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“Call the police” Hearing that, the boy smiled with disdain.

“Do you think Ill be afraid of it My uncle is the leader of the police station in this area.

As long as we dont admit it, youll be punished instead because you made a false report.”

“Shes Gu Qingyuns girlfriend.

Do you think shell side with you” asked Gu Ning purposely.

Saying that, she turned to look at Xia Linyin.

“Am I right”

Xia Linyin panicked at this time.

She didnt dare to answer Gu Nings question, so she asked Gu Qingyun, “Gu Qingyun, who is she Why are you letting her do everything”

“Shes my cousin,” said Gu Qingyun.

Knowing that, Xia Linyin was surprised, because she thought that Gu Ning was the girlfriend of another boy among them.

“Cant you say something” asked Xia Linyin in annoyance.

“Linlin, you dont need to be worried.

Well be fine since my cousin is here.” Gu Qingyun thought that Xia Linyin was nervous, so he comforted her.

Xia Linyin was angry, and didnt know what to say.

“Alright, I dont have time to waste on you.

Since you said that your uncle is the leader of the police station in this area.

Ill call the Public Security Bureau to see if anyone can help with it,” said Gu Ning with impatience, and took out her phone.

“Wait a second.”

Xia Linyins admirer stopped her at once, because he didnt want to cause more trouble.

“So Can you let her go now” Gu Ning stopped.

“Let her go I dont think shes willing to leave with you,” said the boy with disdain.

“Fine, I lost interest in it.

Gu Qingyun, let me tell you the truth.

Xia Linyin already had sex with me, and I brought you here simply becsuse I want to steal her away from you with a good reason.”

The boy didnt care about Xia Linyins reputation at all, because he was selfish and only cared about his own interests.

In fact, he had already slept with Xia Linyin, and he didnt bother to spend more effort on her.

When he said that aloud, Xia Linyin changed her expression.

Gu Qingyun rounded his eyes in shock and stared at Xia Linyin.

Xia Linyin, however, avoided his eyes.

Chu Peihan and the others were also astonished.

Only Xia Linyins friends and Gu Ning stayed calm.

It was a trap, and they were all aware of it.

Gu Qingyun ran to Xia Linyin and caught her shoulders.

“Linlin, tell me.

Its not true, right”

Although he clearly heard it, he refused to accept it.

He treated her so well, but she still betrayed him.

He wasnt a self-centered boy, and wouldnt force his girlfriend to be grateful to him.

The point was that they got along very well with each other before today.

They never had an argument or refused to talk with each other.

It happened so abruptly, so it was hard for him to accept it.

Xia Linyin pushed Gu Qingyun away and stepped backwards.

She didnt look guilty at all, and put on a cold face.

“Yes, its true.

Gu Qingyun, youre very nice to me, I know that, but you cant give me what I want, so were over.”

“What do you want” Gu Qingyun curbed his anger and forced himself to calm down.

He was heart-broken and full of anger now.

“I told you that my dream is to become an actress, but you said that you dont want me to do that.

I wont give up my dream because of you.

Jiang Yuan doesnt mind it, and his uncle is a director.

He can help me,” said Xia Linyin.

Jiang Yuan was Xia Linyins admirer.

“Youre a shameless, bad girl, and you can never become an actress.

Ill expose your dirty secret, and no one will hire you,” said Chu Peihan in annoyance.

“You…” Xia Linyin was mad and worried.

If her dirty secret was exposed, her future would be ruined.

“Do you think the public will believe whatever you say I can tell them that its Gu Qingyun who betrayed Xia Linyin first,” said Jiang Yuan.

He was also right, because nobody would believe it without solid proof.

“Fine, do you want to squeeze into the entertainment industry I have the same idea, and I promise that Ill ruin you!” Chu Peihan said, “There are countless people who sell their bodies for a chance in the entertainment industry, and I can easily get the goods on you.”

Hearing that, Xia Linyin was furious after being humiliated.

Anyway, Xia Linyin knew the unspoken rules in the entertainment industry, but she didnt think they were important.

“Gu Qingyun, how can you allow them to humiliate me like that” Xia Linyin blamed Gu Qingyun.

Gu Qingyun coldly stared at Xia Linyin in silence.

He didnt think that Chu Peihan had said anything wrong.

As a man, he simply couldnt say that aloud.

Even though he was heart-broken, Xia Linyin already betrayed him and their relationship was over.

It was impossible for him to defend her again.

He respected her and had never forced her to do anything she didnt want to do, but she slept with Jiang Yuan behind his back.

Upon thinking of that, he felt disgusted.

Even if she had sex with other boys before she became his girlfriend, he wouldnt mind it, but he would never accept a betrayal.

“You…” Seeing Gu Qingyun remaining silent, Xia Linyin was anxious.

“Youre indeed very selfish.

Youve betrayed him.

How can you expect him to defend you again” Gu Ning laughed at her.

Gu Ning had deep sympathy for Gu Qingyun.

If Xia Linyin didnt like him any longer, she could leave him without hurting him, but she chose to betray him.

A betrayal was always most disgusting.


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