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Once Gu Ning arrived, she directly walked towards Tang Yaxins ward which was on the 7th floor.

It was already past 12 am, so there were only a few people walking around in the hospital.

However, an accident happened on Gu Nings way towards the 7th floor.

When Gu Ning walked in the passage of the 7th floor, the door of a VIP ward was suddenly pushed open and an old woman in a patient suit ran outside in a panic.

Although the woman was very old, she still ran without caring about anything around her and almost hit Gu Ning.

Gu Ning stopped and looked at her, and the old woman immediately begged Gu Ning for help.

“Help me, please.

Someone wants to kill me.”

The old woman looked into the ward with fright, which implied that the person who wanted to kill her was in it.

Hearing that, Gu Ning frowned and wasnt sure whether it was true or not.

The next second, a younger woman about 30 years old ran outside in panic as well.

The old woman hid herself behind Gu Ning the moment she saw the younger woman and looked frightened.

Although Gu Ning didnt understand what was happening, she felt that she should protect the old woman at this moment.

In addition, she could feel that the old womans fear was real.

A guilty look flashed in the younger womans eyes, but Gu Ning still caught it.

“Miss, Im sorry, my mother is mentally ill, she doesnt know what shes doing now,” she explained to Gu Ning and took her as a nurse in this hospital.

Saying that, she went to pull the old woman.

“Mom, no one wants to kill you.”

“No, no, stay away from me!” The old woman clenched Gu Nings arm without delay and refused to go back to the ward with the younger woman.

Gu Ning had to stop the younger woman.

“Since your mother is mentally ill, I can have a look.”

She sensed that something was abnormal between the old woman and the younger woman.

“Its fine.

My mother will be fine after resting for a while in the ward,” the younger woman said.

She was unwilling to let Gu Ning be involved in it.

If Gu Ning was involved, she was afraid that the old woman would say something that she shouldnt say.

“Im a nurse, and its part of my job to take care of the patients.

We can go to the ward together,” Gu Ning said.

She was sure that the younger woman wasnt a good person.

The younger woman couldnt reject it now, because it would raise suspicion.

What she didnt know was that Gu Ning wasnt a nurse at all.

“Fine.” The younger woman agreed in the end.

She had bad luck today.

“Lets go inside together now,” Gu Ning gently said to the old woman.

“No, no, no.” The old woman quickly shook her head.

If Gu Ning left later, she would still be in danger.

“Relax, Ill stay by your side,” Gu Ning said to comfort her.

The old woman was struck dumb for a second, then chose to believe Gu Ning.

Afterwards, the three of them walked into the ward and the younger woman closed the door at once.

However, the moment the younger woman did that, Gu Ning hit the back of her neck knocking her unconscious.

“What” The old woman was scared by Gu Nings sudden movement.

At the same time, she felt relieved when the younger woman passed out.

“Maam, I believe you, so I just knocked her unconscious.

Can you trust me too” Gu Ning asked the old woman in a serious tone.

“Sure, sure.” The old woman nodded.

After that, Gu Ning moved the younger woman to the other bed in the ward, then walked back to the old woman.

“Maam, what happened”

The old woman was more trustworthy in Gu Nings eyes, so she wanted to hear the truth from her mouth.

However, if this old woman had done something unacceptable before, Gu Ning wouldnt help her.

The younger woman called this old woman her mother, so the younger woman could be this old womans daughter or daughter-in-law.

They were close family members, so something terrible must have happened.

The old woman burst into tears all of a sudden.

“Shes my daughter, but my adopted daughter.

Her name is Xiang Yili.

She is the biological daughter of one of my distant relatives.

Her parents passed away in a car accident when she was 10, and she had nowhere to go.

My family was richer and I didnt have any children, so I adopted her and raised her up as my own kid.”

“About 10 years ago, my husband died of cancer, and I had to manage my familys business alone.

My brother-in-laws family helps me sometimes, but Im suffering from kidney failure now and I need to step down from my position.

I plan to give my brother-in-law my shares and let him take over my family business, while my adopted daughter can have 10% shares.”

“My adopted daughter, however, is unwilling to accept it, she believes that she should take over my familys business.

She wants to murder me before I settle the will, but she doesnt know that my will is already settled and she wont get the wealth that doesnt belong to her even if Im dead.”


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