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“Hurry up! Peihan could get mad,” Gu Ning said.

Although Yu Mixi was close with Chu Peihan now, she was still afraid of Chu Peihan.

She knew Chu Peihans temper.

If she continued to waste time, Chu Peihan would really get mad.

In the end, Yu Mixi could only go and pick the dress.

Not only did they buy dresses, but they also bought shoes, bags, bracelets and necklaces.

Chu Peihan and Gu Ning spent dozens of thousands of yuan on the clothes and accessories.

Yu Mixi didnt want to do so.

She only spent two thousand yuan in the shop.

They were merely students, and didnt spend too much on the clothes actually.

If they had been those noblewomen, dozens of thousands of yuan wouldnt be enough.

Yu Mixi thought that one dress would be enough, but she ended up buying a short fur coat, a pair of shoes, a bag, bracelet and necklace too.

She spent a lot in total.

She did try to refuse to do so, but didnt say it aloud.

The next day, Master Qin, Qin Yifans father, was about to hold his birthday party.

Qin Zixun and others gathered together heading to the house of the Qin Family after their afternoon classes.

There were eight of them in all.

They needed two cars, and Qin Zixun as well as Hao Ran were the drivers.

However, before they went to the Qin Familys house, the girls needed to change, do their hair and wear makeup first.

They had contacted a makeup store yesterday, and left their clothes there too.

All of them planned to wear light makeup.

And there were three makeup artists to help them.

It took less than an hour for them to finish all of that.

The party would begin at 8 pm, so they still had plenty of time.

Meanwhile, Hao Ran and other boys were waiting in the parking lot.

Within an hour, Gu Ning and the other two girls walked out.

At first glance, no one recognized them.

The boys were even discussing their good shapes from a distance away, but when the girls came closer, they finally found out who they were, and were all amazed.

Gu Ning, Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi were beauties themselves, but they always wore a school uniform without any makeup at school.

They were pretty, but not stunning.

But now…

Lets begin from Yu Mixi!

Yu Mixi wore a slightly fluffy princess dress.

It was pink with a round lace neck.

She was also wearing a short wide-sleeved pink fur coat, and with the skirt it looked like a set.

She had her hair in a bun with a pink bow.

Her shoes were a pair of white five-centimeter high sandals with thick heels.

Yu Mixi looked totally different now, and was full of energy.

Chu Peihan put on a golden silk dress, dotted with crystal sequins.

She was also wearing a short black fur coat.

Her hair was in big waves.

She looked confident.

The eight-centimeter gold high-heels made her seem even taller.

She was like a noble queen in the palace.

Gu Ning was wearing a retro dress with a cheongsam-style buckle around her neck.

Its sleeves were three-quarter length.

The dress was dotted with sparse blue and white patterns.

Her fur coat and dress were the same color.

Like everyone else, the coat was also short.

She loosened her hair with a little decoration at the front.

She was in a complete retro style.

Gu Ning had put on the pendant, earrings and bracelets made of Fulushou jade.

She behaved like a well-educated noble girl from a powerful family in the ancient times.

Her outfit wasnt very noticeable, but no one could ignore her outstanding appearance and air.

And once your sight fell on her, it couldnt move away.

It was winter, and a little cold outside.

The girls were all wearing fur coats to stay warm.

“What do you think” Seeing the boys were all amazed, Chu Peihan laughed with pride.

“You look gorgeous!”

“Not only beautiful, but also stunning!”

“Indeed! You all look amazingly pretty after the makeup!”

The boys complimented.

However, Chu Peihan was dissatisfied.

She squinted at Hao Ran saying, “What do you mean Arent we beautiful without makeup”

Hao Ran immediately realized that he had said something wrong.

He explained without delay, “I meant that you all are prettier with the makeup.”

“Very well.” Chu Peihan was satisfied this time.

“Alright, lets go now.

I dont want to be a monkey in the zoo.” Facing the looks from people around them, Gu Ning felt uncomfortable.

“Im not a monkey! Im a beauty! A beauty,” Chu Peihan argued.

After that, the group of them went to the Qin Familys house.

“Ningning, Im nervous.” It was the first time Yu Mixi had attended such a significant party.

She was very anxious now.


Lets go inside hand in hand,” Gu Ning comforted her.

The Qin Family house was located in a high-end villa area in the suburb with a large green land.

It seemed more like a resort than a villa.

It was a 300-square-meter detached three-floor villa with a garden and a swimming pool.

The whole area was about six or seven hundred square meters large.

The family who could afford such a villa here in City F must be extraordinarily rich.

Each villa cost at least a few dozen million yuan.

When they arrived at the villa, it was almost seven pm.

The guests were mainly famous chairmen and important officials.

Most of them came with their families.

“Boss, please wait in the car for a moment.

I need to change first before I come out and welcome you,” Qin Zixun said.

“Sure,” Gu Ning replied.

In the living room, there was light, beautiful music with glasses of champagne.

Everyone was having fun, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

There was central heating in the room, so the women all took off their coats wearing just their gowns.

They either had the coat in hand, or put it elsewhere.

Qin Yifan, who was in a grey suit with a white, Egyptian cotton shirt and light blue tie, looked handsome and stable.

He paid a lot of attention to prepare for tonight in the aim of attracting Gu Ning and winning her heart.


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