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Tian, if you want to argue with me about it, I suggest you that you should save some time and leave.

Im not dumb, and I want to finish my dinner,” Pu Bada said.

He had no intention to share a meal with Tian Wentao, and didnt bother to be polite to him.

Tian Wentao had to close his mouth.

Although he was reluctant to accept this result, there was nothing he could do about it now.

He gave Tian Baihui a glare before he left, which meant that he wouldnt give up.

Tian Baihui understood that it wasnt the end yet, and her older brother would certainly badmouth her in front of their father.

She couldnt stop Tian Wentao from attacking her, but she would tell their father the truth.

However, even though their father had reason, he cared more about his son than his daughter, so Tian Wentao was able to manage the company while Tian Baihui could only assist him.

Tian Wentao never focused on his study when he was young, and he lacked perseverance as well as continuity.

However, he still got a more important position in the company than Tian Baihui.

Tian Baihui didnt know whether their father would choose to believe Tian Wentao.

If she had to leave their familys business, she would leave and wouldnt be involved again.

She would sell her shares to Tian Wentao, then started her own business.

Once Tian Wentao was gone, Tian Baihui continued to have the meal with Pu Bada.

Just as Tian Baihui had anticipated, Tian Wentao drove straight to the best hospital in the southern district.

Their father was admitted to the hospital a few months ago.

He was much better now, but he was an old man after all, so he needed to stay in the hospital for observation.

Once Tian Wentao saw their father, he complained.

“Father, I had an appointment with Pu Bada today at the Huangdeng Hotel to sign the contract, but Baihui stole my client from me! I dont know how she got the news and the contract, but shes indeed shameless! If she continues to work in the same company with me, I think shell have the ambition to replace me.”

Tian Wentao looked very angry, as if he was the victim.

Besides, his real intention was to chase Tian Baihui out of their familys business.

Although Tian Wentao was managing the company, their father, Tian Maofa, was still the chairman.

Tian Maofa had the most shares of their familys business.

If he didnt make the decision, nobody could fire Tian Baihui.

Therefore Tian Wentao had schemed against Tian Baihui many times, but Tian Baihui still remained safe.

Tian Maofa sighed.

He knew his children very well, and it must have been Tian Wentaos trick to scheme against Tian Baihui again.

However, in his eyes, his son was more important than his daughter, because his daughter would marry into another family while his son could take over his family wealth.

And even though his son wasnt very smart, he wasnt useless either.

“Fine, I can tell her to leave, but you cant take away the property she can inherit.

Do you understand” Tian Maofa said.

“No problem.” Tian Wentao was satisfied.

As long as Tian Baihui left, he would gradually gain complete control of their familys business.

Tian Baihui only had 15% shares of their familys business, while he could have all of the other shares.

Tian Wentao left later, and Tian Maofa sent Tian Baihui a message.

He wanted to see her in the hospital.

Tian Baihui wasnt surprised at all.

To be specific, she was waiting for her fathers message.

Actually, she preferred to deal with this problem as early as possible, in case she became the enemy in her familys eyes.

After that, they stood up and opened the door.

Coincidentally, Gu Ning and her friends also finished dinner, and opened the door at the same time.

Wind saw Ba Tianyang, and Ba Tianyang met his eyes as well.

He was shocked to see that Ba Tianyang was still alive and fine.

However, he couldnt figure it out.

When Black Cats name disappeared from the wanted list, he had a feeling that Ba Tianyang wasnt dead, because the result would be shown on the page if anyone took the task.

Even if Ba Tianyang was really killed by another killer, his name wouldnt be removed, so Wind didnt know why Ba Tianyang disappeared all of a sudden.

Ba Tianyang frowned the moment he saw Wind.

After all, they used to serve in the same killer organization.

It probably wasnt a good thing that he met Wind again.


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