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Chapter 160 Youre too Young to Fall in Love

Gu Ning, instead, had the sense that Leng Shaoting was really nervous.

And she was happy about that.

She immediately asked him, “Do you want me to be his girlfriend or not”

“Absolutely not,” Leng Shaoting replied unconsciously.

“Why” Gu Ning followed up.

“Because…” Leng Shaoting stopped for a second.

When Gu Ning was full of hope, Leng Shaoting opened his mouth again, “Because youre too young to fall in love.

You should focus more on your studies.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was annoyed.

“No! I wont do that!” She hung up on Leng Shaoting afterwards.

Leng Shaoting was struck dumb by Gu Nings reaction.

Did-did I say something wrong A man like Leng Shaoting who didnt understand women at all could do nothing but let it go.

That was also the reason why he suffered a lot when he chased his wife in the future.

Meanwhile, in a five-star hotel, Situ Ye leaned against a sofa in silence.

He had no interest in women in the past, because he thought that women were trouble.

Thus there were no women around him for many years.

However, now, he had a growing interest in Gu Ning.

He wanted to know more about her, and meet her more often.

The only problem was that he wasnt familiar with Gu Ning, so he lacked excuses to stay close to her.

However, there was nothing or nobody he couldnt get as long as he wanted.

He didnt tell Chu Xuanfeng and Chu Peihan that he was interested in Gu Ning, which meant he couldnt ask them to help him either.

Then what should he do The big boss of the Qing Gang felt cornered.

The next day, Gu Ning went out to buy some tools.

She planned to do the scavenger hunt tonight.

Gu Ning did it not for money, but for curiosity, excitement and her special feelings towards ancient objects.

Gu Man and Gu Qing also had a skincare appointment this morning, so they left together with Gu Ning, while Jiang Xinyue stayed at home alone.

There was a computer in her home, and she wasnt willing to hang out with the adults either.

Gu Man didnt ask why Gu Ning was going out today.

She only reminded her to be careful.

Gu Qinxiang and Lin Lijuan along with Gu Xiaoxiao got on a plane leaving for City G as well.

Gu Ning went to the beauty salon to meet Gu Man and Gu Qing after she had finished her shopping.

They would eat and go for a walk later before they went back home.

However, just as Gu Ning arrived at the door, she heard an altercation from inside.

She recognized Gu Qings angry voice, but she couldnt hear it clearly.

Gu Ning felt uneasy, rushing in at once.

Outside a private room, a group of people gathered.

The noisy altercation was happening in the private room.

“Ladies, please use another private room! It wont do you any good if you annoy Mrs.

Wu.” A beautician in her rose red uniform persuaded Gu Qing and Gu Man in an arrogant way.

“Why Thats your way of doing business Shes the one who postponed her appointment.

Why should we leave” Gu Qing was mad.

Although she knew Mrs.

Wu wasnt a common person, she couldnt tolerate her behavior.

And Gu Man was so scared that she hid behind Gu Qing, which made Gu Ning feel uncomfortable.

“So what Do you know who I am My husband is the president of Dongheng Real Estate, Wu Lianqin! What can you do to me” the woman said, like she was the queen.

Wu Lianqin, the president of Dongheng Real Estate, was exactly the man who had picked on An Guangyao at Master Qins birthday party the other day.

Gu Ning had talked with An Guangyao about Wu Lianqin after that.

The man was very ambitious.

As the president of the Dongheng Real Estate branch in City F, he even wanted to acquire Shenghua Real Estate as his personal property.

However, he didnt want to pay much for it, so Gu Ning had won the chance.

Besides, Wu Lianqin was a typical hypocrite, who loved to trap others behind their backs.

“Oh, your husband is the president of Dongheng Real Estate.

So what” Gu Ning separated the crowd walking inside.

She looked at the woman with disdain.

Receiving Gu Nings cold and harsh look, Mrs.

Wu felt threatened and struck dumb.

“Ningning.” Gu Qing and Gu Man relaxed when they saw that Gu Ning was there.

Gu Ning walked to them, and asked with care, “Mom, aunt are you alright”

“Were fine, but just annoyed,” Gu Qing complained.

After a while, Mrs.

Wu felt humiliated that she had been shocked and despised by a young girl.

“What are you How dare you not respect me!”

“Well,” Gu Ning sneered.

“I dont think you deserve it.

I dont care how powerful you are.

Apologize to my mother and aunt, right now.”

“What Impossible!” Mrs.

Wu couldnt believe it, and of course couldnt stand it.

In City F, no one dared to talk to her in that way.

“I dont care who you are.

You must apologize,” Gu Ning insisted.

“You…” Mrs.

Wu didnt expect that Gu Ning dared to argue against her.

Not only Mrs.

Wu, but the others were also surprised.

Was she a more important figure than Mrs.

Wu or was she just being naive

“Ningning…” Gu Qing and Gu Man were slight worried.

They didnt want to cause more trouble.

“Itll be fine,” Gu Ning comforted them.

She wouldnt give in today.

Her sight fell on Mrs.

Wu again.

“Are you going to apologize or not”


So what” Mrs.

Wu didnt believe that this young girl could do anything to her.

“Really” Gu Ning sneered once more.

She stared at Mrs.

Wu in a colder way.


Wu was frightened.

Especially when Gu Ning approached her, Mrs.

Wu stepped backwards in fear.

The beautician in the rose red uniform was afraid that Mrs.

Wu would be hurt in her workplace, so she immediately stopped Gu Ning.

“Miss, it wont do you any good if you have bad blood with Mrs.


Why dont you just forget it”


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