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Zeng Kais mother screamed in pain when she was covered in the quilt which was soaked in sulfuric acid.

Her screams attracted attention from people and nurses on the outside.

Once they ran to the door of the ward, they saw her rolling in the quilt.

Because the quilt covered her from her head, the sulfuric acid touched her head first.

“Whats going on here” a nurse asked, but she didnt take action to remove the quilt and see who was inside.

“A woman suddenly ran to pour sulfuric acid into our ward, and I used the quilt to stop her.

Shes probably been hurt by the sulfuric acid now,” Zhou Weifan said.

He stayed calm and explained it with a serious expression.

Although he wasnt guilty of defending himself, Zeng Kais mother could be seriously injured this time.

He would probably have to pay her compensation.

Luckily, he wouldnt be punished for that according to the law.

“What” Onlookers were shocked and moved away at once in case they were hurt as well.

Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao were also surprised.

In that case, this woman must have come for them.

If it hadnt been for Zhou Weifan, they could have been disfigured by the sulfuric acid.

Although Zeng Kais mother was very evil, she was hurt in the hospital, so the nurses had to do something.

Therefore, the nurse hurriedly went to remove the quilt over Zeng Kais mother, but she was a little weak, so Zhou Weifan helped her.

Zhou Weifan pulled the quilt off the next second, and Zeng Kais mother was finally out of it, but her face was already burned by the sulfuric acid.

Although her burns werent serious, her face was disfigured.

“Oh, my face, my face!” She covered her face with her hands, but screamed in pain once her hands touched her burned face.

“Go get the doctor!” the nurse said to another nurse, who ran away at once.

They were only nurses, and they needed a doctor to treat Zeng Kais mother.

The second onlookers saw her face, they began to talk about her.

“Jesus, her face looks so scary!”

“The man said that she carried a bottle of sulfuric acid to throw into their ward.”

“Shes crazy!”

“Why did she do that”


People were discussing loudly, but most of them sided with Zeng Kais mother because she looked sympathetic.

Zhou Weifan couldnt stand it and argued.

“Dont think that shes innocent.

Shes the guilty one.”

“Why did she throw sulfuric acid into your ward She must have done it for a reason.”



Zhou Weifan understood that onlookers didnt know the truth, so he turned to ask Zeng Kais mother, “Are you a member of the Zeng family”

Although he asked that question, he actually already had the answer.

Once Zeng Kais mother heard the Zeng family, she shouted, “My son was put in jail because of you! You should go to hell! Go to hell!” Unfortunately, she had no strength to take revenge now.

Hearing that, onlookers were shocked.

“They put her son in jail!”

“No wonder she did that to them.”


Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao were annoyed by their discussion.

“Shut up!” Zhou Weifan snapped at them in a cold voice, and onlookers closed their mouths in fear.

“Her son asked for it, because her son…” Zhou Weifan turned to point at Peng Xinghao who was sitting on the patient bed.

“Her son stabbed a fruit knife into his head, and he could have been killed.

Her family also tried to help her son get away with the crime by bribing the police.

Do you still think her son and her family are innocent”

Hearing that, onlookers were shocked again.

Not everyone could survive after being stabbed deep into the head.

Besides, the Zeng family had bribed the police, which was totally unacceptable!

However, not many people believed it, and some still had doubts.

Zhou Weifan noticed their reaction and said, “If you dont believe it, you can find out more information about the case on the Internet.”

Hearing that, the onlookers chose to believe his words.

At the same time, no one had sympathy for Zeng Kais mother anymore.

A few minutes later, two male doctors came.

They asked Zhou Weifan for details about what had happened in the ward.

After hearing Zhou Weifans explanation, they knew that it was the womans fault, so they called the police.

Zhou Weifan wasnt afraid at all, because Zeng Kais mother was the guilty one, not them, and there were surveillance cameras at the door.


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