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“Miss, although Charm isnt very famous for the time being, the quality and design deserve the price.

If you like this dress, you can try it.

To be honest with you, we already sold out eight gowns this afternoon, and our customers all like them very much,” a saleswoman said to Leng Shaojia.“What Within an afternoon” Leng Shaojia was shocked, but she didnt believe it.

“Are you sure that number is correct” She didnt think a brand without much fame could be so popular among rich customers.

“Of course its true,” the saleswoman said.

The saleswoman remained polite the entire time, even though Leng Shaojia was a little rude, because all the saleswomen in the store had received professional training.

“Even if it isnt true, you wont admit it.” Leng Shaojia still refused to believe it.

The saleswoman didnt say anything further, but simply smiled.

At this time, Leng Shaojia suddenly saw Gu Ning and her face changed at once.

There was obvious hatred on her face.

Gu Ning actually heard Leng Shaojias conversation with the saleswoman before Leng Shaojia noticed her.

She wasnt mad, because she knew that Leng Shaojia wasnt a kind woman.

However, when Gu Ning saw the hatred on Leng Shaojias face towards her, she moved her eyes away and ignored Leng Shaojia.

Leng Shaojia, however, was annoyed by Gu Nings movement.

She ran to Gu Ning and shouted, “How dare you look at me with dislike!”

“Shaojia.” Zhu Jinling was scared by Leng Shaojias behavior and tried to stop her.

She knew that Leng Shaojia didnt have a good temper, but she didnt think it was appropriate to get mad just because of a glance.

The saleswoman who served Leng Shaojia didnt try to catch up to her, but walked away and left it to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning turned to look at Leng Shaojia again.

“So” She didnt deny that she disliked Leng Shaojia.

“You…” Leng Shaojia was mad.

“Gu Ning, dont think that just because youre Leng Shaotings girlfriend you can treat me without respect.

You havent married into the Leng family yet, and its hard to say whether you can really do that.”

Hearing that, Zhu Jinling was astonished.

What This girl named Gu Ning is Leng Shaotings girlfriend The famous cold Lord Leng

If this girl is really Lord Lengs girlfriend, she must be very rich or powerful too.

Zhu Jinling was aware that Leng Shaojia hated Leng Shaoting, so she understood why Leng Shaojia hated Leng Shaotings girlfriend too.

“Whether I can marry into the Leng family or not has nothing to do with you,” Gu Ning said.

“I dont care about you at all.”

“You…” Leng Shaojia was furious.

She wanted to slap Gu Ning, but her hand stopped in the air.

It wasnt because Gu Ning stopped her, but she stopped herself.

She remembered that Gu Ning wasnt a weak girl at all.

If she was going to fight against Gu Ning, she would lose without doubt.

Even though Leng Shaojia didnt think that Gu Ning would dare to punch her, she was still afraid of Gu Ning.

Leng Shaojia was bad-tempered and mean, but she wouldnt pick a losing battle.

Therefore, after thinking for a while, Leng Shaojia put her hand down.

Actually, it was better for Leng Shaojia not to annoy Gu Ning at all, but she couldnt help doing it every time she saw Gu Ning.

Gu Ning smirked when Leng Shaojia put her hand down, which irritated Leng Shaojia more.

Because they didnt cause a lot of noise and the store was full of activity, other people didnt notice what they were doing, but Xu Qinyin caught Leng Shaojia putting her hand down.

Xu Qinyin was displeased in an instant.

She had never liked Leng Shaojia even when they were kids.

They fought a lot when they were younger, and they were like strangers now after growing up.

Although the Leng family and the Xu family had a close relationship for generations, only Leng Shaoting maintained it with the young generation in the Xu family now.

Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi were much younger than Xu Qinyin, so they werent familiar with each other.

As a result, when Xu Qinyin heard Leng Yuanqians family always acted against Leng Shaoting, she began to hate them as well.

Once Xu Qinyin saw Leng Shaojias angry expression directed at Gu Ning, she knew something must be wrong and walked to Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning, whats going on here”

“Nothing,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

Leng Shaojia was also displeased when Xu Qinyin showed up, and at the same time, she was surprised that Xu Qinyin was Gu Nings friend.

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