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Chapter 2116: Nobody Got Money by Doing Nothing.

Jin Jingshan was prepared to refuse to admit it, but unexpectedly there was a voice recording and it was in Chu Peihans hands.

At this moment, she didnt know what to say, and just hated Chu Peihan deeper.

If it hadnt been for Chu Peihan, she wouldnt have been punished.

However, nothing would have happened if she hadnt hired people to hurt Chu Peihan.

The meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was held at 1 pm the next day, so Gu Ning went over after she finished lunch.

When she arrived at the room of the Chamber of Commerce, she naturally met Yuan Yilin.

Yuan Yilin showed obvious jealousy and hatred once she saw Gu Ning, but she soon controlled her emotions.

Anyway, she was colder towards Gu Ning than before.

Other members were excited to see Gu Ning as well.

They all came to talk and greet her.

After all, Gu Ning was the most successful entrepreneur in the Chamber of Commerce.

Most of the students who started up a business present here only had hundreds of thousands or over a million yuan in assets.

There were fewer than five students who had over a dozen million yuan, while fewer than three students had over a hundred million yuan.

They actually mainly relied on their families to become successful.

Gu Ning, however, owned dozens of billions of yuan in assets.

It was impossible for people not to admire and respect her!

Some members deliberately ignored Gu Ning because they were jealous of her and even showed disdain.

However, Gu Ning couldnt care less about them.

It had nothing to do with her.

If they dared to cause her trouble, she would teach them a lesson.

Without surprise, a student indeed purposely made things difficult for Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning, how much will you donate for the poor student this time Youre so rich with dozens of billions of yuan in wealth.

I bet youll donate a lot, right Dozens of millions, a hundred million, several hundred million yuan are merely nothing to you.”

This student was another deputy president of the chamber, Lu Juncheng.

Lu Juncheng was a junior, as well as an entrepreneur with over a hundred million yuan in assets among the members.

In addition, Lu Juncheng was from an influential family, so he couldnt deny that he relied on his family to become successful.

However, Lu Juncheng was very talented in business too.

Lu Juncheng liked Yuan Yilin, but never dared to confess his love for her because the Lu family was barely comparable to the Yuan family.

Therefore, he acted as Yuan Yilins helper and stood at her back.

Once he learned that Yuan Yilin didnt get along with Gu Ning, he deliberately caused Gu Ning trouble to help Yuan Yilin vent her anger.

Although he knew Gu Ning wasnt weak in abilities and connections, it didnt mean he was scared of her, especially when he lost reason from love.

In fact, it was unrequited love.

Yuan Yilin was aware of Lu Junchengs love for her, but she never pushed him away.

Instead, she enjoyed it very much when her admirer protected and defended her.

Lu Juncheng obviously said that to cause an argument.

Gu Ning was so rich with dozens of billions of yuan in wealth, so she must donate a lot and dozens of million, a hundred million, several hundred million yuan were merely nothing to her

He said that to embarrass Gu Ning.

If Gu Ning didnt do that, people would think that she was mean.

However, if she really donated a hundred or several hundred million yuan, she would suffer a great loss.

Gu Ning had dozens of billion yuan in wealth, but it didnt mean dozens of million, a hundred million, or several hundred million yuan were nothing to her.

Her wealth included immovable property and money in the cash flow, so even Gu Ning couldnt take out too much money right away.

Standing at the side, Yuan Yilin became interested too.

She wanted to know how Gu Ning would handle it.

“Senior Lu, its not a funny joke.

I dont think we need to donate so much money.

Hundreds of thousands of yuan will be enough.” Another senior male student disliked Lu Junchengs attitude, so he defended Gu Ning at once.

Lu Juncheng wasnt joking.

On the contrary, he was causing an argument on purpose.

They were able to become successful at a young age because they were smarter than ordinary people, so they could see that Lu Juncheng made things difficult for Gu Ning due to Yuan Yilin.

It wasnt a secret that Lu Juncheng liked Yuan Yilin and they knew that Yuan Yilin didnt get along with Gu Ning.

“Right, no matter how rich Gu Ning is, its her money.

Why should rich people donate so much money” Another senior male defended Gu Ning.


Nearly a dozen senior male students stood out for Gu Ning, which made Gu Ning feel touched, while Lu Juncheng was displeased and grew mad.

To his surprise, those people were so protective of Gu Ning.

Even Yuan Yilin was annoyed.

Gu Ning gave Lu Juncheng a faint smile, but it seemed cold.

“Senior Lu, youre also an entrepreneur, a businessman.

You should know my wealth includes immovable property and the money in the cash flow.

Even if Im a boss, I cant just take as much money away from my companies as I want.

Most of my properties are immovable properties, and I need to spend a lot of money on building houses, hotels, office buildings, and paying debts.

I also need to pay a large amount of staff salaries, which arent low at all.

Do you think you could donate dozens of millions of yuan if you were me”

After a pause, Gu Ning continued, “Even if I could, why should I do that Nobody makes money easily.

Its a good thing to help the poor students, but we arent philanthropists.

We must learn to manage our wealth well before giving other people a helping hand.

Its meaningless to just do it for publicity.”

Lu Juncheng was embarrassed at being criticized.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning had the gift of gab.

He was surprised No, he didnt really think today because he ached to help Yuan Yilin pay Gu Ning back.

Gu Ning couldnt be easy to bully given her achievements today.

At this moment, Nie Chenyang walked inside and said, “Gu Nings right.

Nobody makes money easily.

Its a good thing to help the poor students, but we arent philanthropists.

Therefore, we must learn to manage our wealth well before giving other people a helping hand.

However, if anyone wants to donate a lot of money.

Im happy to see that.”

When he said the last sentence, Nie Chenyang gave Lu Juncheng a glance.

Obviously, he said that to Lu Juncheng.

Nie Chenyang never liked Lu Juncheng because Lu Juncheng was unreasonable especially when he jumped out to defend Yuan Yilin.

No one knew whether he was really dumb and didnt know that Yuan Yilin was just taking advantage of him or if he lost his reason due to love and was willing to be used.


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