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Chapter 1257: Lin Fei Finds Out Gu Nings Identity

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In City G, Lin Fei went to have a drink with his friends in a bar and he talked about what he had been through on the freeway today, which surprised his friends.

Because they were all lovers of drag racing, they admired those who were able to drive a Land Rover faster than a sports car, especially when the driver was a gorgeous young girl.

They knew that Lin Fei had a very high standard of beauty.

If Gu Nings beauty had impressed him, it meant that Gu Ning must be very outstanding.

Therefore, in their eyes, Gu Ning must be as beautiful as a goddess.

Lin Fei also told them that he got Gu Nings phone number and Gu Ning already agreed to be his friend.

Knowing that, Lin Feis friends were all envious of him and they asked him to call Gu Ning out one day.

Lin Fei said, “I cant make the decision, because its up to her.”

“Come on, youre the famous Lord Lin, and there is no girl who will reject you,” Lin Feis friend, Friend A, said.

If Lin Fei had to ask for the girls permission to hang out together, they would feel disappointed.

The man said that in order to please Lin Fei.

Lin Feis family was the richest family in City G, and he was very influential in this city.

Although Lin Feis friends were from rich families as well, their families were barely comparable to Lin Feis, so they were used to flattering Lin Fei.

They thought that Lin Fei liked it, because he never told them to change the way they talked to him, but Lin Fei couldnt tolerate it this time.

“There are plenty of people who are far better than me, and no one can do whatever he wants in this world.

Im not a stupid and arrogant person!” Lin Fei was slightly annoyed.

In fact, Lin Fei wasnt a bully who would take advantage of other people because of his powerful family background.

Friend A understood that Lin Fei wasnt pleased, so he closed his mouth.

Even though they hung out often, they werent close, and they were all college students, so they needed to attend classes and didnt have much time to stay with each other for a long time.

“Well, I somehow feel that her name sounds very familiar, but I cant remember where Ive heard of it before,” Lin Fei said all of a sudden.

“Whats her name” Friend B asked.

“Gu Ning Where does she come from” Friend C was surprised.

“Her number plate is from City F, so I think she comes from City F,” Lin Fei said.

“City F, Gu Ning I feel this name sounds familiar too!” Friend C said.

“No way, is she a star or something” Friend A was shocked.


We should search for her information,” Friend B said.

“Why not!” Friend C did it right away.

When Friend C found the news about Gu Ning on the Internet, he realized that he had indeed heard Gu Nings name before.

Without hesitation, he began to read more news about Gu Ning.

“Lord Lin, come here and have a look.

Is she the girl you met today” Friend C said to Lin Fei.

“No way, is she really a star” The others were surprised.

“Yes, its her!” Lin Feis eyes lit up at once.

There was a photo of Gu Ning on the screen of Friend Cs phone.

Except for that, there were many pieces of news about Gu Nings achievements.

“No wonder I thought her name sounds so familiar, isnt she the champion of this years national math competition” Lin Fei exclaimed.

He had heard a lot of news about the competition not too long ago, and the media kept acclaiming her.

It was the only thing that Lin Fei knew about Gu Ning.

Therefore, he was astonished after reading the news about her business empire.

“Jesus, she owns so many companies Shes even younger than me!” Lin Fei said.

“Jade Beauty Jewelry Ive heard of it before, and its a very popular jewelry brand.

It has over a billion yuan in assets,” Friend B said.

He heard of it from his mother because his mother loved jewelry.

“What Over a billion yuan No way!”

Lin Feis friends couldnt remain calm now, and they were becoming increasingly shocked by the following information.

“Lord Lin, are you sure this Gu Ning is the girl you met today” Friend B asked, because it was too unbelievable.

“Yes, and yes!” Lin Fei was super excited now.

They became Gu Nings fans when they saw the videos of Gu Ning rescuing people.

Ordinary people couldnt be so excellent at martial arts.

Lin Fei almost wanted Gu Ning to be his kung fu master now.

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