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Chapter 1022 I Caused You To Be in Trouble

“Oh, by the way, I dont lack money at all, because Miss Gu offers me a very generous pay.

My annual package is dozens of millions of yuan, and my job isnt tiring.

Im living a good, happy life now, and I dont want to change it,” K said.

He loved freedom, but also wanted to do something meaningful, and now he had a good job and lived a happy life.

Mu Xuxin was shocked when he heard that K earned dozens of millions of yuan every year.

It couldnt just be salary, and K should be a shareholder.

It was true that K was a shareholder of Shengning.

However, the Mu family had over a billion yuan in assets, and Mu Xuxin didnt think that Mu Ye was willing to give up a billion yuan for just dozens of millions of yuan.

“Mu Ye, are you sure that you dont want to take over the Mu familys business Will you give up a billion yuan for just over dozens of millions of yuan” Mu Xuxin asked.

If so, Mu Ye would be an idiot in Mu Xuxins eyes.

Actually, there were many people who wouldnt be tempted to do anything for money.

“Arent you afraid that Miss Gu will act against the Mu family if she knows that youre trying to poach me” K sneered.

“Well…” Mu Xuxin was struck dumb for a second.

He didnt think further about it, but simply believed that Gu Ning would help him for Mu Yes sake.

Given Mu Yes close relationship with Gu Ning, Gu Ning would indeed help him if he needed her help.

Mu Ye understood it very well, but he didnt need it right now.

“Alright, times up.

I have to leave now.” K checked the time, and stood up.

“Wait a second!” Mu Xuxin stopped him at once.

“Mu Ye, think about it.

You could be the heir of the Mu family!”


Mu, forget it.

Even if I take over the Mu familys business, neither Gu Ning nor the Tang family will give me a helping hand.

To be honest with you, even I wont stop the person destroying the Mu family,” K said with determination.

It seemed like he couldnt wait to see the Mu family ruined.

In other words, it was very likely that Mu Ye would make Mu Xuxin a mere figurehead once he took over the Mu familys business.

Mu Xuxin was Mu Yes enemy after all, and it would never change.

Mu Xuxin finally realized that Mu Ye was happy to see the Mu family in trouble.

“Mu Ye, you…” Mu Xuxin pointed at Mu Ye with his finger, but didnt know how to criticize him.

“Right, Im happy to see the Mu family in great trouble,” K said and didnt bother to hide his strong hatred towards the Mu family.

“Mu Xuxin, I clearly remember how you betrayed my mother, and how my mother died.”

“You…” Mu Xuxin panicked a little when Mu Ye became so aggressive.

He was astonished to find that Mu Ye hated him so deeply.

However, Mu Xuxin still had no idea that it was Mu Ye who caused his family the trouble.

Mu Ye only needed a computer which was connected to the Internet to do whatever he wanted.

“Well, its time for you to know the truth now.

Im the person who causes the great trouble for the Mu family, and I wont stop doing it,” K said with pride and pleasure.

“What Its you” Mu Xuxin rounded his eyes in shock.

He couldnt believe his ears when he heard that Mu Ye was the one who caused the Mu family to be in a complete mess now.

He was also surprised by Mu Yes ability.

“How is it possible”

Mu Ye, however, ignored Mu Xuxin and his question, then directly walked out.

Mu Xuxin didnt chase Mu Ye, because he was out of energy now.

He felt utterly uncomfortable and vomited a mouthful of blood before he fainted.

Someone in the hall noticed him, and called an ambulance at once.

Although K didnt witness the scene, he heard the noises behind his back.

He guessed that something bad must have happened to Mu Xuxin, but he had no sympathy for him at all.

Instead, there was a satisfied smile on his face.

Mu Xuxin, you deserve it, and its not over yet.

Gu Ning and Chen Cangyi had a tour in the headquarters, and Gu Ning talked with Song Manni for a while before she left.

She drove to the antique street, while K went back to the CEOs office at the same time.

Chen Cangyi was worried about K the entire time, in case K fought with Mu Xuxin.

“How is it” Chen Cangyi asked K with concern the second K showed up.

K sat on the sofa with his legs crossed.

“He planned to let me take over the Mu familys business so that Gu Ning and the Tang family would help the Mu family out.”

Saying that, K laughed.

“Its so ridiculous!”

“I told him that Im the person who causes his family great trouble, and he vomited blood in anger before he fainted,” K said with excitement.

Hearing that, Chen Cangyi also felt happy for him.

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