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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Strange Path of Reincarnation

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Excruciating pain.

When she opened her eyes, the blinding light forced them shut again.

What was going on!

She thought quietly.

She was already dead, so how could she still be feeling pain!

The scene of her getting hit by the car replayed in her head on loop. She remembered being thrown into darkness all of a sudden. She had been holding her abdomen as she lost consciousness.

She had witnessed a huge incident before. Back then, the victim had been run over by a goods truck, and was completely unrecognizable in a mess of blood and flesh after that.

Shed probably experienced something similar.

It was such a tragic death, and at the entrance of her house no less. Was Wen Yun not afraid of retribution at all

“Manman, youre awake, why wont you open your eyes Dont scare me.” She heard a familiar female voice by her ear.

Lu Manman was stunned.

She was hallucinating!

“Manman.” That person sounded anxious. “If you dont open your eyes, Im going to start hitting you.”

Lu Manman opened her eyes eventually.

This time, the light wasnt so blinding anymore. She looked directly at the woman before her.

Wasnt this woman already dead!

“Have you gone foolish from the crash Why are you looking at me like that!” The woman looked like she had a shock, and her brows were still knitted together.

“Gu Xin, are we in heaven or hell” Lu Manman asked very seriously.

The woman named Gu Xin looked puzzled as her jaw dropped. She placed a hand on Lu Manmans forehead, and then on her own. A while later, she said, “You must have damaged your brain from this impact! Im living well, whom are you cursing!”

Lu Manman looked at her, clearly in shock. “Youre not dead!”

Gu Xin rolled her eyes. “Forget it, I should get Wen Yun here. I dont share a common language with a woman so deeply in love as you are.”

With that, Gu Xin was ready to dial the phone.

“Dont call!” Lu Manman jumped off the bed in agitation and snatched Gu Xins phone.

Gu Xin looked at her in confusion. “You and Wen Yun had a fight”

“Gu Xin, tell me the truth. Are we dead yet Dont lie to me!” Lu Manman was extremely serious.

Gu Xin was shocked by such a stern-looking Lu Manman. She calmly and firmly said, “Im really not dead. But I dont know if you are! Im only 23 years old and at the prime of my youth, it wouldnt be worth it to just die like that!”

“23 years old” Lu Manman was shocked again.

Werent they already 30!

How did she suddenly become 23 now

“Manman, are you really foolish now How am I going to answer to your parents now! I really regret calling you along to the theme park with me. You got hit by a car the moment we set off, and even have such a huge bump on your head now. And your brain is barely working now…” Gu Xin started sobbing.

Lu Manman felt her head hurt even more. “Alright, stop making so much noise. I didnt become a fool! Let me think.”

“Okay.” Gu Xin quickly settled her emotions.

It was silent.

Lu Manman looked around her.

This was a room. It seemed like a hospital, however cozy the environment was.

She looked at Gu Xins dressing. This was the style and fashion they liked when they were 23.

But she was very sure that shed just been in a car accident. In fact, she could still feel the physical and emotional pain.

So, all things considered.

Did she just reincarnate!


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