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Either way, Huang Haihao was quite disappointed in him.

“Tang Bingsen!” Huang Haihao clenched his teeth in anger and disappointment.

Gu Ning stared at Huang Haihao.

“How do you feel now Are you surprised”

“Yes, I am surprised,” said Huang Haihao.

“Well, dont worry, you still can make a deal with me,” said Gu Ning.

“Tell me what it is first, and Im sure that Ill agree,” said Huang Haihao.

“Leave Tang Bingsen and bring the Tianying Gang to work for me,” said Gu Ning.

She wanted the Tianying Gang to work for her.

Moreover, she would lead the Tianying Gang to do legal business and wouldnt break the law again.

Although Gu Ning wouldnt hesitate to do bad deeds when it was necessary, she wouldnt hurt innocent people.

For example, she just exploded Tanglong Winery, which wasnt a good action to some extent, but she did it for a reason.

Anyway, she had moral standards.

Although most members of the Tianying Gang had committed crimes before, Gu Ning could help them out.

It was in their past, and they could live a new life.

Huang Haihao was surprised when “Tang Aining” proposed that.

“Do you want to help the Tianying Gang” asked Huang Haihao.

“Im not the final decision-maker in the Tianying Gang, and I need to ask for the other senior members opinions.

Besides, arent you afraid that Ill betray you in the future”

He didnt refuse right away, which proved that he was considering it.

Tang Bingsen just abandoned him, and he was reluctant to accept it.

He was determined to take revenge.

He had done a lot for Tang Bingsen after all.

Most importantly, five billion yuan wasnt much for Tang Bingsen, and even the Tianying Gang was able to afford it.

They had made a lot more money than five billion yuan for Tang Bingsen by now.

“I wouldnt propose the deal if I was afraid,” said Gu Ning.

“In fact, I dont think you have the ability to betray me.”

She said that, not because she disdained Huang Haihao, but because it was the truth and Huang Haihao admitted it.

Gu Ning continued, “As for other members of the Tianying Gang, they can stay if theyre willing to work for me and they can leave if theyre unwilling to follow my lead.

You have choices too.”

Even if Huang Haihao refused to work for her, she wouldnt kill him.

However, she had a feeling that Huang Haihao would agree to her proposal.

Huang Haihao didnt reply to Gu Ning right away, but thought about it carefully.

He knew that “Tang Aining” wasnt a simple woman, and he shouldnt mess with her.

Besides, he was unwilling to work for Tang Bingsen any longer, and he needed a better way to live his life.

In his eyes, “Tang Aining” was even more powerful than Tang Bingsen, so he could have a brighter future if he followed her lead.

Although the Tianying Gang was built for Tang Bingsen, he had been managing it these years.

It wouldnt be difficult for him to take the Tianying Gang when he left Tang Bingsen.

“By the way, if you choose to work for me, Ill definitely do my best to protect you and I wont allow what happened today to happen again in the future, but I want your complete loyalty,” said Gu Ning.

Huang Haihao listened to her words, and felt that “Tang Aining” was more reliable than Tang Bingsen.

“Fine, I agree,” Huang Haihao said in the end.

“Very good.” Gu Ning nodded with satisfaction.

“Untie him now,” Gu Ning said to Qiao Ya.

“Sure,” said Qiao Ya.

She went to untie Huang Haihao at once.

Huang Haihao felt great pain after being tied up for a night and a morning.

He stood up and stretched his body to relax his muscles afterwards.

When he had his freedom back, he had no intention to escape or attack Gu Ning.

On the contrary, he showed great respect towards her.

He didnt hate her at all, even though she had exploded Tanglong Winery and damaged two bars owned by the Tianying Gang.

He yielded to power.

“Tang Aining” was more powerful than him, so he was willing to listen to her.

When Gu Ning stared at him, he felt stressed.

“Since the Tianying Gang is mine now, you cant do illegal business nor hurt innocent people from now on,” said Gu Ning.


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