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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Everything Works Out Naturally 2

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After leaving.

A black car appeared at the entrance of the Lu Family villa.

The phone screen was bright in the otherwise dark night. He made a call.

“Mo Yuanxiu” A girls impatient voice sounded.

“Come out to your door, Im here.”

With that, he hung up.

Lu Manman was still in the garden at this point, and had not entered her living room yet. She was slightly annoyed as she held her cell phone.

What right had Mo Yuanxiu to be so domineering towards her!

She clenched her teeth, and headed towards the entrance.

The man was still in his suit as he stood at the entrance, and the lamppost nearby stretched out his shadow. He was tall and upright, and the dim light that shone on his face made him appear mysterious and unapproachable.

She somewhat felt that the Mo Yuanxiu she was looking at now gave her a different impression from this same man in her previous lifetime.

Was it because she hadnt understood him well enough back then that she had a wrong impression of him!

Mo Yuanxiu looked up at Lu Manman.

Lu Manman walked to him. “What is it”

“I gave you such a huge gift, dont you need to show some gratitude” Mo Yuanxiu got to the point.

“I didnt ask you to give it to me. Moreover, if you hadnt pitted yourself against me in the first place, would you have needed to spend that much money” She was fuming upon thinking about it.

“Miss Lu, the gift Im referring to is making Wen Yun look so pathetic. Dont you dare tell me that you didnt feel good seeing him that way!” Mo Yuanxius thin lips curled up slightly.

Lu Manman rolled her eyes, but remained quiet.

“So, now return the art piece to me,” Mo Yuanxiu said all of a sudden.

Lu Manman glared at him.

“Return Tao Kuanzhis art piece to me!” Mo Yuanxiu repeated calmly.

“Why” Lu Manman furrowed her brows.

“Because I bought it with my money,” Mo Yuanxiu said.

“Didnt you give it to me”

“Miss Lu, youre highly educated. Surely you know not to accept undeserved rewards!”

“But Mo Yuanxiu, I know youre not knowledgeable, but surely you have common sense. Asking for a gift that youve already given to someone else, do you think thats alright”

“I dont think its not alright,” Mo Yuanxiu said casually.

Could this man get any more tasteless!

She really should not have had any expectations of him. For a moment she actually thought that he was thedomineering CEO type!

Lu Manman was unhappy. “Mo Yuanxiu, wont you find it embarrassing if this gets out”

“If this gets out, wont you be embarrassed” Mo Yuanxiu said matter-of-factly.

Lu Manman was about to vomit blood from all the anger she suppressed!

“31,000,000 yuan. Do you really think that I have that much money to burn” Mo Yuanxiu continued.

“Im not returning it to you,” Lu Manman said stubbornly.

Mo Yuanxius expression changed.

“I really like this art piece, so Im not intending to return it to you.”

“Miss Lu…”

“Take this as our token of engagement. I dont mind this,” Lu Manman said generously.

“Are you sure” Mo Yuanxiu squinted.

Lu Manman shrugged, as if saying there was nothing more to consider.

For someone who had died before, a lot of things really didnt matter too much anymore.

Lu Manman turned around, and was ready to head back in.

But after taking just one step, she suddenly felt a strong pull. Before she could react, she was pinned with her back to the wall, and felt the back of her head throb.

How rough!

Lu Manman glared at him. “What are you doing, let go of me!”

“A man is pinning a woman down. What do you think hes trying to do Moreover, Miss Lu has just reminded me that we actually have a marriage contract. Anything that Im doing now is just part of the whole process.” Mo Yuanxius low and captivating voice sounded by Lu Manmans ear.


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