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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: I Want to Call Off the Marriage Contract

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“What a coincidence, Im a sadist.” The mans low voice was paired with his charming but vile smile.

Lu Manman looked at the man before her, and seriously asked, “So, we have a deal”

“If not…” Mo Yuanxiu shrugged, and did not seem bothered at all. “But dont blame me for not reminding you beforehand that I really am a scumbag.”

“Im clear about that,” Lu Manman said directly.

Mo Yuanxiu was beginning to find this woman interesting. His lips curled up. “In that case, see you in the days to come.”

See you in the days to come.

Lu Manmans expression shifted a little.

Mo Yuanxiu had left suavely. His sturdy physique disappeared swiftly, once and for all.

Lu Manman kept her gaze. When he turned to Gu Xin, she saw that Gu Xins expression was distorted, almost as if shed been forced to eat sh*t.

“Whats wrong with you” Lu Manman asked her.

“Whats wrong with me I should be asking you that! Didnt you say that your brain was alright! You and Wen Yun are so deeply in love with each other, everyone in Wen City knows that. Now you say that youre going to marry this Mo guy! How the hell am I supposed to explain this to your parents!” Gu Xin was about to cry.

“Gu Xin, if I told you that I would end up terribly if I were to marry Wen Yun, would you believe me” Lu Manman asked her seriously.


“Forget it, I wont explain it then. If I say anything more, youd think that Ive really gone crazy. But dont tell anyone what happened today—anyone at all.” Lu Manman seemed extremely stern.

Gu Xin frowned. She really felt that having met with an accident, this woman before her… had gone mad!

“You cant even tell Di Yi,” Lu Manman emphasized.

“What are you doing, Manman!” Gu Xin was really about to sob.

“Big things.” Lu Manman narrowed her eyes and a strange look flashed past. Her voice went cold as she said, “Big things regarding revenge!”

Gu Xin looked at Lu Manman and then hit herself on her forehead.

Did one of them get possessed or something!


They left the hospital, and Gu Xin drove Lu Manman home.

Gu Xins driving wasnt too good, so she was especially careful this time. They couldnt afford to be caught in another accident.

They were on a wide road in Wen City when Lu Manmans phone rang.

Lu Manman looked at the caller ID.

Gu Xin peered over, and gave a gloating smile as if asking: now what are you going to say

Lu Manman kept quiet for a while, but did not pick up the call.

The scenes replayed in her head again.

She really couldnt believe that the man whod acted as the good husband all this while was actually so brutal and scheming!

“Manman, your cell phone is ringing,” Gu Xin reminded her.

“I know.”

“Then why arent you picking it up!” Gu Xin was losing it.

Lu Manman eyed Gu Xin for a moment, and then received the call. Her voice was gentle as usual. “Yun.”

“Manman, are you and Gu Xin at the theme park I just finished my work on hand, do you want me to come over and accompany you” Wen Yuns voice was so gentle.

The Wen Yun of the past was as he made himself out to be—one who tried his best to be agood husband. He had been trying to win her trust.

His acting was so good it was a waste that he did not become an actor.

She was sneering, but her voice remained calm and gentle. “No need for that, Yun. Gu Xin and I are heading back soon.”

“Then do you want to have dinner together”

“Im a little unwell. Another day.”

“Whats wrong Where do you feel unwell I should take you to the hospital.”

“Im just tired and need rest. Nothing much.”

“You rest well then. Ill call you tonight.”


Lu Manman hung up.

She was quietly trying to regulate her breathing and heart rate.

She wanted so much to expose this mans true colors, but she also needed to bear with it for now.

After all, Wen Yun wasnt a fool.

She could give herself away anytime.

That was why she needed backing.

“Lu Manman, youre already about to bid Wen Yun farewell, why are you still giving him wrong signals Arent you afraid of being struck by lightning!” Gu Xin was being direct.

“I wont be the one whos struck by lightning,” Lu Manman said firmly.

“Women are so fickle,” Gu Xin exclaimed.

Lu Manman did not want to speak anymore. She looked at the scenery outside the window, the familiar and the foreign.

The car stopped at the Lu Family villa.

Lu Manman alighted, and said, “Drive safely on the way home.”

“Im not going home. Im going to meet Di Yi for dinner.” With that, Gu Xin smiled sweetly.

It was evident that their love was deep.

Lu Manmans lips quivered for a while, but she eventually chose not to say anything. She watched as Gu Xins car pulled out.

She took a deep breath and turned around to face the entrance of her house.

The main door from seven years ago felt a little foreign.

She pushed open the door and entered.

The gardener politely greeted her. “First Miss.”

First Miss.

The First Miss who was still alive.

She walked straight into the living room.

In the living room, she saw her parents sitting on the couch, watching the television.

That warm and harmonious scene…

She couldnt imagine how Wen Yun would have treated her parents in the other world in which she had died. How upset would her parents—who had loved and doted on her the best they could—be when they found out she had passed on

Thankfully, this was all in the past. Thankfully, she was still able to see her parents getting along so harmoniously.

Lu Manmans mother, He Xiuwen, smiled as she said, “Manman, youre back early today. Didnt you go to the theme park with Xiao Xin That playful child never seems to grow up.”

“Got hit by a car when I left,” Lu Manman said as she naturally walked towards her mother to take a seat beside her.

“Hit by a car Where are you hurt You have a bump on your head.” Only now did He Xiuwen notice the purplish bump on Lu Manmans forehead.

Upon hearing that, Lu Manmans father, Lu Zishan, turned around to look at his darling daughter as well. He had a worried expression on his face.

“The doctor said its nothing much, so dont worry. Itll subside in a couple of days,” Lu Manman hurriedly explained. “But, I have something to tell the both of you.”

“What is it” Lu Zishan asked.

“I want to call off the marriage contract with Wen Yun,” Lu Manman said.

Lu Zishan and He Xiuwen were utterly shocked!


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