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Chapter 2040: Their Relationship Cant Be Common

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“Its amazing! Lord Leng of the Leng family also came in person!”

“I heard Gu Ning has a relationship with Master Leng.”

“In that case, Gu Nings relationship with the Leng family cant be common.”

Because not everyone knew that Gu Ning had a relationship with Master Leng, they were shocked to see Leng Shaoting, but they soon accepted it after hearing that.

However, they were still stunned by the fact that Gu Ning could have a relationship with Master Leng.

“Look at the badge on Lord Lengs clothing.

Hes a major general!”

“What Major general No way! Hes too young.”

Because most guests werent members of high society, they knew little about Leng Shaoting and were quite amazed by his rank of major general in the military.

“Jesus, its so unbelievable.”


It was not only Leng Shaoting; Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi also came.

They didnt show up along with Leng Shaoting, but quietly appeared by Gu Nings side.

Xu Qinyin, Chu Peihan, Song Miaoge and the others stood next to Gu Ning, while Tang Qingyang went to talk with those successful businessmen.

It was the first time that Song Miaoge had seen Leng Shaoting.

She had only heard of him before.

Although she had seen Leng Shaoting ages ago when she was little, she could barely remember his face.

She used to admire Rong Jue, but now she found Leng Shaoting much more attractive than Rong Jue.

Leng Shaoting was more handsome and enjoyed a higher rank than Rong Jue.

She only took Leng Shaoting as her idol, and wouldnt have any evil thoughts about him because she knew he was her close friends boyfriend.

In addition, she was clearly aware that such a quality man as Leng Shaoting wouldnt bother to pay much attention to her.

“Is this Gu Nings fiancé” Zhang Zikai asked Song Miaoge with excitement.

She knew that Gu Nings fiancé was Leng Shaoting, but had never seen Leng Shaoting before, so she wanted to make sure of it.

“Yeah,” said Song Miaoge.

“Hes so handsome.

Hes even better-looking than those stars,” said Zhang Zikai in amazement.

Actually, Leng Shaoting shouldnt come to such an event because those cultivators who spied on Gu Ning would certainly appear.

Even if they didnt show up, Baili Zongyang and his younger sister were there and they would notice him.

Nevertheless, no cultivator could sense any air of a cultivator from Leng Shaotings body, so those cultivators who followed Gu Ning failed to find out that Leng Shaoting was a cultivator as well.

Before Leng Shaoting came here, he got a magical pill from Shangguan Yang to hide the air of a cultivator, but it was only useful for an hour, so he had to leave before its effect was gone.

Leng Shaoting arrived at 9:30 am and the ceremony would be over at 10:30 am, so he had enough time to attend the news conference of the Shengning Organization.

Several cultivators came, but they didnt dare come near because of Baili Zongyang.

They knew that they wouldnt get anything they wanted even if they watched Gu Ning all day long today, so they left after a while.

Sometimes, they honestly had no idea why they had to spy on Gu Ning because they had found nothing useful even after a long time.

Nevertheless, it was their patriarchs order, so they had to obey it.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Nings relationship was kept a secret, so they didnt interact with each other very intimately.

Leng Shaoting simply stood behind Gu Ning at an appropriate distance.

Shortly after Leng Shaoting came, both the Shengshi Organization and the Jinlin Organization sent their people over.

The representative of the Shengshi Organization was its presidents secretary, while the representative of the Jinlin Organization was Xu Jinlin.

Many people were aware of Gu Nings relationship with the two large business groups because they had sent people to congratulate Gu Ning on the opening of her companies.

However, people were still amazed by the importance of their representatives.

“Well, it seems Gu Ning indeed has a very close relationship with the Shengshi Organization and the Jinlin Organization.

Ive heard about it before, but never had the chance to see it, so I couldnt believe it.

Now that I witnessed it with my own eyes.

I cant doubt it.”

It was true that a lot of people had heard of it, but hadnt witnessed it with their own eyes.

They didnt feel it was real till now.

Some actually still couldnt believe it because it was too unbelievable.

Before they could get back to their senses, something even more shocking happened.

The patriarch of the Tang family and the chairman of the Tanghuang Organization, came.

It was even more shocking than the presence of Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinlin because Tang Haifeng was the Tang familys patriarch and Tang Yunfan was the chairman of the Tanghuang Organization.

They came in person, so it meant a lot.

In fact, Master Leng wanted to come as well, but Leng Shaoting stopped him because he didnt think it was appropriate.

Master Xu and Jiang Zhongyu would come, but they hadnt shown up yet.

“OMG, both Master Tang of the Tang family and Chairman Tang of the Tanghuang Organization came.

Im curious about Gu Nings relationship with the Tang family now!”

“Their relationship cant be common.

She must have a closer relationship with them than the Leng family and the Xu family.”

“Gu Ning is so unbelievable.

How does she manage to know so many powerful figures”

“No wonder shes able to build her business empire smoothly.”

“Hey, didnt you notice that Gu Ning resembles Lord Tang”

“I didnt realize it until you said that!”

“Is Gu Ning Lord Tangs illegitimate daughter”

Because it wasnt a secret in the business circle that Tang Yunfan stayed unmarried for years, many people were aware of that.

He refused to get married, so he definitely had no children except for illegitimate ones.

Moreover, if Gu Ning was his daughter, why was her surname Gu instead of Tang As a result, they guessed that Gu Ning could be Tang Yunfans illegitimate daughter.

Only a few people noticed that Gu Ning resembled Tang Yunfan, but they actually knew little about Tang Yunfan.

“I think its possible.”

“Come on, they just look alike.

It doesnt mean theyre related to each other.

There are a lot of people who resemble each other in this world.”

“No matter what, Gu Nings relationship with the Tang family must be very special.”


“Hi, grandpa, dad,” Gu Ning called them, but her voice wasnt loud, so not many people heard it and those who heard it were aware of Gu Nings real relationship with the Tang family.

“Congratulations, Ningning! Were all proud of you.”

Tang Haifeng was filled with happiness and pride.

Many guests heard their talk, but didnt think further about it because people who were close to each other often said that.

After a while, Cao Wenxin came on behalf of the Cao family.


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