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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Strange Path of Reincarnation 2

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How could something so mind blowing and incredulous actually happened to her in real life.

Did the Heavens feel bad for her!

So they were giving her a chance to come back to this point and start all over again!

Start all over!

Very good.

She narrowed her eyes.

A tit for a tat, an eye for an eye. Wen Yun, whatever youve done to me in the previous life, Ill repay it a few times over!

“Are you done thinking” Gu Xin asked in a soft voice.

Lu Manman snapped back to her senses and looked at her.

“Gu Xin, come over.”

Gu Xin was a little shocked, but did so anyway.

Lu Manman suddenly hugged her tight.

This woman had died before her very eyes previously.

They had grown up together. They ate together, slept together, went to school together, fell in love together, and did many silly and meaningful things together. Back then, the scene of Gu Xins death had caused her immeasurable pain and an eternal scar…


Shed reincarnated into a year when Gu Xin was still alive!

Gu Xin was confused by Lu Manmans sudden embrace. “What are you doing I already said you cant like me. I have a boyfriend!”

Lu Manman couldnt help but laugh.

Gu Xin was still so sweet and dense.

“Youre up” The door to the ward was opened and a low male voice could be heard.

The both of them turned around.

“Lets talk about the compensation. Im very busy.” His expression was ice-cold, and even his tone seemed distant.

Lu Manman eyed the man in front of her and squinted. “You hit me”

The man looked at her impatiently with his cold eyes. “If youve lost your intelligence with this accident, get your lawyer to look for me.”

With that, he turned away.

“Hold on,” Lu Manman called out. “How do you intend to compensate me”

“Name your price,” the man said succinctly.

“Do you think I need money” Lu Manman looked at him.

“In that case, Im leaving.” The man was ready to take his leave.

“Wont you just let me finish!” She was a little loud. Lu Manman felt as if 30 years of her great upbringing and etiquette had just gone down the drain here!

The man stopped in his tracks.

And the room was very quiet.

Lu Manman settled her emotions internally. “Lets get married.”

Her words were very clear.

The surroundings were silent.

Before the man said anything, Gu Xin hurriedly said, “Manman, Id better get the doctor to run a CT scan on you!”

“Stay right there!” Lu Manman said to her. “My mind is working completely well.”

“If your mind really was working well, you wouldnt be asking this man to get married with you!” Gu Xin was agitated. “Do you know who this man is!”

“I do.” Shed recognize him even if he turned to ashes!

“Do you know how much of a scumbag he is”

“I do.” She had run a thorough background check on his family, even his ancestors.

“You do” Gu Xin was in disbelief.

“Mo Yuanxiu, 25 years old, the only heir in the third generation of the Mo Family. He is the most famous rich young man in Wen City and a playboy at his core. He got a woman pregnant when he was 18 and forced her to get an abortion. He played with a girls feelings when he was 20 and resulted in her suicide. At 23, a woman came knocking on his door with a child, claiming that hes the father. At 25, he has three different women by his side.” Lu Manman said it all in one go, and seemed to sigh in relief after that. She went on, “He hasnt accomplished anything in life and upset his father so much, his father got a blood clot in his brain from high blood pressure. This was the most recent happening.”

Gu Xin could see stars above her head and fog all around her.

The man standing before her, Mo Yuanxiu, smiled. He casually said, “Since you know about this, why do you still want to marry me”


There were so many reasons, but she simply said, “Im into masochism.”

“Is it” Mo Yuanxiu chuckled and then smiled deviously. His features were deep-set, and he was undeniably a handsome and charming man. “What a coincidence, Im a sadist!”


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