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Chapter 1898: Cant Wait a Second Longer

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“Not really, Curator Cai told me it isnt a problem.

He can help me deal with it.

I just wanted to tell you about it.

After all, its illegal.” Gu Ning said in panic, “I didnt go to dig the grave on my own initiative.

It was already open when I went there.

I found them by accident.”

When Gu Ning decided to put the bronze chimes up for auction, she asked Curator Cai whether it could cause trouble because of its illegal source.

Curator Cai told her whether it would cause trouble depending on the related departments in the government.

Put frankly, it was just a matter of connections.

As long as Gu Ning had supportive connections, there would be no problem.

Curator Cai knew that Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings girlfriend, so she had powerful connections so Curator Cai proposed to help her with it..

“It indeed isnt a good thing, but isnt totally unacceptable.

Like what you just said, you didnt dig the grave on your own initiative, someone did it before you.

Relax, Im not stubborn.

I wont criticize you,” said Master Leng.

Although he didnt agree with Gu Nings actions, he didnt blame her for it or have a bad impression on her.

Master Leng wasnt a bad man, but he wasnt a completely good man either.

He wouldnt do amoral or illegal things, but wouldnt behave completely according to the law.

Sometimes, he had to break the law.

Actually, they only did illegal things to fight back against evil people and their actions.

They didnt do it to hurt innocent people.

In some situations, normal methods were of no use, so they had to rely on special means.

Therefore, he didnt think it was a big deal that Gu Ning went to dig a grave.

She didnt kill innocent people anyway.

Gu Ning didnt feel relieved until she heard Master Lengs answer.

“Thank you, Grandpa Leng.”

“You dont need to say that.

Im not a stubborn person who sticks to the law.

Ive done many illegal things as well.

The point is to whom its done and what the thing is.

Sometimes, we need unusual tricks, so I wont have a bad impression of you as long as youve done nothing amoral or completely unacceptable,” said Master Leng.

Hearing that, Gu Ning felt relieved and stopped thinking further about that.

She had indeed done many illegal things, but they werent morally wrong.

After that, Gu Ning called Jiang Zhongyu and Master Xu and told them about the bronze chimes.

The two old men were both excited once they heard the news, and certainly wouldnt miss this good opportunity.

Gu Ning didnt tell Jiang Zhongyu and Master Xu how she got the bronze chimes.

They didnt ask her about it either, because it was unnecessary.

They were aware that the bronze chimes couldnt be legal.

Since they knew, there was no need for them to ask about that.

Even though they were aware that the bronze chimes were illegal, they didnt bother to criticize Gu Ning.

After all, many objects in their collection were illegal too.

In addition, this wasnt the first time that they had learned that Gu Nings antiques were illegal.

Moreover, they werent worried whether the bronze chimes might cause them trouble.

Since Cai Wenhong was going to appraise them, it meant they were safe.

Even if there would be a problem, Cai Wenhong would deal with it.

They all knew Cai Wenhong, so they trusted him.

Because of the bronze chimes, Master Leng and his old friends were so excited that they couldnt remain calm at all.

If it were possible, they wished to see the bronze chimes right away.

Cai Wenhong had the same feeling, but they had to wait for tomorrow afternoon.

The next day, Cai Wenhong waited for Gu Nings call all day long, although he knew Gu Ning wouldnt call until 4 pm.

In the morning, Cai Wenhong also shared the news with two antique experts who were going to appraise the bronze chimes with him later.

The two experts were shocked too, but they thought that Gu Ning only had a group of bronze chimes, instead of a whole set.

Anyway, they were as excited as Cai Wenhong, and looked forward to seeing the bronze chimes.

Finally, it was 4 pm and Gu Ning called Cai Wenhong.

Cai Wenhong immediately picked up the call.

Before it was even 4 pm, Cai Wenhong fixed his eyes on his phone, wondering whether Gu Ning would call him earlier.

“Miss Gu, are you out of school” Cai Wenhong asked in a hurry.

Hearing Cai Wenhongs voice which was full of anticipation, Gu Ning understood his feelings and felt amused.

“Yeah, Curator Cai, do you know Century City in the southern district My home is there.

Im walking out of our school right now and Ill drive home afterwards.

We can meet at XX house.”

“Sure, were on our way,” said Cai Wenhong and left his home right away.

It wasnt rush hour at 4 pm, so Gu Ning soon went back to Century City.

When Gu Ning arrived, Master Leng, Jiang Zhongyu, Master Xu, Cai Wenhong and the other experts were already there.

Master Leng and his old friends came in advance, while Cai Wenhong was nearer to this place than Gu Ning, so he was five minutes earlier than her.

Master Leng and his old friends knew that Cai Wenhong and the other experts came to appraise the bronze chimes, but Cai Wenhong and the other experts didnt know that they could come here as well.

Therefore, Cai Wenhong was surprised to see them.

Especially when he saw Master Leng, Cai Wenhong felt quite nervous and uneasy.

Although he had seen Master Leng many times before, he knew how important Master Leng was.

The two experts who came along with Cai Wenhong were even more nervous than him.

Knowing that Master Leng and his old friends came to see the bronze chimes under the invitation of Gu Ning, Cai Wenhong wasnt unhappy.

He didnt dare to show any displeasure either.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised by their early arrival, so she had told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to be ready to welcome them.

Accordingly, once they came, they were invited to have tea in the living room.

After a while, Chen Darong showed up.

He was astonished to see Master Leng and the other people as well, so he felt nervous too.

They chatted for a short time, then Gu Ning arrived.

She greeted them one by one.

Once they finished the greetings, Master Leng urged.

“Ningning, dont waste time.

Show us the bronze chimes now!”

Actually, before Gu Ning exchanged greetings with them, Master Leng was already eager to urge her to do that, but he felt it was impolite to interrupt, so he forced himself to be patient.

“Yeah, we cant wait a second longer!” said Jiang Zhongyu.


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