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Once Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua were far behind them, Gu Ning moved to the front passengers seat.

The front passengers seat was the exclusive girlfriend seat so Gu Ning wouldnt leave it


She only hid herself on the rear seats earlier to avoid Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua.

“They will probably have to wait for forever,” Leng Shaoting joked.

“Ha-ha, theyll leave when the building is empty!” Gu Ning said and felt amused.

When they arrived at the Leng familys old house, it was 5:30 pm.

Master Leng directly ignored Leng Shaoting and talked with Gu Ning for a long while.

“Ningning, Im so proud of you! Youre the first person to get a full score ever!” Master Leng was excited.

It was not only Master Leng, the other members of the Leng family also felt happy for Gu Ning.

Actually, only Leng Yuanqians family held a grudge against Gu Ning, and the others, including the domestic servants, all had a good impression of Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu indeed has achieved an all-time record,” Leng Changzhi said with a broad smile.

He truly liked Gu Ning, and not just because both Master Leng and Leng Shaoting liked her.

“Stop calling Ningning Miss Gu, you should call her Lady Leng from now on,” Master Leng said with a serious face.

Leng Shaoting smiled with satisfaction, but Gu Ning felt a little embarrassed.

“Grandpa, its too early to do that.”

Master Leng, however, was displeased.

“Why If we had picked a perfect date this year, you two would have been engaged earlier on.

Youll be Lady Ning sooner or later.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning didnt know what to say.

Leng Changzhi listened to Master Leng and called Gu Ning again, “Right, Lady Leng.”

“Well…” Gu Ning simply smiled and didnt dare to argue with them.

They chatted for a while longer in the living room, then Master Leng went to his study with Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning had nothing else to do, so she told Leng Changzhi to bring her to Leng Shaotings room.

She hadnt seen his room yet, and was curious about it.

Because the Leng familys old house had a long history, it still kept the style of the past even though it had been rebuilt once.

There was only one building in the Leng familys old house, but it was the size of a football field.

There was also a front and back yard with beautiful trees and flowers.

However, the Leng familys old house was still hardly comparable with the Tang familys house, because the Tang family was a super-rich business family while the Leng family was involved in politics.

The Leng familys old house was a family inheritance, and members of the Leng family couldnt afford such a big house with their salaries, because although members of the Leng family held important positions in the government, they were all upright officials.

Because they were officials in the government, they couldnt run a business themselves, they could only invest in some businesses if they wanted to.

Anyway, the money they made wasnt enough to buy such a grand house.

This house cost at least hundreds of millions of yuan given its location, size, and decoration.

Therefore, the Leng family only had great power in their country, and it didnt have a fortune.

And except for Master Leng, no one knew that Leng Shaoting was the owner of the Shengshi Organization.

Leng Shaoting had no intention to keep it a secret, but Master Leng told him not to tell the others.

The Shengshi Organization didnt belong to the Leng family, it belonged to Leng Shaoting, because it was left to him by his maternal grandfather.

When outsiders heard that Leng Shaotings maternal grandfather left him many companies, Master Leng made up a lie and told them that Leng Shaoting had sold the companies because he was only a soldier and knew nothing about business.

As a result, no outsider knew how rich Leng Shaoting was.

In addition, no one dared to steal money from Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaotings room was the first one on the right on the third floor.

He was the eldest grandson of Master Leng, so his room was placed in front of the other grandchildren.

Leng Shaomings room was right next to his.

Their rooms were basically of the same size.

There was a study at the entrance of Leng Shaotings room and it was about 30 square-meters big.

His room was very big with a bathroom and a closet, and was big enough to accommodate two people.

However, because Leng Shaoting seldom stayed there, his room looked empty and it was obvious that no one had lived there for a long time.

Nevertheless, even though he seldom came back, his room was always clean.

Leng Changzhi left after he brought Gu Ning to Leng Shaotings room and he told Gu Ning to enjoy herself.

Gu Ning walked around in Leng Shaotings room for a while, but soon felt bored.

An idea dawned her that she could have a look at Leng Shaotings parents room to see what she can find.

She hoped that she could find something useful about Leng Shaotings mother and cultivators.

Thinking of that, Gu Ning decided to talk about it with Leng Shaoting later.


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