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Yu Yin went to Leng Yuanhans room, but didnt find their album.

All of a sudden, she remembered that she had photos with Yunyao before, so she went to her room later.

When she was back in Master Lengs study, she said, “Father, I didnt find their album.

Maybe Shaoting put it somewhere else, but I have photos of me and Yunyao.”

Saying that, Yu Yin gave Master Leng the photos.

Master Leng took them and compared Yunyao with the woman, then he was surprised by their similarity.

They were basically the same person!

“Wow, theyre too similar!” Leng Yuanzhen exclaimed.

Master Leng, however, suddenly looked upset.

“Yuanzhen, go to Mountain River Restaurant and find out this woman and this mans real identities.

We need to figure out whether she simply looks like Yunyao, or if there is something hidden behind it.”

Master Leng believed that it was either a coincidence or a scheme that this woman who greatly resembled Yunyao appeared.

After all, the Leng family wasnt an ordinary family, and there were plenty of people who tried to scheme against it.

If it wasnt a coincidence that this woman showed up out of blue, she had to be disguising herself as Yunyao for a purpose.

At the same time, Master Leng also knew that there was a possibility that this woman was really Yunyao.

Although it wasnt a strong possibility, they couldnt ignore it.

The reasons were: First, the woman looked exactly the same as Yunyao, which was quite unbelievable although there were many people who looked familiar in this world.

Second, Master Leng remembered that Yunyaos body had a disfigured face when they found it that year, so it was possible that the woman who fell down the cliff with Leng Yuanhan wasnt Yunyao.

Since it was possible, Master Leng couldnt help but think further about it.

If the woman who died together with Leng Yuanhan wasnt Yunyao, who could she be Why would she die with Leng Yuanhan Where was Yunyao at that time Why did she disappear as well after Leng Yuanhans death Did Leng Yuanhans death have something to do with her

Master Leng knew that he shouldnt be suspicious of Yunyao like that, because Yunyao and Leng Yuanhan were deeply in love in the past.

However, since he had doubts, he had to analyze the event.

Hearing what Master Leng said, Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin also began to think about why this woman who looked like Yunyao suddenly appeared.

“Sure,” said Leng Yuanzhen and got ready to leave.

“Wait a second.” Master Leng stopped him, then said to Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin, “Keep it a secret from other people.”

“Of course.” Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin agreed.

After that, they walked out of Master Lengs study together.

When Leng Yuanzhen left in a hurry, Leng Shaoxun asked, “Mom, what exactly has happened”

“Control your curiosity!” Yu Yin said, then went upstairs and ignored Leng Shaoxun.

Once Leng Yuanzhen came, the manager of Mountain River Restaurant didnt hesitate to play the surveillance video for him.

When Leng Yuanzhen saw that it was Gu Ning who drove the woman here, he was greatly surprised.

The first idea that appeared in his mind was that this woman must have shown up for a purpose.

She approached Gu Ning first, then became close to Leng Shaoting and the Leng family through Gu Ning.

Leng Yuanzhen knew Gu Nings background, so he didnt think that there was an unspeakable secret between Gu Ning and the woman.

Instead, he believed it was the woman who tried to form a relationship with Gu Ning first.

The problem now was whether Leng Shaoting was aware of the womans existence.

Leng Yuanzhen immediately shared this idea with Master Leng and Master Leng had the same feeling as him.

Both of them believed that the woman wanted to get close to Leng Shaoting through Gu Ning.

However, they didnt know whether Gu Ning knew that the woman looked the same as Leng Shaotings mother.

Afterwards, as Leng Yuanzhen kept on searching for more information about the woman through surveillance videos, he found that the woman went to Leng Shaotings house later, which kept him alert.

He told Master Leng what he found right away, and Master Leng couldnt stay calm either and told him to keep on paying special attention to the woman.

A while later, Leng Yuanzhen saw Gu Ning coming back, then the woman left Leng Shaotings house with Gu Ning in a car.

Leng Yuanzhen followed them at once.

However, when they had only left Mountain River Garden for a short distance, Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao noticed Leng Yuanzhen.

There was no need for Gu Ning to use her Jade Eyes because she recognized the Leng familys car by a simple glance, but she didnt know who the driver was.

“Mother, I think youre already been discovered by members of the Leng family, because there is a car which belongs to the Leng family following us,” said Gu Ning, but she stayed calm, because she didnt think it was a problem.

Jing Yunyao would see the members of the Leng family sooner or later anyway.

Jing Yunyao was struck dumb for a second.

To her surprise, the Leng family quickly found her.

“What should we do now”

“Since they already discovered you, why dont you face it now Itll cause misunderstandings if we keep hiding from them,” said Gu Ning.

Actually, Gu Ning had the same worries as Master Leng before, so she hoped that Yunyao could see the members of the Leng family earlier.

Hearing that, Jing Yunyao agreed.

If she still avoided meeting them, they might be suspicious of her.

“Youre right.” Jing Yunyao nodded.

Because they were still around Mountain River Garden, Gu Ning directly stopped the car at a nearby square.

Leng Yuanzhen didnt know that they already saw him, so he followed them to the square and stopped his car not far from Gu Ning.

Gu Ning told Jing Yunyao to stay in the car, then she got out of it alone and walked to the car which belonged to the Leng family.

As she walked ahead, she used her Jade Eyes to see its inside and found Leng Yuanzhen.

Because she already knew it must be a member of the Leng family, Gu Ning wasnt surprised when she saw Leng Yuanzhen.

Leng Yuanzhen had a premonition when Gu Ning walked towards him and he felt that he might have been discovered by her.

When he saw that Gu Ning was indeed looking at him, Leng Yuanzhen was sure that he was exposed.

Anyway, Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl, so he soon accepted it.

After that, he rolled the car window down, but felt a little embarrassed and avoided Gu Nings eyes.


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