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“Leader…”Everyone was surprised that their leader really agreed with Gu Ning.

“Alright, Ill take responsibility for the result no matter what happens.

You will be fine,” Li Zhongwei said.

“Leader, we…”

They werent afraid to be involved in the trouble, but they were unwilling to get in trouble because of Gu Ning.

Li Zhongwei ignored them and looked to Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, my career relies on you now.

I hope that you can succeed!”

Although Li Zhongwei felt quite stressed, he pretended to be relaxed because he didnt want to put too much pressure on Gu Ning.

“Dont worry, I never do something that Im not confident to do well,” Gu Ning said to comfort him.

Li Zhongwei nodded and felt better.

Other people still found it hard to believe Gu Ning because they had just spent a short time with her, so they all began to look at Gu Ning with dissatisfaction.

Du Jingtong hated Gu Ning to death now, and she hoped that Gu Ning wouldnt survive today.

“Alright, lets go now,” Li Zhongwei said and stood up.

It was enough for Li Zhongwei to take Gu Ning into the clubhouse alone.

They didnt want to attract too much attention.

As for the rest of the people, they needed to wait for Li Zhongweis order.

Once they were in the car, Li Zhongwei gave Gu Ning the miniature camera and the car started.

Gu Ning and Li Zhongwei arrived at the underground parking lot before 7 pm, then Li Zhongwei called a manager.

After having the call with the manager, Li Zhongwei said to Gu Ning, “Hes reliable to some extent, but you still need to be careful.”

The manager of this clubhouse was one of Li Zhongweis friends.

“I will,” Gu Ning said.

They waited for three minutes, and then the manager showed up.

He was a man in his early thirties.

They already had an agreement about todays task, so they didnt talk about it now, and the manager brought Gu Ning away without delay.

When the manager received the message to get onto the cruise ship later, he would text Li Zhongwei.

All nine prostitutes were ready in the lounge, and they were chatting with each other and laughed loudly.

Actually, they didnt know what kind of party they were going to join.

They only knew that it was a private sex party held by rich people, and they could earn a lot of money after todays work, so they were very excited.

It wasnt easy for them to make much money in their daily work.

However, they could earn as much money as they would from a months work after todays party.

If their guests were satisfied with their service, they could get more money.

“I feel so sorry for Luoluo.

Her period came today, so she missed such a great chance!” a prostitute said and seemed sad, but she actually was gloating.

These prostitutes seemed to get along well with each other on the surface, but they were competitors.

All of them wanted to sleep with a generous rich man in order to get a large tip.

Therefore, they were all scantily clad today in order to attract the rich mens attention.

They knew Luoluo wouldnt show up today and that she would be replaced by another prostitute.

As long as the new girl wasnt too noticeable, they wouldnt mind.

Because Luoluo was normally more popular than them, Luoluo would always have the highest pay among them.

Therefore they actually didnt want Luoluo to join them.

“Im curious about the new girls appearance,” a prostitute said all of a sudden.

“Shes no different from us,” another prostitute said.

They all hoped the new girl would be uglier than them, but it wasnt very likely that the new girl would be too ugly.

At this moment, the door of the lounge was pushed open.

The prostitutes stopped chatting at once and turned to look at the door.

The manager walked inside first, and a woman followed him.

The second those prostitutes saw the women, they got jealous.

This woman was even prettier than Luoluo! Her body was also the best among them.

They didnt understand why the manager found such a beautiful woman to replace Luoluo.

“This is Ai Li, and shell replace Luoluo at the party with you later,” the manager said to them.

Ai Li was Gu Nings new name in this operation.

The manager noticed the prostitutes jealousy towards Gu Ning, so he warned them.

“Todays party is very important, and you have to obey the rules.

Dont cause me any trouble!”

“Yes, manager,” those prostitutes said.

Although they disliked Ai Li, they didnt dare to cause trouble today.

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