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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Knocking on the Wall

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Lu Manman hurriedly got out of bed. She informed her parents briefly, and then left.

She was holding her car key, but hailed a cab anyway to make her way to Sleepless Charm clubhouse.

The scene in her head made her a little scared of cars.

She arrived at the destination very soon.

It wasnt even the night yet, but Sleepless Charm was already crowded and full of life. Lu Manman did not like the atmosphere on the inside. It was too dazzling and overwhelming, and she felt that it wasnt really a decent place.

She acknowledged that her education and upbringing had been very good since she was young. She never cursed and swore, never lost her temper at others, never went to a nightclub, never made friends with “bad people”, and never drank, smoked, or picked up any other vices. She had always worked towards being a perfect woman. She even told herself that this was all worth it, just so that she could be good and confident enough to be with Wen Yun.

Her heart ached again.

Not over the lost relationship, but because she felt so sorry for her past self.

And for the child shed tried so hard to bear him, and whom he had killed!

“Miss, are you here alone, or looking for a friend” She snapped out of her daze as an attendant approached.

“Im looking for Mo Yuanxiu.”

“Please hold on for a moment, Ill inform him.”

“Mm-hm.” Lu Manman stood by the bar counter and scanned the surroundings. This was the first time she was at such a place. She heard that this was a popular place, and on the inside was a paradise for men.


She didnt even need to think about what it meant.

The attendant returned as she was still looking around. The polite voice went, “Miss, please come this way with me. Mr. Mo is waiting in the private room for you.”

Lu Manman nodded and followed the attendant.

There was a large golden door in front of them. The attendant pushed open the door, and she could immediately hear the music which was much louder and wilder than the one in the lounge area from inside. The dim yellow light in the room made everything a little foggy, and Lu Manman intuitively felt like backing off.

She gritted her teeth.

Lu Manman strode in.

It was very dim, but she saw Mo Yuanxiu on the couch right away. She wondered if she should count her blessings that she wasnt seeing anything inappropriate. Although there were two women sitting beside Mo Yuanxiu, they were just drinking.

Mo Yuanxiu seemed to notice Lu Manman. There was a strange but meaningful look in his eyes.

Lu Manman was about to say something.

Then, a mans ridiculing tone could be heard. “Ah Xiu, this is the fiancee you were talking about”

Mo Yuanxiu shrugged. “I guess.”

“Lu Manman, the first miss of the Lu Family. The good woman that every man in Wen City wants to marry Are you sure that shes your fiancee, and not the wife of that weakling Wen Yun”

“I wonder too. Lets ask the protagonist.” Mo Yuanxiu looked sanguine.

Lu Manman looked at the man who was mocking her. Of course she knew him—it was Mo Yuanxius friend, Ye Heng. They were partners in crime.

“Has Miss Lu come to the wrong place” Ye Heng asked seriously despite wearing an amused expression.

“Im here for Mo Yuanxiu.” Lu Manman glanced past Ye Heng and eyed Mo Yuanxiu coldly.

Mo Yuanxiu seemed to have done enough of the joking. He got off the couch, and lazily said, “Im going to the washroom.”


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