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Chapter 26: Everything Works Out Naturally 1

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The charity ball ended.

After such a shocking scene tonight, the news tomorrow would surely be sensational.

Lu Manman had her arm around Wen Yuns as they left the ball.

The crowd dispersed in an orderly manner.

Wen Yun was great at masking his emotions and feigning a front. Although there was some anger in his eyes back at the lobby, he was now back to his classy and polite self. There was no trace of the unhappiness he harbored.

Lu Manman used to think that Wen Yun was magnanimous, but now she realized that he was just too deep for her to read.

Lu Manman and Wen Yun bade farewell to the guests with their perfect smiles before getting into Wen Yuns car. As there was alcohol at the event, there were chauffeurs provided by the hotel.

The car drove on the wide roads of Wen City as the city fell into darkness and quietness.

The couple seemed tired as they leaned against the seats quietly.

Or perhaps they were both in their own thoughts.

Wen Yun should still be angry at Mo Yuanxiu for how hed embarrassed him.

Meanwhile, Lu Manman was just thinking about what her next move should be.

The silence lasted the journey until the car arrived at the Lu Familys villa.

Wen Yun maintained his usual etiquette, and got off the car to open the door for Lu Manman.

Lu Manman smiled in gratitude and got off.

“Sleep early tonight, good night,” Lu Manman said gently.

Wen Yun suddenly grabbed her hand, refusing to let go.

Lu Manman bit her lip and smiled, masking the disgust she felt.

“Manman, sorry to have made you feel aggrieved tonight,” Wen Yun said with an apologetic expression.

“Im fine.” Lu Manman shook her head. “Mo Yuanxiu is a brat, we dont have to mind him.”

“But how will the news portray me tomorrow Will you despise me” Wen Yun asked a little teasingly.

“What if I say I will” Lu Manman played along with his joke.

“Then Ill marry you tomorrow, and well jump the gun…” Wen Yun stroked Lu Manmans long hair, and then caressed her soft and beautiful face. “What can I do, I really wish to take you home right now.”

“My dad will break your leg.” Lu Manman tried to control her disgust.

“Haha, I guess!” Wen Yun deliberately laughed in exaggeration, but there was no joy in his eyes.

How had she not noticed before!

She actually wanted to see how well Wen Yun could mask his emotions! How hypocritical could he get!

Wen Yuns traced his finger to her lips, and then suddenly bent over to kiss her…

It was normal for couples to have such longing for each other whenever they parted.

But Lu Manman rejected him at that moment.

She placed her slender finger between their lips, and said, “Dont do this, my dad might be hiding in some corner to spy on us.”

Wen Yun did not force her. He simply smiled and touched her nose cheekily. “One month till we get married. On that night… I will get it back from you.”

“Mm-hmm.” Lu Manman nodded shyly.

Only if you can hold out till that day!

“Go on in, good night,” Wen Yun said gently. He was so handsome and clean-cut, and his eyes seemed so harmless…

Lu Manman felt something lodged in her throat.

She was once so in love and moved by Wen Yun. But now, all of it was such a slap to her face.

“Good night.” Lu Manman turned around and left.

Wen Yun watched Lu Manman enter her house before leaving in his car.


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