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Chapter 28: We Are Just Getting Married In Name

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It was late at night, and the surroundings were quiet.

Lu Manman felt herself tense up.

The little distance they had between each other made this pose extremely provocative.

“Dont you kiss me,” Lu Manman said fiercely.

“So you want me to skip the kissing, and get to it right away!”

“Mo Yuanxiu!!” Lu Manman clenched her jaw in anger. “Let go of me, Im not in the mood to do this with you. Our marriage is just a transaction, a marriage in name. Dont think too much about it.”

“Marriage in name” Mo Yuanxiu looked up and pulled out a devious smile. That smile was so… charming.


Lu Manman felt a pair of lips press forcefully against hers.

“Mm…” Lu Manman was struggling.

He was way too strong for her.

Lu Manman had no way of resisting!

She felt as if she was going to suffocate soon, and suddenly bit down.

Mo Yuanxiu was stunned for a moment before he let go of her suddenly.

There was some blood on his lips where she had bitten.

Mo Yuanxiu touched his lips, displeased, and said, “Are you a dog”

“Didnt you say I was a cat” Lu Manman looked up at him.

She refused to bow down.

“Then remember this: I am a tiger!” Mo Yuanxiu said.

Lu Manman suddenly paused, and asked, “Who is better, the tiger or the lion”


“Guess for what!” Lu Manman pushed Mo Yuanxiu away angrily.

She kept feeling like this man was fooling her.

The same thing had happened at the bar when he kissed her all of a sudden.

And now, it had happened once more.

Was kissing such a casual thing!

Lu Manman seriously said, “Mo Yuanxiu, its your business that youre a flirt and a playboy with tons of women around you. I dont mind it, and I dont care. But dont get physical with me, Im not that type of woman.”

Mo Yuanxiu looked at Lu Manman. “So what you mean is that I can get physical with hundreds of women out there, but I cant touch the woman wholl be my wife soon”

“I believe that you wont give up the forest for a single tree like me. It isnt worth it, dont you think” Lu Manman asked.

Mo Yuanxiu did not say a word.

“I think Ive made myself clear. If youre smart enough, dont disrupt our current way of life!” With that, Lu Manman turned away and left.

Mo Yuanxiu looked at Lu Manmans back.

Getting the art piece back was just an excuse. Of course, itd be even better if he managed to do it—it was expensive after all!

But his main objective was to sound Lu Manman out!

Who was this woman…!


The following morning.

News of the previous nights charity ball made the headlines.

“Mo Yuanxiu made a heroic move last night, becoming the No.1 of the charity ball!”

“Mo Yuanxius extravagant spending took the center stage last night. 31,000,000 yuan spent on an auctioned art piece, gifted to someone else!”

“Mo Yuanxiusdomineering CEO type charisma threatens Wen Yuns position as Wen Citys most outstanding young man!”


Mo Yuanxiu became the talk of the town overnight.

It was common for him to appear in tabloid papers, but he rarely made the front page of the mainstream newspapers. Now, everyone in Wen City was discussing hiscrazy move from the night before—some with compliments, and some with disdain.

Wen Yun did not conceal his unhappiness as he read the papers.


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