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Chapter 155 Qin Yiqings Invitation

Qin Haozheng and his wife told Qin Yiqing not to interfere in Qin Yifans personal affairs.

Although they wouldnt be pleased to see their son end up with an ordinary girl, they still wanted Qin Yifan to find his love and live a happy life.

They also thought that Li Zhenzhen was a great choice, but since Qin Yifan didnt like her, they couldnt force him to do it.

If they forced Qin Yifan to marry Li Zhenzhen, their parent and son relationship would be worse off.

However, Qin Yiqing was snobbish and stubborn.

The couple of Qin Haozheng could barely communicate with her.

Luckily, they believed that Qin Yifan was capable of making decisions on his own.

Qin Yifans attitude broke Li Zhenzhens heart.

She asked to leave for City G on Saturday morning.

Qin Yiqing then had to send her to the airport in person.

This time, Qin Yiqing was mad at Gu Ning.

In her eyes, it was all Gu Nings fault.

Qin Yifan stayed away from Li Zhenzhen because of Gu Ning.

Therefore, when Li Zhenzhen was gone, Qin Yiqing called one of her friends to get Gu Nings number.

Then, she called Gu Ning directly.

Gu Ning was in the middle of climbing when she received Qin Yiqings call.

“Hi, is that Miss Gu Ning” Qin Yiqing asked with politeness.

“Yes, who is that please” Gu Ning asked.

“Im Qin Yifans older sister, Qin Yiqing.

I want to talk with you about something.

Is it convenient for you now Can we meet” Qin Yiqing asked with a good attitude.

Qin Yiqing was worried that Gu Ning might turn her down if she wasnt polite enough.

Even then, Gu Ning sensed that something must be wrong.

She knew that Qin Yifan had an older sister named Qin Yiqing, but they had only met once at Master Qins birthday party.

They had never talked with each other.

Why would she want to meet her

Gu Ning wanted to figure it out, so she didnt reject.

She set the meeting in the afternoon.

Qin Yiqing didnt care about the time, as long as Gu Ning was willing to meet her.

After an hour of climbing, except for Gu Ning, Situ Ye and Chu Xuanfeng, who were just a little tired, the rest were all exhausted.

Especially An Yi and Yu Mixi, because they were the weakest.

Fortunately, they worked out a lot these days, so they could still continue climbing.

They carried on after several minutes of rest.

The higher they climbed, the colder it got.

Although it was cold, they felt warm instead because they had climbed for a long time.

If it had been summer, they all would have fainted.

Two hours later, they were finally at the top.

The top of the mountain was 300 square meters in size with small restaurants and supermarkets for visitors.

Yuntai Mountain was very beautiful.

Looking straight ahead from the fence at the top, there was groups of white clouds.

The clouds were so near, it felt like you could touch it with your hands.

This was where a visitor could appreciate the clouds.

And the view at the bottom was breath taking There were magnificent cliffs, trees and valleys.

Hao Ran and others all took out their phones taking pictures with excitement despite their physical tiredness.

“Its amazing! This is my first time being on the top of this Yuntai Mountain even though Ive lived in City F for so many years!”

“Exactly, its like heaven on the earth!”

“Come on, Ill stand on this rock.

Please take a photo of me with all the white clouds as my background.

I want to fly in the sky!”

“Me too!”

Gu Ning wasnt interested in taking photos.

She walked aside to the edge of the cliff taking in the fresh air in quietness.

To be specific, she was absorbing the power here.

Yes, the air at the top of this mountain wasnt polluted.

It was clean with

some power.

Although the power was light, there was a lot around.

Gu Ning collected a lot of power together, and the power grew thick.

As more and more power was absorbed into her Jade Eyes, Gu Nings sight got better and clearer.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning found that there was a flow of power she failed to absorb.

The power she couldnt absorb must be power that didnt belong to the heaven, the earth, or the jade.

Then it must belong to antiques.

The power was light, and far away.

It seemed that it was under the cliff.

Gu Ning looked around to figure out its location.

She soon aimed at a crack between rocks.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, Gu Ning saw the inside of the crack gradually.

There was a room after a one-meter thick wall of rock.

The room was round, a meter wide and three meters tall.

Two meters deeper down, it became narrow again.

The room was full of flows of white fog, the power.

However, Gu Ning didnt see the source of the power, because the room went deeper inside.

Gu Nings Jade Eyes couldnt detect too far.

Even though she couldnt see it, Gu Ning was sure that there must be antique in the hole.

The power was able to flow in the air, so there must be an antique with strong power, or there must be many antiques.

Gu Ning was curious to find it, but it wasnt the right time.

She had to come here again alone another day.

And she could only come at night when there was no one around.

In addition, she needed ropes and tools to get down the hole.

She had to go down there by ropes first and then use tools to pry the stone apart to allow her to get in.

There had to be other entrances to this hole.

Gu Ning decided to check around first.

If there was an entrance to the hole, she would go in by the entrance.

If not, she would pry the stones apart.

Gu Ning went back to her friends after she had absorbed enough power.

When everyone saw her eyes, they were mesmerized.

Seeing that, Gu Ning was nervous.

Was there anything wrong with her eyes

“Whats wrong Why are you all staring at me” Gu Ning asked.

They didnt get their minds back until Gu Ning said that.

Chu Peihan stood up suddenly running to Gu Ning.

“Ningning, I just found out that your eyes are so attractive!”

The rest all agreed.

“Exactly! I just found that out too.

Your eyes are so bright and clear!”

“Theyre full of magic! We cant move our eyes away from yours.”

“And I feel relaxed for no reason.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning realized what had happened.

Her Jade Eyes absorbed enough power, so her eyes changed too.

Her eyes were full of magic They couldnt move their eyes away from hers They felt relaxed for no reason

Gu Ning couldnt help thinking, was she able to seduce people with her eyes now However, of course she wouldnt do it.

Besides, she didnt like having people stare at her eyes.

Thus she deliberately looked at Hao Ran and others coldly to scare them.


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