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Tang Quanjun understood that Captain Yang must be hiding something.

Captain Yang was scared and shut his mouth at once.

He also realized that he had behaved inappropriately.

Although this matter was to the disadvantage of Chang Bingjian, Captain Yang didnt think that Chang Bingjian would be in trouble because Chang Bingjian had the Chang familys support.

“Go on,” Tang Quanjun said to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning then continued, “The story begins from yesterday.

My friends younger brother was injured by someone with a fruit knife at 12 pm yesterday.

He was seriously injured, but the police refused to deal with it even after my friend made several calls.

My friend told me that the Zeng family was involved in this case and made a call to Director Chang and told him to do nothing about it.”

“What Why Just because of the Zeng familys call” Tang Quanjun was mad.

Tang Quanjun was really angry about it.

Although he had the ambition to replace Chang Bingjian, he was still willing to handle the responsibility of his job.

Although he couldnt punish the evil for the innocent all the time, he had never broken the law.

Sometimes, he had to give in before power, but it only happened when the matter wasnt serious.

If it was illegal, he would refuse to help.

Actually, he was aware that Chang Bingjian had broken the law many times, but he didnt have clear evidence till now.

As long as he could get something on Chang Bingjian, he would be able to unseat him.

Gu Ning could also see that Tang Quanjun was very angry, so she had a better impression of him.

“What happened next” Tang Quanjun asked.

“About half an hour ago, I came here to report the case in person on behalf of my friend.

Captain Zuo decided to help us, but was stopped by Director Chang.

He told Captain Zuo to deal with something else, and said that he wanted to have a private talk with me.

As for what happened next, you can watch the video yourself,” Gu Ning said and took out the miniature camera from her pocket.

Gu Ning was willing to take out the miniature camera right now because she was sure that Tang Quanjun sided with her.

They had the same enemy after all.

When the others saw the miniature camera, they were all shocked.

Tang Quanjun was amazed by Gu Nings cleverness.

Although she looked very young, she was unusually smart.

It was obvious that she was well-prepared before she came here.

Zuo Anrong and Captain Yang were also surprised.

Zuo Anrong didnt understand why Gu Ning didnt look afraid at all until now.

Gu Ning was indeed a very smart girl.

Captain Yang, however, had a premonition.

He had ruined the surveillance videos by himself just then, to prevent other people from watching them.

To his astonishment, Gu Ning had a miniature camera in her pocket.

“Captain Zuo, give it to me,” Tang Quanjun said in a hurry.

Tang Quanjun gave that order to Zuo Anrong, because he knew that Zuo Anrong was an upright man.

Captain Yang, on the contrary, might damage the camera again.

“Sure,” Zuo Anrong said, then handed the miniature camera to Tang Quanjun from Gu Nings hand.

Tang Quanjun played the video right away.

At this time, Captain Yang moved to Tang Quanjuns back, and they watched it together.

They saw what Chang Bingjian had said to Gu Ning in the office.

Even though the camera moved a little, they were still able to watch the video clearly.

Gu Ning had done nothing inappropriate in the office, but Chang Bingjian had threatened Gu Ning many times.

When they finished talking, Gu Ning and Qiao Ya walked outside, followed by Chang Bingjian.

However, when they had just walked out of the room, Chang Bingjian gave a sudden order to arrest them with the excuse of attacking the police.

Gu Ning defended herself and had a fight against several policemen, but Chang Bingjian directly pulled out a gun to point at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning then snatched like lightning, which shocked everyone.

Because the miniature camera was hidden behind Gu Nings collar, it clearly recorded her movement.

They turned to look at Gu Ning with great surprise and curiosity.

However, they said nothing, because they still needed to finish watching the video.

Gu Ning and Qiao Ya wanted to leave, and didnt injure Chang Bingjian, but Chang Bingjian pulled out another gun from a policeman who was lying on the ground, then shot at Gu Ning.

The miniature camera turned to another angle when Gu Ning walked away, so everyone could clearly see Chang Bingjians actions in the video.

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