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No matter what position Tang Yunfan held in Tanghuang, he must be very important, so Yuan Jisong needed to be polite.

“Nice to see you, Secretary Yuan.

Ive heard about you from my secretary and I need to thank you for your help when I was caught in the car accident last time,” Tang Yunfan said to Yuan Jisong and they shook hands with each other.

“Youre welcome.

Actually I did nothing, and the credit should go to Miss Gu,” Yuan Jisong said.

“Youre being too modest.

Although its Ningning who saved my life, your help was also very essential!” Tang Yunfan thanked Yuan Jisong again.

Without Yuan Jisongs timely help, he might not be saved.

Even if Tang Yunfan didnt prepare a gift for Yuan Jisong, it was necessary for him to thank Yuan Jisong face to face.

“Uncle Yuan, you dont need to be so modest.

Its true that youve helped us a lot,” Gu Ning said.

“Well…” Yuan Jisong didnt know what to say.

They chatted with one another for a short while before they left.

After walking out of the hotel, Chu Peihan and the others separated from Gu Ning.

Because Gu Nings family was here, there was no need for them to stay.

Gu Ning proposed to drive Chu Peihan and her other friends back, but they declined.

They said that they could just take taxis.

Gu Ning didnt insist, and went back to Fenghua Luxury Mansion with her family.

Jiang Xu was busy, so he didnt go home with them.

Gu Qing, however, hadnt seen Gu Man for a long time, so she wanted to spend more time with Gu Man.

Once Gu Ning and her family were gone, Yuan Jisong asked Manager Mu, “Manager Mu, may I know who Chairman Tang is”

Hearing that, Manager Mu was surprised.

“Secretary Yuan, you dont know Chairman Tangs background”

“I dont know much about him.” Yuan Jisong felt a little embarrassed.

“Chairman Tang is the chairman of Tanghuang, the most famous business group in City B, and his full name is Tang Yunfan.

The old man is his father and the woman who just stood by his side is his wife.

Miss Gu is their daughter,” Manager Mu said.

What Gu Nings Tang Yunfans biological daughter

Yuan Jisong couldnt believe it.

He had thought that Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans step-daughter! Gu Ning was indeed a girl who was full of surprises.

Yuan Jisong had a deeper impression of Gu Ning now.

Gu Ning didnt have time to reply to her friends messages until she was home.

She then thanked them for their care.

There were three rooms in the apartment, which were enough for them to stay in.

Gu Man and Tang Yunfan were a couple, so they could stay in one room.

Gu Ning stayed in her own bedroom, and Tang Haifeng would stay in the guest bedroom.

As for their bodyguards, they stayed in a hotel.

Tang Haifeng was an old man, and he needed to take a nap at noon.

Therefore, he left to have a rest when they got home.

Gu Ning went back to her bedroom later.

She soon received Leng Shaotings call, and Leng Shaoting told her that he was in City F now.

He came to encourage her for the National College Entrance Examination.

Gu Ning was thrilled to see Leng Shaoting.

At the same time, she felt touched that her family and her boyfriend cared so much about her.

It was only 2:30 pm, and they normally had dinner at 6 pm, so Gu Ning left earlier to meet Leng Shaoting.

Because it was Tang Haifengs first time in City F, Gu Ning didnt have much time to be with Leng Shaoting because her family was there, so she decided to spend as much time with her boyfriend as she could now that she was free.

When Gu Ning left, she told Gu Man that Leng Shaoting came, and that he would be having dinner with them.

Because the Tang family already accepted Leng Shaoting, they took Leng Shaoting as one of their members.

Gu Ning drove her car to the gate of Fenghua Luxury Mansion to wait for Leng Shaoting, and Leng Shaoting arrived about five minutes later in a taxi.

He recognized Gu Nings car at first glance, so he got out of the taxi right away.

He was wearing all black, and looked more mysterious and attractive than ever.

Gu Ning sat in the front passengers seat and stared at Leng Shaotings sexy body when he moved towards her.

She couldnt help but think of his naked body.

Leng Shaoting noticed her expression and smiled at her.

Gu Ning felt embarrassed and said, “Um, why dont you drive the car”

“My pleasure,” Leng Shaoting agreed.

Afterwards, he got in the car, but didnt start it.

“Ningning, what were you thinking just then” he asked Gu Ning all of a sudden.

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