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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Knocking on the Wall 2

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Lu Manman watched as Mo Yuanxiu walked past her. She then turned to look back at the people in the room.

“Do you drink” Ye Heng asked her.


“As you wish.” Ye Heng smiled, and then went back to playing drinking games with the two women by his side.

Lu Manman felt a bit awkward being in such a place. The other people in the room seemed to be scrutinizing her every once in a while, making her uncomfortable. Moreover, this was a foreign place to her; anyone would feel a little nervous in a foreign place. She bent over and picked up a glass from the coffee table. She then took a whiff of the drink, hoping to have some plain water to mask her awkwardness.

She had just finished the glass of water.

Mo Yuanxiu suddenly dashed towards her from behind. When he saw the empty glass in her hand, his expression shifted and his voice got a lot more serious. “Lu Manman, are you a pig You cant just drink anything so casually in such a place. Do you have a brain!”

He was loud and sounded merciless.

Lu Manman was stunned by his yelling, and of course she felt some anger rise inside her.

Who was he to yell at her in front of so many people!

Mo Yuanxiu grabbed her cheeks, and fiercely said, “Spit it out!”

“Let go of me! Are you crazy!” Lu Manman pushed Mo Yuanxiu away, and eyed him with an enemys glare.

Mo Yuanxiu glared back at Lu Manman, and then suddenly dragged her off without saying a word. He forced her to the washroom and turned on the tap like a rogue. He then ordered Lu Manman, “Rinse your mouth!”

Lu Manman shook off Mo Yuanxius hand that was cuffing her wrist. This man was using so much force it hurt her.

“Rinse your mouth!” Mo Yuanxiu repeated.

“I just dont want to!” Lu Manman glared at Mo Yuanxiu with anger. “I dont believe thats poison!”

“F*ck!” Mo Yuanxiu growled.

He suddenly went close to Lu Manman and forced her to the wall. Lu Manmans head knocked against the wall pretty hard, she was almost seeing stars. But before she could lose her temper, she felt his lips pushed against hers. Furthermore, while she was defenseless, Mo Yuanxius tongue wandered into her mouth as it pleased…

Mo Yuanxiu, you jerk!Lu Manman screamed in her heart.

But Mo Yuanxiu was too strong, and used too much force. She couldnt push him away at all.

His kiss was rough and domineering, and she felt like she could taste the alcohol and tobacco on the tip of his tongue. Each time his tongue moved in her mouth, it got wild and thrilling…

The kiss persisted.

Only when Lu Manman was about to go out of breath did Mo Yuanxiu finally release the shackles that was his body.

“Go away!” Lu Manman pushed Mo Yuanxiu.

Mo Yuanxiu staggered backwards with the momentum, and then leaned against the wall opposite her.

Lu Manman was wiping her lips and taking in deep breaths.

Mo Yuanxiu observed her coldly. The thrilling kiss seemed like a breeze to him. He wasnt even panting.

“It wasnt poison that you drank, but it was…” Mo Yuanxiu said as his eyes began to narrow.

Lu Manman suddenly felt her vision go a little blurry.

It happened very quickly. She couldnt see Mo Yuanxius looks clearly, or even hear what he was saying…

If it wasnt poison, what was it!

Her body tensed up, and she leaned backwards against the wall for support. Strange images began appearing before her eyes; everything seemed like a colorful, fantastical dream. The line turned into a circle, and the next moment, she had no idea where she was. Everywhere felt soft and fluffy…

All of a sudden, everything felt light and drifty. She felt as if she was leaving with something, as if she was flying and spinning.

She heard something like the ringing of a bell by her ear, and felt like she had said something, but couldnt tell if that was also just an imagination.

She had no idea why, but all sorts of scenes began appearing. They simply wouldnt leave! She slowly felt like she was sinking, sinking into a fantasy world.


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