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Chapter 2067: Have Nothing Else to Do

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Given Dongfang Ziyus level, she was a strong competitor to many other cultivators as well.

At this time, a young woman at the same age as her walked over with a smile.

She kindly greeted Dongfang Ziyu.

“Hi, Ziyu, its been a while.

Youve made great progress!”

She was the heiress of the Yin family, Yin Ruyan.

However, the Yin family wasnt Yin Ruyans fathers family.

Because her father married into the Yin family, she had the same surname as her mother.

Yin Ruyans father married into the Yin family, so the Yin familys members showed no respect towards him at the beginning and they often mocked him.

Only his wife loved and respected him, so he tolerated the humiliation.

Luckily, they had a talented daughter afterwards and she grew up to be the most outstanding kid of the Yin family, so the Yin family didnt dare to disdain him any longer.

Instead, they all became polite to him.

Yin Ruyan was talented, but was inferior to Dongfang Ziyu.

Now she was at the peak of the Heartbeat Stage.

However, exactly because Dongfang Ziyu was slightly better than her, Dongfang Ziyu overshadowed her in the cultivation world.

Yin Ruyan received plenty of praise, but much less than Dongfang Ziyu.

Besides, even if people complimented her, she would always hear Dongfang Ziyus name.

In other words, when other people said she had great talent, they always added that Dongfang Ziyu was better.

As a result, Yin Ruyan was jealous of Dongfang Ziyu ever since she was little.

She competed against Dongfang Ziyu for everything, including Baili Zongyang.

In fact, she really liked Baili Zongyang, but Baili Zongyang never bothered to pay attention to her.

Even if she went to talk to him, it always seemed that he was unwilling to see her.

However, he treated Dongfang Ziyu differently,

Baili Zongyang was very polite to Dongfang Ziyu.

He would talk to her on his own initiative if they met, and everyone said they were a perfect match in the cultivation world.

Nevertheless, Dongfang Ziyu didnt like him at all.

So why would he still try to win her attention

Yin Ruyan was clearly aware that there was no chemistry between Baili Zongyang and Dongfang Ziyu, and they simply matched each other when it came to their cultivation level and family background.

They didnt find anyone else they liked yet, so neither of them bothered to respond to the rumor.

They might really be together with each other one day in the future.

After all, it was what their families both wanted and hoped to see.

Their families simply didnt urge them very much and gave them some time.

Yin Ruyan didnt think she was a worse choice, so why did Baili Zongyang refuse to give her a chance Yin Ruyan was unwilling to accept it.

Even if Yin Ruyan was jealous of Dongfang Ziyu, she pretended to be nice on the surface.

Dongfang Ziyu hated hypocritical women like Yin Ruyan, so she never gave Yin Ruyan a smile.

Therefore, many people criticized her behind her back for that.

Dongfang Ziyu felt aggrieved, but soon got over it.

Now she didnt care about other peoples opinions.

“Miss Yin, youve made rapid progress as well,” said Dongfang Ziyu in a flat voice.

Yin Ruyan called her Ziyu, but she called Yin Ruyan Miss Yin, which proved that they werent familiar.

“Well, Im not as good as Ziyu as always,” said Yin Ruyan.

Even though she seemed very calm, she actually almost went crazy because of jealousy.

No matter how hard she tried, she could never surpass Dongfang Ziyu.

Dongfang Ziyu said nothing further about that, but Yin Ruyan was unwilling to end their conversation right now, so she asked, “Oh, Ive heard the rumor about you and Zongyang for so long.

When can I see the result”

She really wanted to know whether Dongfang Ziyu and Baili Zongyang would really get married.

Hearing that, Dongfang Ziyu frowned and realized what Yin Ruyan was implying in an instant.

She had an unkind idea and said with a smile, “Miss Yin, thank you so much for asking, but please be patient.

Well certainly invite you to celebrate our wedding if it happens one day in the future.”

Dongfang Ziyu knew that Yin Ruyan liked Baili Zongyang very much, while she honestly had no idea whether she would end up being with Baili Zongyang.

After all, she wasnt the decision-maker sometimes.

Therefore, she decided to admit that she and Baili Zongyang were indeed very close to make Yin Ruyan suffer for a while.

Without surprise, Yin Ruyan immediately seemed very upset.

Since Dongfang Ziyu didnt deny it, would they really get married

Before long, Yin Ruyan went back to normal because she was unwilling to lose her manners in front of Dongfang Ziyu and make herself a joke.

However, Dongfang Ziyu had already witnessed everything and slightly mocked Yin Ruyan in her heart, but she was in no mood to laugh at her because she never cared about people like Yin Ruyan.

Yin Ruyan was like a contemptible wretch making trouble in her eyes.

She had never offended Yin Ruyan, but Yin Ruyan wouldnt stop making things difficult for her just because Yin Ruyan was jealous of her.

In the end, Yin Ruyan was always the one who was filled with annoyance, making it meaningless.

Yin Ruyan ended up getting mad every time she went to cause Dongfang Ziyu trouble, but she couldnt stop herself from doing that.

It was all because of jealousy.

Anyway, she couldnt continue right now.

“Well, if so, Ill just wait for your good news,” said Yin Ruyan without sincerity with a forced smile.

“The competition is about to begin.

See you then.”

After that, Yin Ruyan left right away.

“Well, Yin Ruyan is really good at making herself a joke!”

Once Yin Ruyan was gone, Wu Shunhua mocked her from next to Dongfang Ziyu.

Wu Shunhua wasnt at a very high level, but he was in the primary stage of the Heartbeat Stage now, so he took part in the competition as well.

He came here this time not to win a prize, but to help Dongfang Ziyu and gain some experience.

“She has nothing else to do!” said Dongfang Ziyu.

She agreed that Yin Ruyans behavior was quite annoying.

If Yin Ruyan was at a higher level than her and came to show off, she could understand it, but Yin Ruyans behavior was obviously unpleasant.

Yin Ruyan walked away and saw Baili Zongyang and his younger sister, so she walked over.

Although she just embarrassed herself with Dongfang Ziyu, she couldnt help approaching Baili Zongyang and she also wanted to make sure of something.

“Hi, Zongyang, Zongxue!” Yin Ruyan greeted Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue with a broad smile.

“Hi, Miss Yin.” Baili Zongyang kept a polite distance from Yin Ruyan.

“Hi, Ruyan,” said Baili Zongxue, but she didnt show much enthusiasm..

She also stayed distantly polite.


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