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Chapter 2011: Zhang Wenlan

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“Oh, youre popular now.

You dont bother to say hi to senior actors.

Youre a big star now!”

The woman who picked on Bai Lin was the most important actress in their company, Zhang Wenlan.

She was also an A-list actress in the entertainment industry.

Zhang Wenlan was 30 this year.

She was tall and pretty, but her appearance wasnt very outstanding in the entertainment industry.

Zhang Wenlan was good at acting and she had good luck.

She also didnt hesitate to accept unspoken rules, so she had a smooth career to some extent.

Because of that, Zhang Wenlan became arrogant and self-centered with a quick temper.

She always bullied other artists in their company.

It had nothing to do with Bai Lin, because Zhang Wenlan wouldnt bully her.

They never talked to each other whenever they met, so Zhang Wenlan simply gave her a glance of disdain if she saw her.

However, Bai Lin didnt talk nor greet Zhang Wenlan for a reason.

Their relationship actually wasnt like that at the beginning.

Two and a half years ago, she had a good relationship with Zhang Wenlan.

At least, Zhang Wenlan was willing to take care of her at that time.

There was another actress who was as famous as Zhang Wenlan in the company.

She was also an A-list actress and was 3 years older than Zhang Wenlan.

Back then, they were competing against each other for a leading role.

However, before the audition, the actress suddenly had an allergic reaction, and the cause of the allergy was the honey in the water.

As a result, the actress missed the interview.

During the investigation, Bai Lin happened to have been to the make-up room when there was no one inside.

It was Zhang Wenlan who asked her to help her get something.

Therefore, people became suspicious of Bai Lin.

Even Zhang Wenlan claimed that Bai Lin was guilty.

Bai Lin finally realized that Zhang Wenlan told her to get something for her on purpose.

Nevertheless, there was no camera in the make-up room, so Bai Lin couldnt clear her name.

Luckily, the actress stood out and said she didnt drink water at all after Bai Lin walked into the make-up room.

In other words, she had drunk the water with honey before Bai Lin walked in.

In that case, Bai Lins name was cleared, but who was guilty

Although there was no surveillance camera in the make-up room, there were some in the corridor.

After the investigation, it turned out that it was done by Zhang Wenlans assistant.

Zhang Wenlans assistant dared to do it because Zhang Wenlan allowed her to do it, otherwise it would be meaningless.

In the end, the assistant carried the blame and Bai Lins relationship with Zhang Wenlan became terrible overnight.

Afterwards, they never talked to or greeted each other.

“Did you forget that we havent greeted each other for over 2 years You said nothing about it before.

Why are you suddenly annoyed today” asked Bai Lin instead.

Both her attitude and tone were calm.

She didnt even bother to call her name.

It was impossible for Bai Lin to be friendly to Zhang Wenlan after Zhang Wenlan had tried to frame her.

She was already very nice that she didnt bring the evil deed up.

“You…” Zhang Wenlan was mad, and didnt know what to say at this moment, because she was afraid that Bai Lin would mention that to embarrass her.

It wasnt a secret in their company, but it was still quite embarrassing.

Nevertheless, she was very displeased with Bai Lins attitude.

“Bai Lin, we work in the same company.

Cant we be nice to each other Do we have to be like enemies” said Zhang Wenlan as if she was innocent.

However, she didnt mean to build a good relationship with Bai Lin.

She was just complaining that Bai Lin refused to be nice to her instead of her being bad to Bai Lin.

Therefore, she hurled the blame to Bai Lin.

Bai Lin wasnt mad, but sneered.

“I think I get along well with everyone in the company.”

Bai Lin didnt say that Zhang Wenlan was an exception, but she had made it very clear that she got along well with everyone but her.

“You…” Zhang Wenlan was mad again, feeling more and more embarrassed over time.

She was also increasingly displeased with Bai Lin.

“Alright, Xiang wants to see me.

I need to go now.” Without caring about Zhang Wenlans feelings, Bai Lin walked away, leaving her behind.

“You…” Zhang Wenlan was angrier, but there were many people around in the company.

She had to pay attention to her image, so she didnt dare to show her anger.

Furiously, she watched Bai Lin walking away.

“She just gained some fame and now she is so arrogant.

It depends on ones abilities to stay famous.

Lets see how long you can be popular!” muttered Zhang Wenlan.

She believed that Bai Lin became arrogant after gaining some fame.

After walking away, Bai Lin went straight to Xiang Jians office.

She was a little upset while standing in front of his office.

Xiang Jian disdained her in the past and didnt give her many chances, but she didnt blame him, because she was unwilling to accept unspoken rules.

However, Bai Lin hated Xiang Jian after going through what had happened yesterday, but she couldnt show her real feelings on her face.

Bai Lin knocked on the door before walking inside.

“Hi, Xiang, do you want to see me”

“Oh, hi, Bai Lin! Have a seat.

I need to talk with you about something.” Xiang Jian smiled at Bai Lin.

He was unusually enthusiastic about Bai Lin today.

“The thing is that we know you want to end the contract, but youre a real talent for our company.

We dont want to waste it.

The vice president promised to give you a rise to a commission of 35% as long as you can stay in our company.

Well help you get more quality jobs in the future.

Youll become an A-list actress within a short time.”

A commission of 35% Bai Lin sneered to herself.

She was clearly aware of their real purpose.

Even if they promised to give her a commission of 40% or 50%, she was reluctant to stay here, let alone 35%.

Therefore, Bai Lin wasnt persuaded at all when she heard the condition.

“Xiang, thank you for your appreciation, but sorry.

I still want to end the contract.”

“Couldnt you consider it for a while” asked Xiang Jian.

He was unwilling to give up, although he knew Bai Lin was determined to leave.

He was sure that Bai Lin was going to join Fenghua Entertainment, because she didnt seem interested at all when he proposed to give her a commission of 35%.

“No,” said Bai Lin with determination.

“How about 40%” asked Xiang Jian.

Hearing that, even though Bai Lin already knew their purpose, she was still slightly surprised, but she made up her mind.

“Xiang, Ive already made my decision..

I wont renew the contract.”


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