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“Stop standing there and being stupid! Do something now and remove them!” Ji Yijing shouted.

She didnt want to see the photos any longer.

In fact, Ji Yijing wanted them to chase “Tang Aining”, but she was worried that “Tang Aining” would come again if they were absent.

As a result, Ji Yijing didnt let them leave.

However, Ji Yijing forgot that “Tang Aining” could still do whatever she wanted even though there were bodyguards.

Given what had just happened, Ji Yijing didnt dare to stay in the ward alone with Tang Yaxin anymore.

Gu Ning was satisfied with their reaction and left.

Although they knew that she got into the room through the window, it was too late for them to catch her.

Before Gu Ning walked away, she used her Jade Eyes to see whether there were other people in the passage.

Luckily, no one was outside, so Gu Ning successfully left the hospital.

Without delay, Gu Ning took a taxi heading to the hospital where Qi Ziyue stayed.

Ji Yijing called Tang Bingsen when the bodyguards were removing those photos, but Tang Bingsen was having sex with his mistress, Tian Feifei, at that moment.

Ji Yijing stayed in the hospital with Tang Yaxin these days, and Tang Bingsen had already lost interest in Ji Yijing.

They had been married for over 20 years, so Tang Bingsen had had enough sex with Ji Yijing.

He wanted a younger woman who could arouse him.

Tang Bingsen was displeased when someone interrupted him at this time, but he had to curb his anger when he saw the callers name.

If Ji Yijing suddenly called him in the night, it must be something about “Tang Aining”.

Tang Bingsen moved off Tian Feifeis body to pick up the call.

“What” Tang Bingsen asked in annoyance.

“Darling, she came again!” Ji Yijing cried.

She didnt know what her husband was doing now, but cried the moment she heard his voice.

Even though she calmed down in the ward just then to comfort her daughter, she panicked once she thought of her husband.

She relied on Tang Bingsen, and it was her habit to turn to him for help whenever she encountered trouble.

“What happened” Tang Bingsen asked anxiously.

It was bad news and he was worried.

“She came in from the window and none of the bodyguards noticed her! Theyre useless.

She pasted countless photos of Tang Aining to the walls and Yaxin was scared!”

Ji Yijing felt strong emotions as she told Tang Bingsen everything she knew.

She was even trembling in fear.

At the same time, her heart ached for her daughter, because Tang Yaxin could have another breakdown after being frightened again.

Tang Yaxin caused Tang Ainings death after all, so it was very hard for Tang Yaxin to accept it.

Tang Bingsen frowned, but he didnt know what he could do now.

He had already arranged for many bodyguards and a skilled mercenary to protect them, but “Tang Aining” could still get into the ward without attracting any attention.

It seemed impossible for him to stop her from hurting his wife and daughter.

He also tried to hire a professional killer to murder the woman, but no one gave him a reply.

“Are you alright now” Tang Bingsen asked.

“Yeah, were fine now,” Ji Yijing said.

“Great, Im too tired now, and I need to go to sleep.

I still have a lot of things to deal with in the company.

Im afraid that the woman will attack my company,” Tang Bingsen said, which was a total lie.

“Sure.” Ji Yijing believed his words.

Actually, Tang Bingsen indeed felt exhausted recently, because he was burdened with affairs in both his company and family.

In order to relax, he chose to have sex with his mistress.

It was a good way to help him forget his worries.

After hanging up the call, Tang Bingsen sighed and was lost in his thoughts.

Tian Feifei stayed on the side and didnt say anything.

She didnt want to have sex with him at all, and was pretending to be enjoying it every time.

He was too old for her, and he wasnt in shape, so she didnt feel satisfied at all.

In fact, she preferred to have sex with her agent who was young and strong.

Tang Bingsen was in trouble these days, which worried Tian Feifei as well, because she probably couldnt find another good sugar-daddy like him.

Nevertheless, if she really lost him in the end, she could accept it.

There were many other rich men who wanted to keep her as their mistress anyway.

They werent as rich as Tang Bingsen, but they were younger than him.


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