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Chapter 1870: Qu Linan Is Amid Criticisms

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Therefore, Qu Linan called Zhou Renyu at once and asked him whether he had leaked the recording.

Zhou Renyu was struck dumb too.

It was impossible for him to leak their conversation on the phone.

He actually had no idea how the person managed to get it.

“Uncle Qu, is it possible that someone is monitoring your phone” said Zhou Renyu.

Otherwise, no one should know their call because neither of them leaked it.

“What” Qu Linan was surprised, then frowned, because it was possible.

If so, he couldnt talk much with Zhou Renyu on the phone from now on.

After hanging up the call, Qu Linan sent Zhou Renyu a message telling him not to admit it.

Reading the message, Zhou Renyu put on a wry smile.

With the solid evidence, it was impossible for him to deny it.

As the call recording was exposed, Zhou Renyu realized that he was doomed this time.

He wanted to escape, but he knew that he wouldnt succeed.

Actually, if he ran away, he might be punished even more severely.

If he confessed to his crimes, he might be lightly punished.

The Haicheng District Public Security Bureau didnt intend to shelter Qu Linan, but turned a blind eye on it and stopped the investigation.

Now the solid evidence came out, it had to take the responsibility whether it intentionally protected Qu Linan or not.

Anyway, because Zhou Renyu also played a role in it, they had to interrogate him too.

Facing the solid evidence, Zhou Renyu had to admit it with a good attitude.

After Zhou Renyu admitted it, he was arrested for the time being.

Afterwards, the police went to arrest Qu Linan.

Before long, Truth Only sent out another post with several photos showing Qu Linans call and transfer records with the suspects, the GIF pictures of Qu Linan entering the villa on the day when Ni Aijing was kidnapped by the six suspects into a car and taken to the villa, and the suspects leaving the villa in a car driving to throw away her body.

With the clear evidence, the news caused a greater sensation on the Internet.

“What the f*ck! There is no need for a further investigation now.

The mastermind must be Qu Linan.”

“Whoever found out the evidence is so unbelievable.

The police have been investigating the case for half a year without getting any useful information.

I think the police must be hiding something instead of failing to catch the criminals.

It seems to be true that people of wealth and power are protecting each other.”

“Ive lost confidence in the government.”

“I knew that Qu Linan is the mastermind since Truth Only said he is.”

“Only Truth Only dares to tell the truth.

Im its follower now, but I still hope that the government can handle this case according to the law, or well all lose confidence in the government.”

Internet users kept @(mentioned) all major public security bureaus and courts in the capital, hoping that they could handle this case according to the law.

Some of Fu Yongliang and Ni Aijings friends actually were suspicious of Qu Linan as well after they were killed, but they lacked evidence and power to do something about it.

Since the evidence was out now, they thought that they should do something.

“Im Fu Yongliangs friend.

After his family suffered the tragedy, Ive always been very suspicious of Qu Linan, but I had no evidence or support, so I havent said anything about it.

Thanks to the person who found out the evidence.

I do hope that Qu Linan can be punished according to the law.

@The Capital Law @The Capital Public Security Bureau @The Capital News”

“Im Ni Aijings friend.

Ni Aijing told me that Qu Linan always showed interest in her.

He had threatened her many times to sleep with him, but she refused.

Because of that, she lost many chances at acting.

The day before her tragic death, I was with her.

She was in a very upset mood then.

She told me that Ni Aijing harassed her once more.

The next day, I received the heart-breaking news that she was dead.

However, I couldnt do anything about it.

Thanks to God that the evidence is out now.

I hope that they can be avenged by the law.

@The Capital Law @The Capital Public Security Bureau @The Capital News”


Qu Linan was in despair after seeing the evidence exposed by Truth Only.

He had arranged for someone to ruin the surveillance videos, but the person still managed to get them.

Obviously, the person got them before he ruined them.

Qu Linan wanted to hide, but he was surrounded by the police right after leaving his company and he was brought to the public security bureau.

Qu Hanjiao thought that it was over when most Internet users defended Qu Linan, but unexpectedly the situation got worse.

Given the result, Qu Hanjiao was directly absent from her classes and ran back home.


Qu was angry at Qu Linans behavior, but he was her husband after all.

He was the leading role of their family, so she quickly turned to their connections for help, trying to help Qu Linan out.

Unfortunately, no one was willing to help her family at this moment, because it was too troublesome.

Normally, it was easy to deal with when it didnt go public, but now it was quite difficult.

In the end, Mrs.

Qu turned to the Yuan family for help, mainly Yuan Shuyans father.

They only knew Yuan Shuyans father, not the major members of the Yuan family.

However, Yuan Shuyans father wasnt very important in the Yuan family, so he couldnt help either.

Actually, he was afraid that he might be affected, so he refused to help.

The news about Qu Linan became a hot topic on the Internet and in high society.

All the major media reported the news that Qu Linan was arrested in the end, and the value of shares of the Qu Organization dived.

K was getting publicity for the news, so Gu Ning watched aside as an onlooker.

Once the afternoon classes were over, Gu Ning left the school.

Leng Shaoting told her that he booked a private room in the Shengshi Hotel in the city center, so they would dine together.

Gu Ning only had two classes that afternoon, so she left the school at 4 pm.

There was no traffic jam on the road, so she arrived at Shengshi Hotel about 5 pm.

Before Gu Ning arrived, Leng Shaoting already waited for her for a while because Gu Ning told him that she had two classes this afternoon and they could be over at 4 pm.

Leng Shaoting needed to prepare something, so he didnt come to pick her up.

The waiter left after guiding Gu Ning to the private room, which was Leng Shaotings order.

Therefore, Gu Ning pushed the door open by herself when she came.

The second she saw what was inside, she was struck dumb.


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