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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: No Other Option

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In the luxurious living room of the Lu Family.

“Manman, you want to call off the marriage with Wen Yun! Did the two of you fight” Lu Zishan asked a little skeptically.

“No.” Lu Manman was very serious and her voice was crystal clear. “I cant explain the details to you now, but it must happen. Theres no other option.”

“Manman, youve never been a willful child. Tell Mom honestly, did something happen” He Xiuwen was very worried.

“I cant explain it to you now, you just have to support my decision.”

“Its not that Dad doesnt want to support your decision. Lets not talk about how much we like Wen Yun and how well he treats you first. Just consider our families status in Wen City at this point. We cant possibly call the marriage off just like that. The Wen Family have been officials for generations, and our Lu Family is in the business sector. The marriage contract was already an idea that your ancestors had back then, and it happens that the age and gender for both parties are finally suitable in your generation. Moreover, the two of you are so loving, so how could you just change it like that Manman, you should know that this decision wont do both families any good.”

“I know.” Lu Manman looked at her father very seriously. “The Wen Family is influential in Wen City, and if they want to do even better, theyll need the financial support of our Lu Family. Meanwhile, our Lu Family is a leader in Wen Citys business industry, and we need the Wen Familys authority as backing. With this marriage, both families would complement and strengthen each other in the business and governmental areas. Itll be perfect.”

“Then why do you still want to back out”

“Dad, Im telling you all this now to show you that I know the stakes clearly, and still want to make this decision. That just means that I have a valid and important reason to back out on this!” Lu Manman kept her eyes on her father.

Lu Zishan went quiet.

Lu Manman had been a sensible child since she was young. She had never made them worry about her studies, character, manners, or how she handled her matters. Even when they got her to go on a blind date with Wen Yun back when she just started out in the university, she did not rebel like other children usually did. On the contrary, the two of them hit it off very well since they met.

It was such a good marriage, and both families were so compatible in terms of background and status. Who would have known that she would call off the marriage which was to take place next month

“Manman, take some time to consider it. Dont act on impulse.” Lu Zishan sighed and tried to convince her.

“Dad, Ive considered it very thoroughly.”

“Then how are we going to account to the Wen Family At this juncture, the Wen Family is already preparing for the wedding, and news has already gone out. Going back on our word now is akin to embarrassing the Wen Family. And how is our Lu Family going to have any say in Wen city anymore” Lu Zishan was helpless and exasperated.

“Leave it to me, I will make the Wen Family bring up the cancellation of the marriage contract, and they will be apologizing to us in front of the rest of Wen City. The Wen Family will bear all responsibility.” Lu Manman placed her bet.

Lu Zishan and He Xiuwen looked at their daughter. They were still unable to figure out what had happened.

Lu Manman did not want to explain further. She just told them, “Mom, Dad. Dont let anyone know about me wanting to call off the marriage with Wen Yun. I will wait for the Wen Family to bring it up on their own. Dont alert them first.”

Her parents could only nod in response.

Their daughter had always been a smart girl, and they only had one precious child. As much as they found it hard to trust her, all that was left for them to do was to provide support.

Lu Manman always felt like she was the luckiest daughter on Earth. Hence, she had always been obedient and sensible. If she hadnt been so compliant as to go ahead with her parents plan for her and Wen Yun, she might not have encountered this situation where she had to be faced with the most painful scene she ever had to witness…


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