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Reborn AristocratOppressing Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Teasing You At The Charity Ball 1

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In the grand and luxurious lobby.

Wen Yun put his hand out. “Its been a while, Mo Yuanxiu.”

Besides the fact that Wen Yun and Mo Yuanxiu were former classmates, they were not actually close on a personal level. They were not even on good terms. To be fair, Mo Yuanxiu was not on good terms with any other family.

Mo Yuanxiu did not put his hand out. He simply glanced at Lu Manman.

Lu Manman was very calm, and she even had her usual perfect smile on. But as Mo Yuanxiu glanced at her, she subconsciously tightened her grip around Wen Yun.

“Young Master Wen is so hardworking and doing so well in the political circle. Of course we dont get to see each other often.” Mo Yuanxiu smiled a little deviously.

Wen Yun retracted his hand, but did not appear awkward at all. He said with a trace of sarcasm, “I am just going about my usual career progression. My life isnt as interesting and thrilling as yours.”

With that, he turned to look at the scratch marks that were still visible on Mo Yuanxius neck.

Mo Yuanxiu touched his neck nonchalantly, but his smile became wider and more obviously devilish. “There will always be a kitten around, looking to satisfy its survival needs…”

Lu Manman practically shuddered.

Fortunately, it wasnt too obvious.

She was cursing at Mo Yuanxiu in her heart for being so shameless.

When did that become her survival need!

“I dont have Young Master Wens fortune of having such a prudent and mature fiancee,” Mo Yuanxiu said while giving Lu Manman a strange, teasing look. “Everyone in Wen City is looking for a woman who will make a good wife and mother, right, Miss Lu”

Lu Manman glared at Mo Yuanxiu for just a second before smiling beautifully again. “Mr. Mo is too kind.”

Mo Yuanxiu smiled casually while keeping distance from them. “I wont hold you back any further. Ill go over to the other side.”

With that, the tall figure vanished from their sight.

Wen Yun despised Mo Yuanxiu slightly, and there was disdain in his voice as he said, “Dont stoop to the level of such rich kids. Who knows, the whole of the Mo Family business might be ruined in his hands.”

Lu Manman looked up at Wen Yun and smiled.

Mo Yuanxiu is better than you think!

The two of them elegantly made their way around the ball, occasionally going into a slow dance piece, and at other times socializing with some politicians. There was no denying that the outstanding appearance of this couple easily made them the focus of the event. Many heads turned in their direction, and most showed envy.

The Lu Manman of the past would have enjoyed this feeling.

But now…

She just found it ironic.

The next moment, Lu Manman spotted a woman… Jiang Yiyao.

How did Jiang Yiyao, a sensible, kind, and obedient woman end up in Wen Yuns bed How did she continue her promiscuous act with Wen Yun right in front of her!

The scenes of her past life were etched so deeply in her mind. They simply would not fade.

But at this point, Lu Manman could not do anything too drastic. She had to suppress that hatred that grew inside her.

Jiang Yiyao noticed Lu Manman and Wen Yun as well. She hurriedly picked up a cocktail and walked over with a smile. “Hello, Brother Wen Yun and Sister Manman.”

Her voice was gentle but especially coquettish.

How did she find this woman likeable and gentle in her past life!

She looked at Jiang Yiyao and that appeasing smile on her face.

Her smile was so pure, but she was such a sl*t in bed!

How shameless!

“Yiyao, youre just a few days younger than I am. Calling me sister makes me sound so old,” Lu Manman said. “Moreover, comparing our looks, I dont look like Im older than you, right”


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