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Chapter 23: White Lily at the Charity Ball 2

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Lu Manman thought about it. She finally understood why Wen Yun would fall for this woman.

They were both such great actors. What a waste of Gods “kindness” would it be if they did not get together!

Lu Manman smiled gracefully.

Seeing Lu Manmans smile, Jiang Yiyao felt delighted deep down.

This was the Lu Manman she knew—a saint who was magnanimous to everyone. Even if she knew it had nothing to do with her, she would intervene in order not to embarrass the other party.

“Jiang Yiyao, why would I feel bad You were careless when you walked and accidentally spilled a drink onto yourself. Why do I have to feel bad” Lu Manmans smile was a familiar one, and her voice was crystal clear as usual. But the words that came out of her mouth stunned Jiang Yiyao.

She bit her lip as if shed been hurt. “How could you say that I accidentally spilled it on myself…”

“If it wasnt accidental, was it deliberate then” Lu Manman gave an expression of epiphany. She said in shock, “Jiang Yiyao, youre not into masochism, right”

Jiang Yiyaos face went red the moment she said that. She had obviously lost her tempo in this.

The people watching on couldnt help but laugh at Lu Manmans comment. It was plain mockery.

Actually, a lot of women could not tolerate Jiang Yiyaoswhite lily character. Only she had been a fool back then to pity Jiang Yiyao because the latter had lost both parents, and had to live at the mercy of others.

“The next time you try to garner sympathy, dont use such lowly methods. Everyone here isnt that silly as to buy it,” Lu Manman said calmly, and managed to get most of the onlookers on her side the moment she said “everyone here isnt silly”.

“I didnt. I…” Jiang Yiyao wanted to deny it, but had no better excuse.

She had not expected to be exposed by Lu Manman so mercilessly.

Lu Manman sneered, and kindly reminded her, “Dont catch a chill here, youd better go home and get changed. Otherwise, youd be losing much more than you gained.”

Jiang Yiyao was utterly embarrassed now. She covered her chest and turned around to leave.

“Oh, right, were not that close. Its best you call me Miss Lu instead.” Lu Manman was so direct Jiang Yiyao wished she could hide from embarrassment.

Jiang Yiyao bit her lip and hurried off.

She had not expected Lu Manman to mock her like this someday after shed gotten away with her pretense for so many years.

She heard some gossip while she was leaving.

“This White Lily deserves to be exposed. She really thinks that men will love her if she makes herself out to be so pitiful”

“I used to think that Lu Manman was so noble and magnanimous, and she handled everything with the most consideration. Only now do I know that she has a temper of her own as well. I love watching it when people expose sl*ts!”

“Ive hated that act of Jiang Yiyaos all along. She thinks that every man in the world will pity her just because of that. She has no idea how disgusting she looks…”

Lu Manman heard it.

Of course, Jiang Yiyao heard it as well.

Lu Manmans expression was calm and elegant as she walked towards Wen Yun.

Wen Yun was smiling, and even opened his arms for her.

This man was always doing the right and perfect thing at any point in time.

“Manman.” Wen Yun held her in his arms so naturally. “I never realized in the past that youre so… clear about others kindness and evil. I always thought that you only knew how to be nice and tolerant all the time. But I feel that the person you are today is even more authentic and adorable.”

Lu Manman looked at him. How could he so easily say something that was against his conscience She tried her best to grin naturally. “People are reactive, just like a spring. When under huge pressure, we will rebound, and with great force.”

“What does that mean”

“Its literal,” Lu Manman said.

Wen Yun furrowed his brows.

Lu Manman had changed! But why, and how

Lu Manman was extremely calm under Wen Yuns scrutiny. In any case, Wen Yun had no idea what was going on. It was hard to believe that someone would change so drastically overnight!

Lu Manman looked away and caught a glance of Mo Yuanxiu, who was standing in a corner not too far away. The man looked at her deeply and thoughtfully.

Mo Yuanxiu was not an easy man to control.

Lu Manman actually had no idea whether her brave thought would cause her to experience the same trouble with another man in this lifetime!

Of course, she doubted that she was that big of a fool!


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