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Chapter 1058 Yu Yin Approves of Gu Ning

“Miss Gu, do you think that we cant afford internationally famous luxurious jewelry brands This brand isnt international at all.

I dont think its a good gift.” Jiang Shuyuan was just trying to stir things up because she was jealous.

Yu Yin, however, didnt care about her opinions at all.

“Thanks, I think its a good gift, and I like it very much,” Yu Yin said to Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning had the gift of gab, she wouldnt argue with those who didnt have hatred towards her.

She would only treat kind people better once she felt kindness.

Therefore, Yu Yin had a better impression of Gu Ning now.

Even though Yu Yin clearly knew that Gu Ning purposely did it to irritate Jiang Shuyuan, she still sensed Gu Nings kindness.

Anyway, she disliked Jiang Shuyuan too.

“Dont you have a sense of shame Its cheap and worthless,” Jiang Shuyuan mocked Yu Yin.

“Shuyuan, its over the top.

Gu Ning is just being kind, and her kindness is priceless.

No matter how rich the Leng family is, we shouldnt spend money with wild abandon,” Yu Yin said.

“You…” Jiang Shuyuan was mad.

“Enough.” Leng Yuanqian interrupted her.

“Couldnt you be quiet for a while”

“I…” Jiang Shuyuan wanted to say something again, but didnt dare to utter a word when she saw Leng Yuanqians cold expression.

She felt utterly embarrassed, then left without delay.

Leng Yuanqian also made an excuse to go to his study.

The others in the room didnt care about it, and continued to chat with each other.

Leng Shaoxun said, “Dad, mom, do you know how awesome Gu Ning is She owns other companies except for Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi.”

He directly took out his phone and searched Gu Nings name on the Internet before he showed the results to Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin.

“Goddess Gu is my idol!” Leng Shaoxi said, and didnt bother to hide her admiration towards Gu Ning.

“Ha-ha, I have a very outstanding granddaughter-in-law!” Master Leng also showed off.

“Grandpa Leng, there is still a lot I can do,” Gu Ning said and felt amused.

“Its the truth that youre already very outstanding and successful!” Master Leng said.

After reading the news about Gu Ning, Leng Yuanqian and Yu Yin were both amazed.

To their astonishment, Gu Ning was able to achieve so many things at such an early age.

It was totally beyond their imagination.

In their eyes, Gu Ning was a talented genius.

Actually, it wasnt a fair game if they compared Gu Ning with her peers, because she was reborn and had the help of her Jade Eyes.

Jiang Shuyuan went to Leng Shaojias room later.

Both of them were irritated by Gu Ning, so they kept swearing at her.

“It turns out that shes the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi, but I just promised not to use the products produced by her companies right in front of their faces! Im regretful now,” Jade Beauty Jewelry said.

“What Shes the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi” Leng Shaojia was shocked.

She also hated to use the products produced by Gu Nings companies, but she was unwilling to stop using Kouzi.

“Oh, Gu Ning also gave Yu Yin a Fulushou jade pendant of Jade Beauty Jewelry and a set of Kouzi skincare products, but she ignored me!” Jade Beauty Jewelry said.

“How could she do that! Mom, we cant tolerate this,” Leng Shaojia said in anger.

“What do you want to do” Jiang Shuyuan also ached to teach Gu Ning a lesson.

“I have no idea now, but I can ask my friend,” Leng Shaojia said.

“Great, be careful not to be found out by your grandfather,” Jiang Shuyuan said.

“I understand,” Leng Shaojia said.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left the Leng familys house together a while later.

“Shaoting, will Grandpa Leng have a bad impression of me because of what I did just then” Gu Ning was a little worried.

She knew that Master Leng thought highly of her, but she hadnt married into the Leng family yet after all, while Leng Shaojia was Master Lengs biological granddaughter.

She visited the members of the Leng family for the first time today, but had an unpleasant argument right in front of Master Lengs face.

“Relax, my grandpa warned them to be kind to you beforehand.

If they dare to pick on you, you can fight back as you like.

They deserve it,” Leng Shaoting said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was relieved.

Actually, Leng Shaotings attitude mattered most.

Leng Shaoting would side with her whatever she did.

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