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Chapter 1006 The First Morning after Their Wedding Day

In order to distract Gu Man, Tang Yunfan kept kissing her all around her body.

Although they had been apart for 19 years, they soon became familiar with each others body.

Tang Yunfans bed was very good, so they didnt cause loud sounds no matter how they moved on it.

Moreover, each room of the Tang familys house had good insulation, so others couldnt hear any sounds from rooms.

The two of them enjoyed every second of that night.

Tang Jiakai proposed to have night snacks when they had fun till 12 am.

Everyone agreed, and they left for the night-snack street together.

It was already 2 am when they finished eating night-snacks.

Gu Nings relatives all stayed in her house tonight, so it wasnt convenient for her to bring Leng Shaoting home.

Therefore, she decided to stay out for a night.

Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai went back to the Tang familys house, while Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei went to Cao Wenxins house, and Hao Ran and the others went to stay in the Huangdeng Hotel.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to Shengshi Hotel.

The first thing they did when they went back to the hotel was take a shower.

After all, today was a long day.

“Ningning, why dont we shower together”

Gu Ning was about to enter the bathroom and Leng Shaoting followed her.

Gu Ning felt a little shy, but didnt turn him down.

Once they took off their clothing, they began to have sex.

Normally, it took around a dozen minutes to finish a shower, but they stayed inside for nearly an hour.

In addition, it didnt mean that it was the end when they finally left the bathroom, because they moved to another place to make love.

After hours of lovemaking, they only fall asleep at daybreak.

The next morning, Gu Man woke up at 7 am.

The second she opened her eyes, she saw Tang Yunfan staring at her with a broad smile on his face.

She flushed and turned her head away.

“What Do you feel shy” Tang Yunfan smiled.

Gu Man flushed redder, and covered her head with the quilt.

Seeing Gu Man being so shy, Tang Yunfan stopped teasing her.

“Alright, have more sleep, and Ill tell the kitchen to prepare some nutritious soup for you.”

They had made love countless times last night, and he knew that she had to be exhausted now.

“No.” Gu Man drew her head out of the quilt.

“Its late now, and we should get up.”

Gu Man was unwilling to leave a bad impression on members of the Tang family.

“You need to have a good rest now.

Dont worry about it, nobody will criticize you if you sleep a while longer,” Tang Yunfan said.

Thinking of what had happened last night, Gu Man felt uneasy again.

“Im fine.

I can get up now.”

Saying that, Gu Man sat up, and Tang Yunfan didnt stop her.

“Youre fine It seems I didnt work hard enough last night.” He pouted like a little boy.

Gu Man was struck dumb for a second.

“Stop it!” She flushed again.

“Stop what” Tang Yunfan pretended like he didnt understand.

Gu Man, however, ignored him, and ran to the bathroom in her sleeping gown.

Tang Yunfan laughed watching Gu Man run away from him.

He hadnt laughed so happily in a long time.

Gu Man finished her shower, but Tang Yunfan stood in her way once she walked out of the bathroom.

“What are you doing here”

“I need to use the bathroom,” Tang Yunfan said with an evil smile.

“Oh,” Gu Man said, then avoided him while walking outside.

However, just as she moved, Tang Yunfan caught her and kissed her wildly.

Gu Man was very seductive in his eyes, and he failed to control his desire.

Gu Man was surprised, but didnt struggle at all.

Tang Yunfan didnt let her go until she was almost out of breath.

“Man, youre so gorgeous,” Tang Yunfan said by her ears.

Gu Man flushed red, then ran to the walk-in closet.

Tang Yunfan smiled, and walked into the bathroom.

Gu Man put on her clothing and Tang Yunfan left the bathroom at the same time, but he just covered his lower body in a towel.

He exercised a lot, so he had a good body with obvious muscles, which stunned Gu Man.

Seeing Gu Mans reaction, Tang Yunfan was satisfied.

“How is it Do you like my body”

Gu Man turned her face away and dodged his question.

Tang Yunfan, however, was unwilling to give it up and pressed Gu Man against the closet.

“Tell me, do you like it”

“Yeah,” Gu Man said.

She was telling the truth.

Even though they already had sex with each other last night, she didnt see his body clearly because of the dim light.

She didnt get the chance to clearly see Tang Yunfans body until now.

“How much do you like it” Tang Yunfan asked again.

Hearing that, Gu Man ached to escape.

She liked it very much, but felt too shy to say it aloud, so she changed the topic at once.

“Um, why dont you put on some clothes now Dont catch a cold.”

Saying that, she tried to push Tang Yunfans arms away.

However, it was impossible for her to push his strong arms away given her strength.

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