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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: No Other Option 2

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Lu Manman smiled as she silently adjusted her emotions. “Ill be returning to my room to rest.”

“Dont oversleep, come down for dinner later,” He Xiuwen gently reminded her.


Lu Manman went to the second floor.

On the right end of the second floor was a bedroom with a balcony.

That was her room for the past 20-odd years.

She pushed open the door and entered.

All the decorations, hues and shelves in the setting seemed foreign yet familiar at the same time

She lay on her huge fluffy pink bed, and looked up at the chandelier shed once loved so dearly. The light it gave off was tinted lilac.

She could practically hear the past memories right by her ear. She remembered Wen Yun saying, “Manman, if you really like this chandelier, should we move it to our bedroom after we get married”

She said no.

The chandelier was too girly.

She was always thinking for Wen Yun, and that led her to have some conservative and traditional ideals. She felt that it wasnt right for a mans room to have such girly decor, for it would impede his manliness.

All of this…

…was such a mockery.

She snuggled under her blanket as she felt very intently the youthfulness of the body she was residing in. She was taking in this world now—the world she was living in now. As long as she remained alive, she could take revenge, step by step.

She suddenly turned over and sat up on her bed.

She thought for a while, and then grabbed her cell phone.

Her memory was good. She hadnt called Mo Yuanxiu many times, but she was able to force herself to recall his number.

After pressing 11 digits, the call was connected.

It rang a few times before a man picked up. He sounded cold and annoyed. “Whos this”

“Its me, Lu Manman.”

The man on the other end seemed to chuckle for a while. He then said in his low voice, “Miss Lu, we last met only less than two hours ago. What do you want”

“Mo Yuanxiu, dont forget our deal.”

“So Miss Lu is planning to come over tonight and get married with me”

Lu Manman swallowed her anger and forced herself to sound calm. “Mo Yuanxiu, you should know that I am still bound by a marriage contract. As much as you dont care, my current position should seem a little inappropriate, at least to your family.”


“I need an official status,” Lu Manman said clearly.

“I hate talking to intellectuals because you people are always beating around the bush. Cant you get to the point”

Lu Manman really wanted to hurl vulgarities at him. She balled her hand into a fist, and said, “I need you to help me be rid of the marriage contract in a just manner.”

“You think too highly of me,” Mo Yuanxiu said. “Miss Lu, I agreed to marry you only to compensate for knocking you down today. Im not interested in anything else, and I hate to get involved in others lovey-dovey affairs. Of course, I hate it the most when Im being used by someone. If you want to marry me, then do it. If not, Ill just take it that you werent in the right mind when you mentioned it.”

“Youre the one whos not in the right mind, your entire family isnt!” Lu Manman finally lost her cool. “Where are you now Im coming to look for you, well thrash things out in person!”

Mo Yuanxiu seemed taken aback by Lu Manmans imposing side. He then replied, “Im atSleepless Charm, the high-end bar clubhouse. Come if you want.”

With that, he hung up.

Lu Manman looked at the words: call ended.

This unambitious man who whiled his time away… he was going to such places in the daytime!

No wonder there wasnt a single good woman around him!


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