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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Pathetic Wen Yun at the Charity Ball

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At this point.

The lobby went dark all of a sudden.

A beam of white light came to life in the center of the lobby, and an emcee in a black suit appeared. There was an auction table in front of him.

It was time for the most important segment of the charity ball—the charity auction.

All the funds raised from the auction would be donated to a hope-for-children project. This sort of charity event was the fastest and most effective way for members of the high society to show off to others, so everyone around was excited for it.

Wen Yun had also put aside his questions about Lu Manman, and focused on the auction first.

The emcee started with the usual introductory speech, and then got to the main point soon enough. “The first item up for auction is a jade bangle. It has great clarity, and was hand-sculpted by our nations renowned craftsman Mr. Wen himself. This is a rare item. The starting bid is 6,000,000 yuan, each bid increment is 50,000 yuan. Begin.”

Some of them were starting to call out their bids.

“Like it” Wen Yun asked Lu Manman endearingly.

“No,” Lu Manman said directly.

“I knew you wouldnt like something so superficial.” Wen Yun gave a nice smile.

Lu Manman simply found him gross.

The expensive goods were being auctioned off one by one.

“The final item.” The emcee took out the last precious item. “The artwork of Mr. Tao Kuanzhi, a renowned artist of the early 20th century. He had done this landscape oil painting in his golden years, and this is considered Mr. Tao Kuanzhis final piece of art. Its collection value is astronomical. At this point, I would like to specially thank the Mo Mandate for letting this piece out for auction. A very big thank you to the Mo Mandate for supporting us in our cause.”

With that, everyone turned to look at Mo Yuanxiu, either consciously or subconsciously.

Mo Yuanxiu had come as a representative of the Mo Mandate today. Even with everyones eyes on him, he appeared nonchalant as usual, and did not even give a reaction. He was still in his own world!

Everyone seemed to find this unsurprising, and soon turned their attention back to the auction item.

The emcee unrolled the canvas for everyone to admire the piece. “As the Mo Mandate has provided us with this item at no cost, there will not be a starting bid for this item. Everyone is free to make their offers.”

“1,000,000 yuan!” A mans voice was heard first in the crowd.

It was the eldest young master of the Di Family, Di Yi.

It was silent for just two seconds before another person shouted, “1,200,000 yuan.”

“1,300,000 yuan.”

“1,500,000 yuan.”

“2,000,000 yuan,” Wen Yun called.

Lu Manman looked at him.

Wen Yun smiled, and softly said, “You like it, dont you”

Lu Manman smiled back at him.

Could she say that she was actually disgusted by everything hed touched!

“3,000,000 yuan.” Another mans voice was heard.

It was a surprise, not because of the price, but because the man was Mo Yuanxiu.

He provided the artwork, and he was bidding in the auction!

What was going on

Wen Yun hardened his gaze and glared at Mo Yuanxiu. “4,000,000 yuan!”

“5,000,000 yuan!” Mo Yuanxiu continued.

“6,000,000 yuan!” Wen Yun did not let go.

The two of them were going off like machine guns.

“10,000,000 yuan!” Mo Yuanxiu was swift and decisive.

Everyone turned towards Mo Yuanxiu once again.

Mo Yuanxiu was smiling in his own self-absorbed manner.

Wen Yun gritted his teeth and eyed Mo Yuanxiu.

Mo Yuanxiu looked at him and smiled sarcastically.

In terms of wealth, the Wen Family was in no way comparable to the Mo Mandate. Moreover, everyone knew that Mo Yuanxiu was a rich brat who spent money like it was worth nothing. He could instantly buy a helicopter to enjoy his time with some girls if he felt like it.


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