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Chapter 1777: A Glossy Rich Family

Although the cultivator who followed Gu Ning walked to another direction because of the sudden appearance of Baili Zongyang and his younger sister, he glanced at them once in a while.

He wasnt surprised by the fact that Baili Zongyang and his younger sister knew Gu Ning, but he was slightly worried.

Baili Zongyang often visited mortals world, so it was very normal that he knew some mortals, but he was worried that they might have something to do with the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern.

However, it was useless to be worried, and he could only hope it wasnt true.

“Right, are you free this afternoon Can we share a meal” asked Baili Zongyang.

“Will it delay your schedule” asked Gu Ning.

She asked that because she had no intention to decline this time.

They were free anyway, and they would go have a meal after going back.

It wasnt a big deal if they had dinner together.

Moreover, Baili Zongyang had invited her many times and she had turned him down all the time.

She felt embarrassed to do it again.

Even if Baili Zongyang didnt invite her, she would invite them to share a meal out of politeness.

“Of course not, were free today, so we came out to have fun,” said Baili Zongyang.

“Great, where do you want to have dinner” asked Gu Ning.

“What do you want to have” Baili Zongyang asked instead.

Since he was going to buy them a meal, they could make the decision.

“Im not picky.

Its up to you,” said Mu Ke.

They didnt know what to eat later, and they actually wouldnt say it aloud even if they had an idea.

“Why dont we go to have hot pot at the food street in the southern district We can see which hot pot restaurant we want to go to when we get there,” said Gu Ning.

“Great!” Baili Zongyang agreed.

After that, they got in their cars and left together.

The cultivator who followed Gu Ning behind kept a distance away from them, but he could still see that they reached agreement to go somewhere.

Therefore, he had to stop following them, because Baili Zongyang was at a higher level than him.

If he continued to follow them, he would soon be exposed.

It wasnt easy for him to find Gu Ning, but the sudden appearance of Baili Zongyang and his younger sister ruined his plan.

Most importantly, he was worried that Baili Zongyang might have something to do with the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern.

He thought that he should discover Gu Nings identity and home address as soon as possible so that he could directly threaten her and make her hand over the jade.

If that didnt work, he could pay money for it.

He could pay dozens of millions of yuan for the jade, after all a piece of valuable jade was much more important than money in the eyes of cultivators.

They were willing to pay a lot of money to buy jade with pure magical power.

It was a profitable deal to buy jade, because they could still make jewelry with it and sell it after absorbing its magical power.

Mortals couldnt see the difference.

Gu Ning and her friends went back to the southern district and chose XX Hot Pot.

It was already 6 pm, so there were many people in the restaurant.

Besides, XX Hot Pot was always popular and it was crowded every day.

There would be no vacant seats if they came a while later.

Although they could book a table in advance, the restaurant would only keep the table for them for half an hour and they needed to pay a hundred yuan as deposit.

If they changed their mind and didnt show up, the money wouldnt be returned.

After all, the restaurant kept the table for them for half an hour and refused other customers.

Baili Zongyang wanted a private room, but none was available, so they could only dine in the hall.

Gu Ning and her friends didnt mind it at all, but Baili Zongyang only felt it would be better to eat in a private room which was much quieter.

When they walked into the restaurant, many customers were still waiting in the line, but a group of people was arguing with a waiter.

They had an argument because the No.16 diner thought the waiting time was too long, so he went to other places to kill the time.

However, he didnt find other food he wanted to eat and went back later.

According to the rule in the hot pot restaurant, if the customer missed his turn, his number would be useless.

Coincidentally, when No.16 diner and his friends came back, it was No.17 diners turn, but No.16 diner asked to eat before No.17 diner.

The restaurant disagreed, so they began to argue with each other.

Anyway, it had nothing to do with Gu Ning and her friends, so they directly went to the hall.

Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi wouldnt eat less to keep their shape.

They exercised every day, so they wouldnt gain much weight even if they ate a lot.

Therefore, they could enjoy eating their favorite food.

Gu Ning also wouldnt hesitate to eat whatever she wanted to eat.

As a cultivator, Baili Zongxue wasnt worried about gaining weight either.

All of them ate a lot this time and left together later.

Because Gu Ning still needed to drive Mu Ke to Shengshi Hotel, she separated from Baili Zongyang and his younger sister at the parking lot.

At 2 pm, the Tang Organization held a news conference and announced that Tang Qingyang would become the new leader because the previous chairman was seriously sick and Tang Qingyang now had the most shares.

The Tang Organization was a famous business group with a very high social status in the capital, so the news caused a great sensation once it was released and everyone was talking about it.

Many people were aware of the Tang familys scandal not long ago, especially members of the high society.

As a result, it wasnt surprising that Tang Bingsen was seriously sick.

Before Tang Yaxins wedding, not many people knew that the Tang family had another daughter and Ji Yijing used to be a mistress.

They learned about the above from Tang Yaxins wedding.

Tang Bingsens older daughter had an accident last year and she had facial surgery before coming back.

She ruined Tang Yaxins wedding on purpose to pay them back.

Besides, the accident which had happened to Tang Aining had something to do with the Tang family.

The Tang family was a glossy rich family.

All its members did everything to compete against each other for wealth.

Tang Aining encountered the accident because of wealth inheritance too.

Many people had witnessed Tang Ainings abilities that day, so the Tang familys tragedy wasnt a surprise to them.

During this time, the Tang Organization was slightly affected as well, but luckily it wasnt serious.

For now, Tang Bingsen was seriously sick and Tang Yaxins brain was damaged, so Tang Qingyang was the only qualified heir of the Tang Organization.

Tang Aining held a long-stranding grudge against Tang Bingsen, so it was impossible for her to take over the Tang Organization.

All in all, no one stood in Tang Qingyangs way to inherit the Tang Organization.

In addition, Tang Qingyang maintained a good reputation, so not many people thought he had schemed against Tang Bingsen.

Only some people believed that Tang Qingyang had done something to Tang Bingsen for their familys wealth.


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