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“Who is he” Wu Minas friends asked with curiosity.“Hes Lord Xu.

I told you before!” Wu Mina said in anger.


Hearing that, the two women were shocked.

“Wow, hes Lord Xu Hes a perfect example of a super-rich, handsome young man! No wonder you cant forget him,”

“If I were you, I couldnt forget him either,” they said.

“Well, he has no interest in me.” Wu Mina was upset.

She wasnt dumb, and she knew that he disliked her.

In fact, Wu Minas family and the Xu family were partners in business, so they knew each other, but werent familiar.

Wu Mina fell in love with Xu Jinchen at first glance because of his outstanding appearance and family background.

Even though Wu Mina didnt know much about him, she still admired him.

“No, I must figure out a way to make him love me.

Im an outstanding woman too.

I dont think that I dont deserve him!” Wu Mina said with determination.

Wu Mina was indeed very attractive, so she was unwilling to give up.

Although the Wu family wasnt comparable to the Xu family, it was also a well-known and rich family in the capital.

“Mina, we trust you.

You can do it!” Wu Minas friends encouraged her at once, although they didnt think it was highly likely.

Xu Jinchen was a rare quality man, and he had countless admirers.

Wu Mina was indeed an attractive woman, but there were far more attractive women in the capital than her.

Moreover, Wu Mina had known Xu Jinchen for a long time.

If Xu Jinchen liked her, they would have been together a long while ago.


Xu Jinchen didnt bother to talk about Wu Mina, so they went to the martial art room afterwards.

Before long, the competition began.

It was a very exciting competition between two top special forces soldiers.

They were both agile and Song Haoyu seemed to be as strong as Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning, however, was very sure that Song Haoyu was no match for Leng Shaoting.

The others held the same opinion.

Even though they didnt know much about fighting skills, it was still obvious that Leng Shaoting was much better than Song Haoyu.

After a long while, Song Haoyu found that it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to defeat Leng Shaoting.

He was also surprised by Leng Shaotings great progress.

He thought that he was improving his skills at a fast speed, but the gap between them seemed to be widening.

Leng Shaoting later got full control of Song Haoyu.

They stopped at once, because they had the competition just for fun.

“Shaoting, what have you eaten or done Youve made significant progress!” Song Haoyu said.

Leng Shaoting had really eaten something special, but he couldnt tell Song Haoyu the truth.

“Ha-ha, Ive eaten some magical pills,” Leng Shaoting joked, because he knew that nobody would believe it except Gu Ning.

Song Haoyu also laughed.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, Song Haoyu, you lost again!” Xu Jinchen gloated over Song Haoyus failure.

It wasnt a surprising result.

It would only be a surprise if Song Haoyu won.

“So what You dont dare have the competition, so I think that Im still better than you,” Song Haoyu retorted.

“You…” Xu Jinchen was mad, but didnt know how to argue back.

“I wont give up, and we can have the competition again the next time,” Song Haoyu said.

“No problem.” Leng Shaoting agreed.

Xu Jinchen wanted to make fun of Song Haoyu, but swallowed his words in case Song Haoyu laughed at him.

However, he still felt uncomfortable that Song Haoyu was unwilling to give up.

He wondered whether Song Haoyu would feel upset if Gu Ning could easily defeat him.

Thinking of that, Xu Jinchen blurted it out, “Song Haoyu, why dont you have a round with Gu Ning after having a rest for a while”

The second Xu Jinchen finished that, he realized that he shouldnt say that, so he turned to look at Leng Shaoting to see whether Leng Shaoting was displeased.

They didnt know whether Gu Ning was better than Leng Shaoting, so she might be hurt in the competition with Song Haoyu.

Fortunately, Leng Shaoting stayed calm.

Gu Ning, at the same time, got interested.

Leng Shaoting knew that Gu Ning wasnt a weak girl, and they had the competition just for fun, so she wouldnt be hurt.

Song Haoyu and Gu Zichuan, however, were shocked, looking at Xu Jinchen and Gu Ning.

They couldnt believe that Xu Jinchen proposed that.

Gu Ning was a slim young girl after all, and they didnt believe that she could defeat a strong man in a competition of fighting skills.

In fact, except for Song Haoyu and Gu Zichuan, the others didnt think that there was anything wrong with that idea.

Although they werent very sure that Gu Ning could defeat Song Haoyu, they knew that she wouldnt lose too badly.

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