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Chapter 25: Pathetic Wen Yun at the Charity Ball 2

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“12,000,000 yuan!” Lu Manman said suddenly.

Wen Yun looked at her.

Lu Manman smiled kindly at Wen Yun, looking as if she was helping him out.

Actually, however, she was making Wen Yun embarrassed. It looked like he needed a womans help because he could not go any further.

This was what the Wen Family members could not tolerate!

The Wen Family never allowed others to make a fool of them!

There were two seconds of silence in the lobby before the mans voice sounded again. “15,000,000 yuan!”

“18,000,000 yuan!” Lu Manman continued.

“20,000,000 yuan.”

“21,000,000 yuan.”

“22,000,000 yuan.”

“25,000,000 yuan.”

“26,000,000 yuan.”

The two of them seemed to be gaining momentum. Each time Lu Manman made an offer, Mo Yuanxiu would add another million yuan to it.

Lu Manmans expression was turning a little awful.

How much of a brat was Mo Yuanxiu Did he really not care about money!

If this went on, Lu Manman could not even guarantee that she would remain rational. It was evident that the price it was now at was already much higher than its expected value. It could even be a few times more.

“30,000,000 yuan!” Lu Manman clenched her teeth.

It was silent for less than a minute before Mo Yuanxius indifferent voice went, “31,000,000!”

Lu Manman glared at Mo Yuanxiu.

Mo Yuanxiu looked up. His face said something along the lines of “Im just that rich, and I love to spend my money this way”.

Silence ensued.

The emcee was shocked by this price. When he finally snapped back to his senses, he quickly said, “31,000,000 yuan going once, 31,000,000 yuan going twice, 31,000,000 yuan going thrice! Sold!”

The mallet sounded.

Mo Yuanxiu looked at Lu Manman teasingly as he went up to receive his oil painting.

“Mr. Mo, could you say a few words Regarding your sponsorship of the artwork and then bidding for it.” The emcee was extremely agitated.

Mo Yuanxiu casually took over the microphone, and scanned the surroundings before turning his gaze in Lu Manman and Wen Yuns direction. His low voice was undeniably captivating. “If I said that I was doing this solely for charity, nobody would believe it, even I wouldnt believe it myself. In simple terms, this is for me to show off!”

What a ridiculous man.

Everyone frowned.

Wen Yun heaved a sigh of relief. He had been unhappy with Mo Yuanxiu for stealing his limelight this whole time, but after hearing what Mo Yuanxiu had just said, all he felt was disdain. This man on stage was not even in his league; he should not be comparing himself to him.

“Miss Lu, since you like it, Ill give it to you.” Mo Yuanxiu suddenly walked towards Lu Manman, and then stuffed the art piece in her arms.

Lu Manman looked at him in shock. She was dazed.

Mo Yuanxiu smiled deviously. “You dont have to thank me. I never, ever fight with women for the things they want, its tasteless!”

Lu Manman glared at him. Never, ever fight Then why was he pushing her limits during the auction!

Moreover, did she even say she wanted to thank him!

Mo Yuanxiu turned around in the next moment, and said, “Young Master Wen, you have to be more generous when you chase women.”

It was plain mockery, and Wen Yuns expression went dark instantly. He gritted his teeth, and said, “I dont need Young Master Mos reminder. You chase your women with money, but my woman isnt so shallow.”

“Remember what you just said.” Mo Yuanxiu sneered.

“I clearly remember every single word I say.”

There was a strange glint in Mo Yuanxius eyes as he walked off casually, as if he did not even bother about Wen Yun.

Wen Yuns face was as dark as it could get, and he could not mask it.

Even though Wen Yun had defended himself, it was undeniable that Mo Yuanxius actions tonight had been embarrassing for him, especially in this large-scale setting. In fact, Wen Yun was looking a little pathetic.

After all, he was unable to get his woman the item she wanted, and even needed to depend on another man to gift it to her. As a proud man himself, he would not allow any other man to outdo him. His ego was severely defeated.

Moreover, people were starting to compare this perfect man to someone else.

Although Mo Yuanxiu was a rather frivolous man, his performance today actually surprised many. He was generous, direct, and suave. This was the “domineering CEO type” of man in womens hearts!

Lu Manman held the art piece in her hands and smiled discreetly. This was probably Wen Yuns first time being so mercilessly embarrassed by someone in a public setting!

She felt so good!

So good to see Wen Yun this embarrassed!


Mo Yuanxiu looked like a mindless and indifferent man, but he was actually so two-faced!


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