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Chapter 2114: Why Should I Be Jealous of Her

She refused to admit that she had hired people to hurt Chu Peihan.

Although those men had already betrayed her, she didnt think Chu Peihan had evidence to prove it.

Therefore, the next morning, Jin Jingshans mother visited the Office of Student Affairs of their school.

She told the head of the Office of Student Affairs that her daughter was injured by Chu Peihan from XX class.

Because Chu Peihan became Professor Gus student, she gained some fame in their school.

So the head of the Office of Student Affairs naturally knew her.

Chu Peihan was Professor Gus student, but the head of the Office of Student Affairs was very mad at her rude behavior this time, so he decided to take it seriously.

After that, the head of the Office of Student Affairs told the head teacher of Chu Peihans class to bring her over.

When Chu Peihans head teacher learned that she had injured another student, she wasnt as mad as the head of the Office of Student Affairs.

She knew Chu Peihan wouldnt injure other people for no reason.

Someone must have offended Chu Peihan first.

“Did you injure Jin Jingshan” Chu Peihans head teacher asked her on their way to the Office of Student Affairs, but there was no anger in her tone.

Chu Peihan understood that her head teacher was a reasonable teacher and protective of her students, so she chose to be honest.

“Yeah, but she hired a bunch of people trying to hurt me first.

She paid four men to rape me and take photos to make people believe I live a life of debauchery.

If I wasnt good at fighting, my scandal could be everywhere.

I wouldnt be able to find a job in the entertainment industry.”

“What She hired people to hurt you” Chu Peihans head teacher was shocked.

She knew Jin Jingshan must have offended Chu Peihan, but unexpectedly it was so unacceptable.

Jin Jingshan aimed to rape Chu Peihan and ruin her future! Jin Jingshan was so evil!

“Why didnt you tell me I can report it to the school and let the school handle it.

If you beat her right away, you will only cause yourself trouble,” her head teacher said.

“I think its more enjoyable to do it by myself.

Dont worry, I have evidence and the Jin family wont be able to hurt me,” said Chu Peihan to comfort her teacher.

“Do you have evidence” Her head teacher was slightly surprised.

“Yeah, I have the voice recording of Jin Jingshans hiring of other people to hurt me.

Please leave it to me when we arrive at the Office of Student Affairs later,” said Chu Peihan.

“Great!” Knowing that Chu Peihan had evidence and could always make decisions on her own, her head teacher was relieved.

“Well, what has happened between you and Jin Jingshan Why did she do that to you”

Her head teacher believed it happened for a reason.

“I spent no time with Jin Jingshan before.

I think she must be jealous of me for becoming Professor Gus student,” said Chu Peihan.

Hearing that, her head teacher agreed and didnt think it was impossible.

After all, she had heard a lot of complaints about Chu Peihan because Chu Peihan was accepted by Professor Gu as his student.

At the Office of Student Affairs, Mrs.

Jin glared at Chu Peihan and questioned her right away.

“Are you Chu Peihan”

“Yes,” said Chu Peihan calmly.

She wasnt afraid at all.

“Did you beat my daughter, Jin Jingshan Why did you do that Shanshan didnt offend you,” said Mrs.


She didnt care whether Chu Peihan admitted it or not, and questioned her about why she beat Jin Jingshan.


Jin didnt doubt Jin Jingshans words, so she believed her daughter was innocent.

Hearing that, Chu Peihan understood that Mrs.

Jin didnt know that Jin Jingshan had hired people to hurt her first.

If Mrs.

Jin was aware of it, but still chose to blame Chu Peihan for it, it only proved the Jin family was unusually shameless.

Chu Peihan sneered and stayed calm.

She said without any anxiety, “Maam, do you have any evidence to prove that Ive beaten your daughter, Jin Jingshan”

“My daughter told me so!” Mrs.

Jin said.

She couldnt care less about evidence.

“You need evidence to prove Ive beaten your daughter.

Your daughters words dont mean anything.

We need proof.

Do you understand” said Chu Peihan.

She didnt panic at all, which even made the head of the Office of Student Affairs doubt whether she had really done that.

“You…” Mrs.

Jin was full of anger.

She knew it indeed needed evidence, but she didnt have.

“I believe Shandshans words.

You beat her in the small woods after the evening class was over last night.

There arent surveillance cameras.

I cant get any proof, but there are surveillance cameras outside the small woods.

I could see youve entered it.”

“First, it doesnt mean anything that you believe her words.

Second, it doesnt mean that Im guilty just because Ive walked into the small woods.

There were a lot of people in the small woods.

Are they all guilty Didnt Jin Jingshan tell you why I beat her” said Chu Peihan.

“You…” In great anger, Mrs.

Jin didnt know what to say.

To her surprise, Chu Peihan had the gift of gab.

If she didnt believe her daughters words, she would doubt whether her daughter had really been beaten by Chu Peihan.

However, she still chose to trust her daughter.

Since her daughter didnt know why Chu Peihan would beat her, it must be jealousy.

Chu Peihan must be jealous of her daughter for being more outstanding.

Thinking of that, Mrs.

Jin believed it was the truth, so she said confidently, “Humph, youre simply jealous of my daughter for being so outstanding, so you beat her.”

“What” Hearing that, Chu Peihan snorted with mockery.

Even the head of the Office of Student Affairs felt it was a ridiculous reason.

“Im jealous of her Why should I be jealous of her Am I uglier than her” Chu Peihan asked, “Im not very pretty, but Im at least much more beautiful than Jin Jingshan.

Dont tell me shes more accomplished than me.

Although Im not the best, I successfully won Professor Gus approval and became his student.

As for my family, I wasnt born in a super-rich family, but I never lacked anything, so for what reason should I be jealous of Jin Jingshan I actually have the doubt that Jin Jingshan framed me because shes jealous of me.”

“What Youre Professor Gus student”

Hearing that, Mrs.

Jin was astonished.

She had heard of Professor Gu because she had also tried to let Professor Gu accept Jin Jingshan as his student, but was refused.


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