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Chapter 2098: Too Weak to Hurt Her

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Chu Peihan sat in the front passengers seat.

On the way, Chu Peihan was attracted by a white car in the rear-view mirror, because the white car had been behind the taxi she was sitting in for a long time.

It kept the same distance, not far or near.

It could overtake the taxi, but didnt, which alerted Chu Peihan.

She thought that someone might be following her.

She only had that suspicion, but wasnt sure of it because they might be going in the same direction.

Anyway, since she had the suspicion, she had to be careful.

In the end, she was sure that someone was following her.

However, who was it She didnt think it was a familiar person, because none of her friends would do something like that.

In that case, it must be her enemy.

Chu Peihan was unwilling to dodge problems, because she had to face it sooner or later once she was targeted.

Therefore, when Chu Peihan had almost arrived at the place where she was going to meet her friends, she told the taxi driver to stop and got out of the car.

The place where Chu Peihan got off was right next to the park.

And at this time, there werent many people in the park.

After Chu Peihan got out of the car, she deliberately walked into the park.

At the same time, she paid attention to the white car with a calm expression.

Sure enough, she saw that the car had also stopped, then four scornful men got out of it.

The next second, they directly walked to Chu Peihan.

Seeing that, Chu Peihan sneered, then walked to a place with more trees, because there were fewer people and it was less noticeable.

Those men who followed Chu Peihan didnt know that she already saw them.

So seeing Chu Peihan walking to a darker place, they smiled with satisfaction.

They felt they were quite lucky today.

Once they were ready, the four men went ahead to surround Chu Peihan.

“Hey, beauty, are you alone Do you feel bored Why dont we have fun together”

Being surrounded by them, Chu Peihan, however, wasnt scared at all.

Therefore, even if several passers-by saw them, they didnt think further and thought they might be friends.

“I know youre following me.

Tell me, who sent you Whats your purpose” Chu Peihan calmly stared at them.

Hearing that, the four men were surprised.

Unexpectedly, Chu Peihan had already seen them and even knew there was another person behind them.

In addition, she didnt seem scared at all.

They wondered whether she was pretending, but if she was just pretending to be calm, she must be excellent at acting!

“Youre smart.

Right, weve followed you for a long time, but you dont need to know who sent us.

As for the purpose Of course we need to have some fun tonight.”

Since Chu Peihan knew it, there was nothing for them to hide.

The man who stood next to Chu Peihan chose to be honest.

Chu Peihan understood what he was implying.

Since they refused to tell her who sent them, Chu Peihan stopped asking.

Even if she was going to figure it out, she wouldnt do that until they were all beaten down.

“Have some fun” Chu Peihan squinted at them with an evil smile on her lips.

She said coldly, “Sure! Lets have some fun then.”

After that, Chu Peihan directly attacked them.

The four men didnt expect Chu Peihan to attack them before they could do anything, so they were amazed.

They didnt know that Chu Peihan was good at kung fu, but Chu Peihan kicked the belly of one of them before they could laugh at her.

Chu Peihan was strong, so the man was directly kicked to the ground.

The next instant, the man screamed in pain.

Seeing that, the other men were scared.

To their astonishment, a girl could be so strong.

Obviously, she must have learned martial arts for years.

The other three men suddenly wanted to retreat, but felt it was too humiliating.

Moreover, Chu Peihan might not be able to defeat all of them alone.

Chu Peihan didnt care about what they were thinking.

Right after the first man was kicked, she attacked the second.

Before they were prepared to fight back, the second man was kicked down by Chu Peihan as well.

“Youre too weak to hurt me!” Chu Peihan disdained them.

She wasnt being arrogant, but these men were really too weak compared to her.

Witnessing that scene, several passers-by were shocked by Chu Peihans fighting skills.

As a girl, she beat two strong men to the ground within seconds.

Afterwards, they all walked over to watch the drama.

Two men were left standing not far away, so Chu Peihan continued to hit the third man.

After the first two men were beaten down, the other two men came back to their senses, so they immediately fought back when Chu Peihan attacked them.

However, it was barely helpful and Chu Peihan soon beat the third man down to the ground.

The fourth man had the same result.

From the beginning to the end, the fight only lasted for a minute.

“Jesus, the girl is so amazing!”

“Right, shes unbelievably strong.”

“Young girl, did these men try to hurt you Do you need us to call the police” asked a kind onlooker.

Although those men were beaten, the onlooker felt that they werent good people.

“No need, thanks.

I can deal with it on my own.” Chu Peihan smiled and thanked the kind onlooker.

If so, the kind onlooker said nothing further, because Chu Peihan wasnt hurt.

Coldly staring at those men on the ground, Chu Peihan asked, “Tell me, who sent you”

Although Chu Peihan couldnt put as great a pressure on other people as Gu Ning could, she wasnt weak at all, so she was able to make ordinary men feel stressed.

As a result, the four men were under great pressure now.

However, they only exchanged a glance without a word, because the person who sent them to cause Chu Peihan trouble had some influence.

They didnt dare to offend the person.

Seeing they refused to say it, Chu Peihan stepped on a mans foot without hesitation.

The man moaned in pain the next second.

“Tell me,” said Chu Peihan once more in a colder voice.

The man, however, still said nothing, and Chu Peihan realized that the person who hired them must be influential, so they were too scared to say the persons name.



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