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Although Tang Bingsen still didnt believe that the woman was Tang Aining, he found that there was no other explanation.

After all, only Tang Aining knew all of his dirty secrets.

If the woman was really Tang Aining, he was very anxious that she might have evidence of his crimes in her hands.

Tang Bingsen had already hired professional killers to chase and kill “Tang Aining”, but he hadnt heard any good news yet.

He hoped that he could hear the news that the task was fulfilled as soon as possible so that he could sleep at night.

Tang Bingsen didnt stay in the hospital for a long time, because there was nothing he could do.

He told one of his mercenaries to stay and protect his wife and daughter.

He would arrange for two bodyguards to come over later.

At this time, Gu Ning was back in her home.

She went back to Century City, and it was already 2:30 pm when she finally went to bed.

Before she slept, she took out a pair of earphones and put them into her ears.

She left a bug under Tang Yaxins bed when she was talking with her in the hospital, so she was able to secretly listen to Tang Yaxins conversation with other people.

The bug could also record the conversations, so Gu Ning was listening to the recording.

Afterwards, she learned that Tang Bingsen arranged a mercenary and two bodyguards to protect Tang Yaxin.

Given Gu Nings ability, a mercenary was no match for her.

In addition, Gu Ning already told Tang Yaxin that she would see her again, which meant she wasnt worried about what Tang Yaxin would do.

If she was able to hurt Tang Yaxin when there were skilled men protecting her, Tang Yaxin would be even more shocked and scared.

That night, Tang Bingsen, Tang Yaxin, and Ji Yijing didnt sleep at all, because they felt that they were in great danger.

Although they had strong bodyguards by their sides, they didnt have confidence that they could protect them well.

Besides, Tang Bingsen was still worried that “Tang Aining” could have something important on him, which could ruin his life.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, had a good sleep and still got up early the next morning, then went outside to run.

Once she left her home, she felt that someone was staring at her, and it seemed to be a cultivator.

Gu Ning thought of Baili Zongyang or Baili Zongxue at first, but she didnt care much about it and kept on running.

When Gu Ning was running, she felt that the cultivator was following her along the way at a distance.

In ordinary peoples eyes, it was very normal, because there were plenty of people running at this time.

However, Gu Ning knew that it wasnt normal and stayed alert.

After running for 10 minutes, Gu Ning stopped where exercise equipment was placed.

She deliberately bent her body and glanced at the cultivator behind her.

With a simple glance, she saw Wu Shunhua who was only 20 meters away from her.

Seeing Wu Shunhua, Gu Ning wasnt surprised at all.

Wu Shunhua stopped once Gu Ning stopped, but he didnt know that Gu Ning already noticed him.

Gu Ning had no interest in paying more attention to him after knowing who he was, so she exercised for a few minutes, then kept on running.

Wu Shunhua continued to follow her, but Gu Ning didnt bother to give him a glance.

After half an hour, Gu Ning went back home.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya seldom ran in the morning, because Qiao Ya needed to prepare breakfast for Gu Ning, so she basically practiced her fighting skills with Gao Yi in the yard every morning.

It was also a good way to improve their strength.

When Gu Ning didnt go out for a run sometimes, she would do it too.

Undoubtedly, Gu Ning won every time.

Although it was just training, they had to use their skills to the best of their ability in order to improve.

Gu Nings skills might not improve when her competitors were Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, but Gao Yi and Qiao Ya learned a lot from her.

Actually, not many people could defeat Gu Ning now.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya werent annoyed at all when they were defeated by Gu Ning, instead they felt quite happy that they were making improvement.

Therefore, they enjoyed it when Gu Ning fought against them.

They normally got up at 6 am and would arrive at the company before 9 am.

There was a rush hour in the morning, so it took a long time on their way to work.

When Gu Ning got home, Wu Shunhua called Dongfang Ziyu at once and told her that he finally found Gu Ning.

Dongfang Ziyu told Wu Shunhua to keep on spying on Gu Ning.

Qi Ziyue woke up at 7 am that morning, but he suddenly couldnt remember what he had been through.

He tried to sit up, but was out of strength and his body was so painful.


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