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“I dont know, but the Shen family was indeed the Leng familys relative, and Mrs.

Shen said that Master Leng has a very good impression of Shen Zhilin.

Maybe they believe its enough for Shen Zhilin to marry Leng Shaoting,” said Mrs.


Honestly, she didnt know how to face Chen Qiuyin in the future.

Although Chen Qiuyin loved bragging, the Shen family had indeed gained a lot of help from the Leng family.

The Shen family wouldnt have become so successful without the Leng familys help.

Even though the Shen family didnt have much influence in the capital, normally nobody dared to mess with it for the sake of the Leng family.

Gu Ning wasnt annoyed when she heard that, because she knew it wasnt important even if Master Leng had a good impression of Shen Zhilin in the past.

In addition, Shen Zhilin looked very gentle on the surface, so it was quite understandable that Master Leng had a good impression of her.


Tong glanced at Gu Ning once in a while.

“Well, I think this girl is much prettier than Shen Zhilin, and she looks very nice too.

Shen Zhilin actually isnt as kind as she looks,” said Miss Tong.

Miss Tong wasnt very familiar with Shen Zhilin, but they had mutual friends, so she had heard a lot about Shen Zhilins bad behavior.

She had also contacted Shen Zhilin a few times, and Shen Zhilin indeed wasnt as kind and gentle as she looked on the surface.

“Alright, we shouldnt talk about others personal affairs any longer,” said Mrs.


Miss Tong nodded and dropped the topic.

Once Chen Qiuyin and Shen Zhilin left the restaurant, Chen Qiuyin exploded.

“That little bi*ch! How come shes Leng Shaotings girlfriend”

Although Chen Qiuyin and Shen Zhilin already left the restaurant, there were passers-by around them, so many turned to look at Chen Qiuyin with surprise.

Chen Qiuyin, however, ignored other peoples looks, because she was full of anger.

Shen Zhilin was also angry, but she controlled herself in public.

She didnt scream out until she was in the car.


Even though they already knew that Leng Shaoting had a girlfriend, they were still angry when they saw Gu Ning in reality.

Especially when Gu Ning had the call with Leng Shaoting, Shen Zhilin was more jealous than ever.

It was very difficult for her to see Leng Shaoting once, and she seldom could talk with him.

Besides, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were girlfriend and boyfriend, so they must have slept with each other.

Upon thinking of that, Shen Zhilin almost went crazy.

Because she was in a terrible mood, Shen Zhilin had a car accident on her way home.

Luckily, it wasnt serious.

Gu Ning went back to Leng Shaotings house afterwards because Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue were staying in Century City.

Gu Ning was worried that they might discover Leng Shaoting.

It was almost 8 pm when she arrived at Leng Shaotings house, and he came back half an hour later.

The second Leng Shaoting saw Gu Ning, he hugged her tight and wanted to kiss her, but Gu Ning pushed him away.

“Tell me, whos Miss Shen”

Even though Gu Ning knew that Leng Shaoting had no special relationship with Miss Shen, she still wanted to learn more about her.

Leng Shaoting thought that Gu Ning was mad, so he got nervous.

“Ningning, I promise that I have no special relationship with her.

Shes only one of my relatives, and I rarely see her.”

“Whats her name” asked Gu Ning.

“Shen Zhilin, I think,” said Leng Shaoting, but he wasnt sure about it.

If Shen Zhilin heard that Leng Shaoting didnt even remember her name, she would be furious and quite disappointed.

She liked him so much, but he couldnt remember her name.

“The Shen family is my familys relative, but they have done many bad deeds, so my grandfather and I are investigating it.

As long as we find enough evidence, well take action.

Shen Yanfengs wife is Chen Qiuyin, and her older cousin is Chen Jinpeng.

Chen Jinpeng used to be the deputy mayor of City H, but suddenly died in a car accident three years ago.

Everyone thought that he was dead, but I found him in Burma a while ago.

From what I know till now, he became a senior manager of the Kirin Gang and he changed his name to be Long Tianhu.

The car accident three years ago was a part of his scheme.

They must be hiding something.”

“Besides, Shen Yanfeng maintains a secret relationship with Yuan Wenrui, the third son of the Yuan family.

The Shen family wants to gain higher social status and greater success by relying on my family, but they found that it wont work, so they turned to the Yuan family.”

“The four dominant families in the capital look kind to each other on the surface, but were actually competing against one another,” said Leng Shaoting.

He had no intention to keep secrets from Gu Ning, because Gu Ning could avoid unnecessary trouble if she was aware of it.


Given Gu Nings social status now, she should be careful when she was socializing with other people.

The powerful families in the capital had complicated relationships with each other, so Gu Ning shouldnt make friends with the Leng familys enemies.

“What have you found till now” asked Gu Ning.

“Not much, but well take action after we find out more,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Feel free to tell me if you need my help,” said Gu Ning.


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