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As usual, Shangguan Yang ate most of the food, while Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting ate normally.

They finished lunch within 40 minutes and went to take their next plane.

They still didnt have plane tickets for the first class, and sat together in a back row.

Nearly three hours later, they arrived at the airport in the capital.

Once Gu Ning turned on her phone, she saw a missed call from Yu Zi.

Yu Zi also sent her a message.

She told Gu Ning that her designs were picked by the Paris Fashion Week, which was a piece of very good news.

Jason had undoubtedly helped her a lot.

In todays society, ones connections were as important as his or her abilities.

After all, no designers designs were terrible at the finals.

Jason was a famous international clothing designer, so the fashion industry noticed Yu Zis designs.

Gu Ning felt very happy for Yu Zis achievement and sent her a message to congratulate her.

Yu Zis success also relied on Gu Nings support.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, she couldnt have met Jason and finally won a position in the fashion industry.

Although Yu Zi could live a good life even if she didnt meet Gu Ning, her life wouldnt be so different without Gu Nings help.

Yu Zi knew it very clearly, so she would never betray Gu Ning no matter how successful she became in the future.

Even though she built Charm, she was a better designer than a businesswoman.

The moment Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning, and Shangguan Yang left the airport, they saw a car waiting for them outside.

Gu Ning actually had two cars in her telepathic eye space, but it wasnt convenient for her to get them out right now.

The car was a black Land Rover, which would be Shangguan Yangs exclusive car.

His chauffeur was Shi Ke.

He was nicknamed Stone and was a retired soldier.

“Nice to see you, Miss Gu, Lord Leng, and Master Shangguan,” Stone said to them with great respect.

He was Shangguan Yangs personal chauffeur, so he had to know Shangguan Yangs name.

“This is Shi Ke, but you can also call him Stone,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Nice to meet you, Stone.” Gu Ning and Shangguan Yang greeted him.

After that, they got in the car together.

Leng Shaotings siheyuan was kept very clean all the time, but no one lived there, so they needed to buy some things before Shangguan Yang moved inside.

Therefore, they went to a shopping mall first.

There was a cook waiting for them in the siheyuan, which was arranged by Leng Shaoting too.

Gu Ning also had told her people to prepare several sets of clothing for Shangguan Yang at the Gufan store.

They only needed to shop for whatever Shangguan Yang wanted now.

However, when they had just left the shopping mall, Leng Shaoting received Master Lengs call.

He didnt bother to avoid Gu Ning and Shangguan Yang, and picked up the call right away.

“Whats up, grandpa”

The moment he finished saying that, Master Leng complained on the phone.

“Shaoting, do you still remember that you have a grandfather in the capital Whos the old man youre shopping with Youve never shopped with me before!”

Leng Shaoting was surprised, because he didnt know how Master Leng found out that he was shopping with other people.

Master Leng seldom went outside to shop, so Leng Shaoting guessed that his friends must have seen them.

He was right.

One of Master Lengs friends caught Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting shopping with Shangguan Yang in the shopping mall, and called Master Leng at once.

Master Leng got jealous when he heard that, because Leng Shaoting hadnt shopped with him before.

Besides, the old man wasnt Tang Haifeng nor anyone else he knew.

The strange old man must have a close relationship with them since Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were willing to shop with him.

Because Leng Shaoting didnt avoid Gu Ning and Shangguan Yang, they heard Master Lengs angry voice from the phone.

Gu Ning felt a little guilty, but Shangguan Yang wasnt mad at all.

Instead, he felt it was quite funny.

Leng Shaoting actually didnt feel guilty, because Master Leng didnt need to go outside and shop for his clothes.

Given Master Lengs social status, he didnt show up often in a public place unless it was necessary.

In addition, Master Leng could have any designers clothes as long as he wanted them.

“Well, its my private teacher,” Leng Shaoting said.


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