suspicious that it might have something to do with Elder Mrs.

Yuan, they didnt have evidence, so it didnt mean anything.

However, since Gu Ning proved that now, they believed it was the truth.

Unexpectedly, Elder Mrs.

Yuan was so cruel and cold-blooded.

“Well, does Song Yangs death have something to do with Zhao Xiaoxis friend” Elder Mrs.

Xu asked.

“I dont know, but dont tell other people what I just told you, or Ill get in trouble.” Gu Ning trusted them, but she still reminded them to keep it a secret.

“Dont worry, we wont tell anyone else.”

Elder Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min also understood the importance, so they showed their attitude right away.

As soon as Elder Mrs.

Yuan walked out of the restaurant, she separated from Mrs.

Peng, but she said before leaving, “I hope you can keep what has happened today among us.

Zhao Xiaoxi is indeed Wenyes illegitimate daughter.

I hated her, but I wouldnt do anything to hurt her, so please dont think too much about it.”


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