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When Gu Ning and her friends were drinking coffee in a café, Qin Zixun received a call from Qin Yifan all of a sudden.

Qin Zixuns father was in trouble and was accused of bribery.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection already took Qin Zixuns father away.

Qin Yifan asked Qin Zixun whether he was with Gu Ning now, because they needed her help.

Because Gu Ning was able to collect solid evidence every time her company was in trouble, he believed that it wouldnt be a problem for Gu Ning to help Qin Zixuns father this time.

“What” Qin Zixun was scared and couldnt believe his ears.

Seeing his reaction, his friends all turned to look at him.

Gu Ning, however, clearly heard their conversation.

Even though Qin Zixun was shocked, he still said, “Yeah, Im with Gu Ning now.”

Hearing that, the others turned to stare at Gu Ning.

“Ask her whether shes willing to help.

If shes willing to help, go home with her and we can talk about it later.

If not, its fine,” Qin Yifan said.

“Sure,” Qin Zixun said, then hung up the call.

“Boss…” His voice was trembling when he met Gu Nings eyes.

“I heard.

Dont worry, Ill help you.

Everyone can go home now or you can dine together, but I need to go to the Qin familys house with Zixun right now.” Gu Ning interrupted Qin Zixun before he could finish his sentence.

She knew that it wasnt good news, and they shouldnt make it public.

In addition, Qin Zixun was a good friend, so she wouldnt hesitate to help him or his family.

If Qin Zixuns father was innocent, she would do everything to help him out.

However, if he was really guilty, she probably wouldnt do anything.

Just because he was Qin Zixuns father didnt mean that she would help him without any qualms.

Although Qin Zixuns father, Qin Haozhi, was famous for his honesty, nobody knew what he was really doing.

“What happened” Hao Ran asked worriedly.

“Well tell you later,” Gu Ning said and stood up.

Since Gu Ning said that, they stopped asking her about it.

Afterwards, Gu Ning and Qin Zixun left.

The others lost the mood to share a meal together today, so they also went back to their own homes.

The members of the Qin family didnt live together, so Gu Ning followed Qin Zixun back to his own home.

Qin Zixuns father was an upright official, but his family still lived in a high-end living area, because the Qin family was very rich and they didnt lack money at all.

In Qin Zixuns home, Qin Zixuns mother, Qin Haozheng and his wife, Qin Yifans parents, and Qin Yifan were all present.

They were restless because of what had happened to Qin Haozhi, because Qin Haozhi was innocent and they knew it much better than anyone else.

Only Qin Yifan stayed calm.

“You dont need to be too worried.

My uncle has done nothing wrong, and Gu Ning can solve the problem as long as shes willing to help us.”

“Will Miss Gu be willing to help us” Qin Zixuns mother was still worried.

She was aware of Gu Nings unbelievable ability and her close relationship with Qin Zixun, but she wasnt sure that Gu Ning would help her family this time.

“Gu Ning and Zixun are close friends.

I believe that shell do something about it,” Qin Yifan said.

After a short while, Qin Zixun came with Gu Ning, and the Qin family welcomed Gu Ning excitedly.

“Miss Gu, very nice to see you.”

“Nice to see you too.” Gu Ning smiled at them.

There was no time for her to greet them one by one, so she directly asked, “May I know more details about it”

Qin Yifan said, “My father received a call from my uncles secretary at 3:30 pm this afternoon, and he was told that my uncle was taken away by the people from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Someone accused my uncle of being guilty of bribery, saying that my uncle has taken two hundred thousand yuan and a house which is worth over a million yuan three days ago.

The people from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection found a file folder in a drawer from his office, which is the evidence, but nobody in our family could believe it.

Our family doesnt lack money.”

“Miss Gu, I know that youve done perfect counterattacks before when your companies were in trouble, so we hope that you can help us find out who the mastermind who is scheming against my uncle this time is.”

Qin Zixun stared at Gu Ning with his eyes full of anticipation.

He opened his mouth, seeming to say something, but didnt say it aloud.

He definitely hoped that Gu Ning could help his family, but he wouldnt force her to do so.

If Gu Ning refused to help him, he wouldnt blame or criticize her, but would only feel hurt.

They were close friends after all, and they believed that it wouldnt be a serious problem for Gu Ning.

“Zixun is my good friend.

Since his father is innocent, I will help him without doubt, but lets be candid here.

If it turns out that his father is indeed guilty of bribery, Im afraid I wont be involved anymore,” Gu Ning said.


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