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“For real of course,” Peng Yunlong said.Although Peng Yunlong said that, he still decided to be gentle in the competition, because he believed that Gu Ning couldnt be better than him.

“No problem,” Gu Ning said.

Afterwards, they attacked each other at the same time.

Both of them were skilled at fighting, so this round was totally different from the one that Gu Ning had with Leng Shaoxun.

Once they began to attack one another, Gu Ning noticed that Peng Yunlong didnt use his full strength.

She understood that he was unwilling to hurt her.

Gu Ning, actually, did the same thing, because she didnt want him to see her real ability.

Nobody was the winner in the competition.

As time went by, they started to use greater force, and the fighting became more violent and exciting too.

Onlookers cheered and applauded.

Some of them also took a video of it.

When Peng Yunlong failed to get control of Gu Ning after a long while, he realized that Gu Ning was much better than he had thought and he was surprised by it.

Gu Ning looked very young, and she was a genius in his eyes.

Others didnt expect that Gu Ning could stay strong for such a long time in the kung fu competition against Peng Yunlong either, and they all thought highly of her now.

“Shaoxun, who do you think will win” Jiang Ruining asked with curiosity.

“No idea,” Leng Shaoxun said, because it was so hard to tell.

Luo Zhanhua also asked the young man who stood by his side, “Lei Ting, what do you think”

“We wont know the result until the end,” Lei Ting said.

In fact, he thought that Gu Ning was more likely to win.

As Peng Yunlongs aide, Lei Ting wasnt an ordinary person, but an ace soldier in the special forces.

He could see that Gu Ning was very professional and full of strength.

Lei Ting was a little better than Peng Yunlong at fighting, but he wasnt confident that he could defeat Gu Ning.

Some people among the crowd recognized Peng Yunlong and Luo Zhanhua.

They were all aware that Peng Yunlong was a general in the army, and stood in awe of him.

However, Gu Ning was able to be a match for Peng Yunlong in the fighting competition now, which surprised all of them.

“Jesus, this young girl is so unbelievable!”

“I think General Peng is being very gentle, because shes a young girl after all.”

“I agree.”

Nevertheless, when Peng Yunlong did his best but still failed to win the game, he had to admit that Gu Ning was better than him.

Gu Ning, at the same time, had a clear understanding of Peng Yunlongs ability.

He was at the same level as Xu Jinchen, and wasnt a match for her either.

In case Peng Yunlong felt embarrassed, Gu Ning actually didnt use her full strength.

Onlookers couldnt see which one of them was the better one, but Lei Ting could and he was shocked by Gu Nings skills.

Besides, he had a feeling that Gu Ning didnt use her full strength for the sake of Peng Yunlongs pride.

Even though Peng Yunlong couldnt win, he wasnt mad and appreciated Gu Ning more.

He was amazed by Gu Nings ability at such a young age.

Gu Ning stopped when she thought that it was enough.

In fact, Peng Yunlong cared little about failure, because he was willing to accept it, but he still felt pleased when Gu Ning ended the competition on her own initiative.

“Youve done a great job, young girl!” Peng Yunlong complimented Gu Ning.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning said with a smile, and stayed calm.

“Gu Ning, do you want to serve in the army We need someone like you, and I believe that you can achieve a lot in the army,” Peng Yunlong suddenly said with a serious face.

Hearing that, Gu Ning wasnt surprised, but Leng Shaoxun and Jiang Ruining were astonished.

Whoever could attract Peng Yunlongs attention would have a bright future in the army.

However, Gu Nings answer shocked them.

“Im sorry that Im not interested in it.

I love running businesses, and Im still a high school student now.” Gu Ning turned Peng Yunlongs offer down.

Peng Yunlong was surprised by Gu Nings rejection too.

He didnt expect to find out that she was still a high school student.

She indeed looked very young, but behaved like a mature woman.

Although Gu Ning turned him down, Peng Yunlong was unwilling to give up.

“You can serve our country by joining the army.

Dont you want to do that”

Facing the pressure, Gu Ning didnt panic at all, but argued, “Its not the warring era now, and I can also serve our country by being a successful businesswoman.”

“It isnt a bad idea, but forces are more important sometimes,” Peng Yunlong said.

Gu Ning agreed with it.

An independent country needed strong forces to protect its people and territory.

“General Peng, are you forcing me to join the army” Gu Ning put on a serious face as well, and used her magical power to put pressure on Peng Yunlong.

Everyone was amazed by her air of power.

“What if I am doing that” Peng Yunlong asked her.

“Well, I think you probably have to ask the permission of someone,” Gu Ning said with a smile on her lips.

“Who is it” Peng Yunlong was curious.

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