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Dongfang Ziyu took out a small bag and said something to it, then Dongfang Peis body disappeared in an instant.In Dongfang Ziyus hand was a Qiankun Bag, which had a similar function as Gu Nings telepathic eye space, but was much smaller.

It could only accommodate one person.

The Qiankun Bag was a magic object of the Dongfang family, and they had only one of it.

In the world of people who were practicing inner discipline, there were fewer than 10 Qiankun Bags.

Only several dominant families or masters owned one.

The Dongfang family was one of the four dominant families in their world, so they had one.

“I wish I could have a Qiankun Bag,” Wu Shunhua said with envy, looking at the Qiankun Bag in Dongfang Ziyus hand.

“Well, if you want to have it, you can challenge those masters when you reach the top level,” Dongfang Ziyu said.

It was the only way to get a Qiankun Bag.

Actually, this Qiankun Bag didnt belong to her; her family gave it to her to help her find Dongfang Pei.

However, she made a promise to be a master one day so that she could own a Qiankun Bag after defeating another master.

Only the masters were qualified to own a Qiankun Bag, but others could challenge them and defeat them to grab it away from them.

It wasnt easy to guard the Qiankun Bag.

“Of course I want to do that, but Im inferior to you, let alone those masters!” Wu Shunhua said without confidence.

“Look at you.

Couldnt you work for it If you lose hope for yourself and give up right now, dont tell others that youre my older cousin anymore.

I feel embarrassed for you!” Dongfang Ziyu snapped at him.

“Alright, dont be so mad at me.

I will do my best,” Wu Shunhua said to please Dongfang Ziyu at once.

“Fine, lets go back now!” Dongfang Ziyu was unwilling to waste time on arguments.

Since she couldnt sense the magical power and had found Dongfang Peis body now, she should go back home.

Because Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked away, they failed to hear their discussion.

After a short while, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had almost reached the bottom of the valley.

From its edge to the bottom, there was a small road.

In fact, the road wasnt a real road, instead it was a narrow passage which wasnt too rugged and led the way down to the bottom.

When they came to the bottom of the valley by the pond, Gu Ning didnt immediately take action on what she was going to do, but looked at Leng Shaoting with a serious face.

“Shaoting, there is something I need to tell you.”

“What is it” Leng Shaoting got nervous hearing that.

“I understand that youre confused about the reason why I came down here.

Youve been through many unusual things with me during the past months, but you never asked me about them because you respect me.

At the beginning, I had no intention to tell you many details, because its very hard to explain it.

After meeting members of the Evil Practice, I guess youre accepting the fact that there are many unbelievable creatures in this world.

So, now Im going to tell you a big secret about me,” Gu Ning said.

She spread out her palm, but there was nothing on it.

However, the next second, the handgun Leng Shaoting gave her appeared, which shocked him.

“H-How is it possible.”

Gu Ning didnt answer his question, but made the handgun disappear in an instant.

A jade raw material replaced the handgun on Gu Nings palm.

“Well, this isnt a magic skill, but I have an invisible space with me.

It can accommodate many things.

As long as I touch something and use my mind to control it, it will be put into that space.

Those jade raw materials I bought yesterday were put into it as well.

I have no other way to move them back.” Gu Ning explained.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting rounded his eyes in shock.

An invisible space She can put so many jade raw materials into that invisible space

Although Leng Shaoting was greatly surprised, it wasnt so hard for him to accept it after meeting members of the Evil Practice.

Gu Ning continued, “The space is called the telepathic eye space because its in my eyes.

My sight is also much better than ordinary people.

Most importantly, I have a pair of X-ray Jade Eyes, which helps me win the gambling competition every time.”

What A pair of X-ray Jade Eyes

Leng Shaoting was shocked again, but then soon understood why Gu Ning was able to cut out jade every time.

After a long while, Leng Shaoting asked, “Why are you telling me this shocking secret about you right now” He didnt think that Gu Ning should let another person know about it.

“Because I trust you,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting felt touched and hugged Gu Ning at once.

“Ningning, dont worry, I wont tell anyone else.

Please make a promise that you wont tell another person either, or youll be in a very dangerous situation.”

Leng Shaoting knew how greedy people could be.

If other people found out about her Jade Eyes, they would do everything to take advantage of her.

“Of course I wont,” Gu Ning said.

“Shaoting, I came down here because I saw that there are many good jade raw materials in the pond.”

“Great, we can get them.” Leng Shaoting supported Gu Ning in whatever she wanted to do.

Gu Ning took out two wetsuits from the telepathic eye space.

“Lets put it on.

Dont wet our clothes.”

Seeing that, Leng Shaoting was still surprised.

It was so unreal!

“Thanks.” Leng Shaoting was about to take off his clothing.

“Wait a second.” Gu Ning stopped him, then took out a tent from the telepathic eye space.

“Lets change in the tent.”

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